ACT - 24
                            10 October 1993
                 Copyright (C) 1993 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes
     I had a lot of dreams last night.  No doubt due to ACT-21, ACT-22
and ACT-23.  There were 3 vignettes that I wish to relate.
     Dream 1.
     1.) I was riding my bicycle through some national forest somewhere.
I recognized in the dream where I was, but I had only been there a few
times before, and never in this life.  Anyhow I knew pretty much where I
was going, and I ended up at a tourist kind of Soda Shop at an
intersection buried deep in the forest.
     I was at the soda shop fountain waiting in line to be served when I
looked behind me down the line and saw my father standing there.  Now I
NEVER dream about my father or my mother, so this is one of those dreams
that are of significance.
     When I do dream about my father, since he has been dead since 1961,
its always with the feeling that my father is alive again after all
these years, or maybe he didn't die after all and still loves me.
     Anyhow I went over to my father and tapped him on the back.  He
turned to look at me and I looked him in the eyes right up close.  At
first he didn't recognize me but I kept looking at him, and then
suddenly he did recognize who I was and he quickly turned away from me
with an embarrassed expression of haughty rejection as if he couldn't
confront what he had wrought and had brought into being.
     A strange dream, since my father was always kind and decent to me
if a bit distant during the last years, after my mother died.
     Dream 2.
     2.) I was in a field dancing to music coming in over the radio, in
some unknown and unrecognized land.  A popular song started playing sung
by a girl which I immediately recognized as a song that I had loved but
had not heard for years and years.
     Ever get 'crushes' on songs?  Well I do all the time and this was
one of them.  A true goldie oldie of my heart.  I was haunted by the
feeling that I had forgotten this song with out meaning too.  I wondered
how many other songs I had forgotten merely for not having heard them in
so long.
     I knew the song by heart, all the words and chord changes, and I
started singing along with it and dancing slowly to it with myself in
the field.  When the song ended, I woke up.  As the music was fading
from my mind and the words from my ears, I knew that I did not know this
song from this life nor the performer, followed by a ripping sadness of
a deja vu that can't be located.  But none the less I knew this song as
well as I know my own life.
     If only I could have gotten this song down on paper and sent it to
the publishers, it would have gone right to the top of the charts.
     At least 20 years ago it would have.
     One of these days, man, one of these days...
     Dream 3.
     3.) I was in a school environment among class mates of my own age
and some friends I had known since childhood, not my present childhood,
but the childhood of that dream.  I did not recognize the school, but I
felt pretty much at home there.  I did however recognize one girl, her
name was Jody, who had been my friend all through growing up there.  I
had a million memories of her and growing up with her and going to
school with her.
     We had never been more than friends, probably just too young to
consider anything more, but recently in the dream time we had been
looking at each other more formally as possible mates for life.
     During the actual event of the dream, I was holding her very close
to me, we were hugging and crying with love, talking about whether we
would be right for each other.  For the feeling was I was still
wondering if this love would be enough to form a marriage.
     I asked her, 'Do you ever think of our last day together, how it
will be?' And she said 'Sometimes I do...'
     I cried some more and tried to feel just how in tune we were with
each other.  I thought about who would die first and how it would be on
that last day of last good byes, and I decided that maybe we were not
perfectly right for each other.
     The dream ended with us both deciding to think about it some more.
     Again I woke up haunted with the certainty that Jody was not of
this life, and with a million fragments of a long gone and lovely time
quickly vanishing through the finger tips of my mind I sighed and said
to my self, 'I wonder how many others I have loved and lost to the dark
ages of oblivion?'
     This idea that we have been alone is just so absurd...
     The FIRST sign of remembering your past lives is being utterly
HAUNTED over past loves, people, places, times and music.