ACT - 10
                     Copyright (C) 1993 David Mayo
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
      This autumn the Mayos are presenting something unique and
different: One week complete ability programs that stretch your mind,
body, and soul.  These intensive enhancement programs incorporate:
     a) One-on-one ability advancement sessions with David or Julia
     b) Daily exercise and activities such as: wind surfing, swimming,
walking on a secluded beach, adventuring into a different and exotic
     c) Special perception raising exercises.
     d) Studies and drills that will: rejuvenate; put a new perspective
on your life; raise personal ability; and increase the quality of your
life when you get back home.
     e) Enhancement programs are individualized and precise.  Examples
of topics that can be covered: relationships, life purpose, ability to
focus, ability to establish and achieve goals, recovery from failures
and setbacks, ability to move out of fixed patterns, basic ability
development... and higher harmonics of basic abilities.
     A basic individualized one week program consists of: ten hours of
one-on-one ability advancement sessions with David Mayo and Julia Mayo;
a daily activity and exercise schedule; one hour of daily perception
exercises; and a drills curriculum.  Basic cost:  $1250 per person.
(Additional sessions with David or Julia Mayo can be arranged at $100
per hour.)
     Additionally, the Mayos are offering 3 special study programs this
autumn that address specific topics.  These special programs must be
done in pairs, each person with a learning partner.  These special study
programs include the b)-e), and will also include a lecture, session,
and supervised program by David mayo.  Autumn 1993 special study topics
include:  rejuvenation and life purpose achievement; use of your full
intellectual powers; and relationships.  (Price per person, $650 US.)
(These special study programs have been scheduled so that you can come
early or stay later if you would also like to participate in private
ability advancement sessions with one of the Mayos.)
     Individual Causality Programs:
     Oct 3-9
     Oct 17-23
     Oct 24-30
     Nov 7-13
     Nov 21-27
     Special Topic Study Programs:
     Oct 10-16 (Rejuvenation and life purpose)
     Oct 31-Nov 6 (Use of full intellectual powers)
     Nov 14-20 (Relationships)
     WHERE:  The exotic and friendly Dominican Republic.  The Dominican
Republic is a tropical island near Puerto Rico with direct flights from
Miami, New York, Canada, Europe and South America.
     EXPECT:  A new experience, a different culture, an adventure, the
unexpected, rejuvenation, a new perspective, new personal ability, a
tropical climate, a casual atmosphere, a precise schedule, to be
     Presented by:
     David and Julia Mayo, in the Dominican Republic.
     Miami mail forwarding address:
     20533 Biscayne Blvd, No. 4-429
     Aventura, Fl 33180
     Voice Mail: (305) 667-5485
     FAX:        (809) 571-3453
     Make your reservation by:
     1.) Sending $300 deposit to the above mail forwarding address.
     2.) Providing us with the following information:
     Name, address, telephone number, fax number, type of program you
are interested in: individual program or one of the special topic study
programs, date and time of your arrival.  (Make reservations into Puerto
Plata airport on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.)
     (Plan on $35 per night for accommodations.  When we know of your
date of arrival and number of people in your party, we will arrange
accommodations for you.  Accommodation deposit may be required.)