ACT - 21
                             6 October 1993
                 Copyright (C) 1993 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes
     It is open to question whether anyone can go first dynamic clear
within a 4th dynamic that is itself not also clear.
     What is clear?
     Clear is the absence of aberration.
     What is aberration?
     Aberration is enforced Basic Truth.
     What is Basic Truth or Native State?
     Basic Truth is silence and being unmanifest.
     Native state is latent, potential power and ability to manifest,
with nothing yet manifested.
     Enforced Basic Truth, is enforced unmanifestation.
     Suppression is basically the effort to make you not manifest
     No sound nor voice, no communication, no creation, no doingness of
any kind.
     Suppression is the effort to make you not be and to kick you out of
the game for good.
     Suppression is the effort to return you to Native State against
your will in such a way that you can not leave it, and failing this, to
enslave you into trying to do the same to others.
     First they try to make you not manifest, then failing that, they
try to make you manifest making others not manifest.
     A being is free and clear to the degree that he can manifest and
not manifest at will.
     Everytime the government makes you do something that you really
don't want to do or prevents you from doing something you really do want
to do, it lays in charge on the channels of aberration that overwhelm
you and make you sick.
     Aberration is not going in a straight line from A to B.  Your basic
goals expect some opposition, but the game is no fun anymore when you
get overwhelmed repeatedly and without hope of improvement.
     Thus trying to go clear on the first and second dynamic all the the
while coping with the government trying to send you off to some foreign
war or another, or making you pay income tax, or screwing around with
the business cycle, or making your favorite weed illegal, is quite a
     You see the government is not able to make YOU not manifest.  It's
not in the constitution that they can do this to you.  So instead they
enslave you and try to make you make OTHERS not manifest.  That's not in
the constitution either, but it can seem that way, especially if the
government claims that making others not manifest will protect it and
allow it to continue to manifest itself.
     When you point a gun at an enemy soldier and pull the trigger you
are trying to make him not manifest.
     Thus during a war the government's game becomes making you manifest
that other's not manifest.
     Trying to go clear in this atmosphere is ridiculous.
     Thus one might put some attention on clearing the fourth dynamic
BEFORE one tries to go clear as himself on the first dynamic.
     Now you DO have some help in this regard.
     Namely that the fourth dynamic is ALREADY CLEAR.  At least the
documents which define the fourth dynamic game are very clear
themselves, even if they weren't written by people who themselves were
     It quite often happens that people in a lucid state can write very
clear documents and technology which is even higher than they themselves
can manifest for long.  LRH for example.
     Thus you have the constitution which says we all have the right to
life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness written by people who owned
     This does not in any way invalidate the clarity of the documents so
     Thus fortunately for us we have a ceiling of CLEAR already in place
for us to work within.  It's just that everyone under that ceiling is
thumbing their noses at the constitution and thus making life very hard
for the rest of us trying to go clear on the first dynamic.
     THE EXCALIBUR RUNDOWN (7th dynamic clear)
     The whole subject of being able to see other beings directly, not
by their bodies, but by their thetans, has to do with this subject of
manifesting and not manifesting.
     Basically people can't see other beings because they are trying to
kick them out of their game without admitting they let them in.
     You see the first time you ever saw any particular being was when
you decided to let them into your game.  The fact that you saw them
there, was evidence to you that they were in your game WITH YOUR
     Later efforts to kick them back out again without admitting that
you let them in, finally led to blindness and not being able to see
beings at all.
     It's fine for you to say 'Yes I know I let you in, but I have
changed my mind, now I want you out.' But instead you say 'Hey, I didn't
let YOU in, now get the hell out!'
     And so by denying that he let the being in, he creates a wall
behind the being in the time stream that prevents him from kicking the
being out.
     The wall consists of his own blindness to the earlier moment when
he did in fact let the being in.
     This is how it works.  A thetan is CAUSE.  Any being, to come into
your dream, must first be out.  In order to come in, you must CAUSE him
to come in.  But before you cause him to come in, since he is already
out, you are CAUSING him to be out.  There is nothing that is not
caused.  What ever IS, as it relates to you, is being caused by you.
     Thus in causing a being to come in to your dream, you are really
changing from WILLINGLY CAUSING him to be out of your dream, to
     But now what happens when you want him out again?  Well you have to
change from WILLINGLY CAUSING him to be in your dream to WILLINGLY
CAUSING him to be out of your dream.  But if you go on a tremendous make
wrong and you say to yourself, "I never let you in, I don't want you to
be in, I AM NOT CAUSING YOU TO BE IN, I just want you out, now YOU get
out right now!" it will never work.
     That's because you are denying that you are presently WILLINGLY
CAUSING HIM TO BE IN YOUR DREAM.  If you aren't causing him to be in,
you can never cause him to be out.
     Even if you ARE causing him to be in, but you just SAY you aren't,
that's enough to screw up your cause lines so you can't do anything with
that being any more except suffer its onslaught.
     Cause to a thetan is always WILLINGNESS.  Desire is sovereign, it
doesn't even take effort.  It merely takes WANTING.
     If you are able to admit that you are WILLINGLY CAUSING the being
to be in your dream, you can change your mind and WILLINGLY CAUSE the
being to be out of your dream.
     If you say instead "No way man, not me, I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH
you are stuck with 'this' because you had nothing to do with it.
     The Christian's travail with the Devil can be summed up as "I
didn't create you, now how do I uncreate you?'  That's the sum totality
of it.  They are Devil's Food, everyone.
     Men only hang on crosses they 'didn't build'.

     Even if they didn't build their crosses themselves, they certainly
commissioned them being built by others, by chosing to enter into
other's dreams and allow others into their own.
     So there is an attitude problem here.  If you want someone to leave
your game, fine, just admit you let them in, change your mind about
wanting them in, and out they go.
     But the moment you develop a PROBLEM with having let them in and
you say, 'I didn't let you in, not me' then you are stuck with them
forever more.
     The way in is the way out.  If there WAS no way in, there IS no way
     So the key moment that a being was able to see other beings
directly was when he first let them in and they came in and he verified
it by looking at them.
     The key moment that a being was NOT able to see other beings was
soon after the first moment he conceived that he hadn't let them in, in
the first place.  This sticks him with them forever more, because as far
as he is concerned the doorway IN doesn't exist, so the doorway out
doesn't exist either.
     The main reason this ends up in not being able to see other beings,
is because after the failure to kick someone out, there follows all
kinds of efforts to not-is the being you want out, by PRETENDING he
already IS out, or doesn't exist now and never was in.
     If you could see other beings directly, think how many of them
would be beings you really wished weren't here and are desperately
trying to get rid of.
     So the basic actions of a thetan are manifesting and not
manifesting, and percieving other's manifestations and non
     The basic suppressive game between thetans is manifesting in the
direction of making others not manifest.  When others do this to you
this draws YOU into the game of manifesting to make THEM not manifest
     That's called suppressing the suppressives or vanquishing the
     It's also the final trap, because the main (wrong) way to stop
another being from manifesting is covering him with your beingness and
squashing the hell out of him with force.  If you let go, he will just
go back to doing whatever it was you detested, and probably pay you back
to boot.
     So once you start squashing beings like this you can never let them
go.  NEVER.  And if you do, boy do you get it back!
     So after a trillion years and a trillion beings all squashed into
yourself to keep them from manifesting, you become a sodden composite
that is very hard to clear and even harder to get along with.
     It's called being a BT graveyard.

     BT stands for Body Thetan, but the phenomenon is wider than just
your body.
     After a while you have so much energy tied up in squashing other
beings and holding them to you, that you don't have any energy left for
yourself or to defend yourself against others, and so one day someone
else grabs YOU and squashes you to himself and that's the end of you.
     Now if you would just let go of the guys you are entombing, you
might have a chance getting out of the tomb others are putting you in.
     Of course all these beings you are clustering yourself with are
'invisible' to you, because of the not-is you are squashing them with,
which is born of your determination that they not exist and not
manifest, along with your inability to admit you let them in to your
dream, and your resultant inability to kick them out for real and for
     You don't have to be stuck with anyone or anything you don't want
to be stuck with, if only you will admit to letting it in.
     People are so convinced that they didn't let all these things in,
that they can't afford to even admit they are there any more, so you get
your denial case, the prove it case, the scam case etc., all different
flavors of the same basic stupidity.
     'Here it is, I can't stand it, I didn't create it or let it in, so
I will just pretend it ain't.'
     They are afraid that if they open any doors to let things out, they
might get stuck with more things COMING IN that they can never let out.
Thus they won't admit they ever let anything in, it was 'always just
there' for them, so they have no responsibility for it, so all they can
do is fight these things forever more.
     It's really quite noble of them.  Each being is a walking grave
yard for all the horrible things he wanted to kick out of the game, but
couldn't quite come around to admitting he let in.
     So he becomes them and keeps them with him forever more, buried
deep within his chest, heart, body and being.
     This IS hell.
     All the demons that attack you when you are dying were carried
along by you your whole life, and kept buried deep within your heart
until you were too week to hold them in any more.  Then you get their
     If you want to get rid of them, LET THEM IN.
     That will open the door all the way, and they will leave.
     Yes a few more might come in while the door is open, but they will
leave too eventually, and the concentration of them will lower
drastically over time.
     If instead you open the door and grab each evil thing that comes in
and say 'Where the hell did YOU come from?' and hold it to your heart
swearing to protect mankind for ever more from its evil influence, then
you are merely adding another evil spirit to the mausoleum you call
     That's the theory in any case.
     It's a bit much for your average grown man to stomach.
     That's why it is kept secret.
     Most adults are a sham.  They think they are mature, but really
they got no idea.
     Run it with,
     'Who or what are you blinding yourself too?'
     'Are you withholding another being?'