ACT - 25
                            12 October 1993
                 Copyright (C) 1993 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     The purpose of auditing is to as-is and blow charge.
     Charge arises from violation of desire.
     Violation of desire means to want something and not be able to have
it, or to not want something and having to have it.
     Thus between WANT and HAVE there are four items of interest.
     Wanting and Having.
     Wanting but Not Having.
     Not Wanting but Having.
     Not Wanting and Not Having.
     Please note that NOT WANTING means WANTING TO NOT HAVE, it doesn't
just mean not wanting in the sense of being indifferent.
     One can run this with,
     1. 'Spot something you       WANT and       HAVE.
     2. 'Spot something you       WANT but DON'T HAVE.
     3. 'Spot something you DON'T WANT but       HAVE.
     4. 'Spot something you DON'T WANT and DON'T HAVE.
     Alternate wording might be,
     1. 'Spot something you DO    WANT and DO    HAVE.
     2. 'Spot something you DO    WANT but DON'T HAVE.
     3. 'Spot something you DON'T WANT but DO    HAVE.
     4. 'Spot something you DON'T WANT and DON'T HAVE.
     Write the above four commands at the top of your auditing sheet.
Then right below as you audit them, write the number of the command as
you give it.  This will help you keep track of which one you are on.
     Tell your pc to spot the requested item in their past, present or
future track, and tell you about it in as many or as few words as they
want.  Acknowledge each answer and give the next command.
     Give your pc the R factor (Reality factor) that TO NOT WANT
something means to WANT TO NOT HAVE IT, it doesn't mean being merely
     If your pc tells you they can't answer 1 and 4 easily, you may skip
them altogether and alternate on 2 and 3.  If they are doing very badly
in life or during the time of the auditing, 1 and 4 merely act to make
them wrong.  For someone doing better in life, 1 and 4 act to
intersperse pleasure and havingness into the process.
     You won't have to run very many repetitions of these commands on a
pc who is ready for them, maybe 5 to 10 complete sets of 4, until the
well springs of emotion and loss begin to turn on.  When they do, let it
run out, don't just blindly keep running the process.
     SHUT UP in other words and let the pc run, even if it takes 10
hours or 10 days.
     Don't let them choke back and bypass sorrow on themselves.  If they
are new to the game of auditing, they will run into depth charges and
say to themselves 'I really don't want to deal with that'.  That will
kill the process cold, if you let them get away with it.  Notice when
your pc is choking back tears and get them to talk about it.  Good free
sobbing is the best medicine there is.
     Expect strong somatics to turn on, move around and blow off with
the sorrow and sobbing.  Underneath all the sorrow are engrams which
will blow off and run themselves out as the sorrow is released.  The
presence of a strong unchanging somatic is a sure sign of still
suppressed sorrow and unexpressed grief.
     Write down all postulates that the pc gives you, and any cognitions
that come along.  Try not to laugh hysterically, no matter how much you
love the pc or how beautiful they are being.  Let the pc laugh when it's
time, and you can laugh with them then.
     You should get some serious sorrow and beauty, class and laughter
out of this one.
     You may find that your pc starts running out entire times of their
history on the whole track that are gone for good.  These won't be
simple single incidents of loss or bereavement, but whole life styles
and epochs that are now gone forever.
     The incidents the pc gives you may nonetheless be simple single
incidents of great sorrow and disturbance in this life, and they may go
earlier similar to sad and distraughtful moments in their childhood, but
these incidents will also be acting as windows, as allegories to a
greater loss taking place over the span of 100's of years in as many
civilizations that your pc has been part of.
     This process tends to tap into the whole "I used to have it, now I
don't" well of beauty, loss and sorrow.
     It should be run to an E/P (End Phenomenon) of Sorrow, Beauty,
Cognition, Laughter and Extroversion.
     Expect very high level concepts to show up, Decency, Nobility,
Courage, Preciousness of the Moment, etc., and how decisions and actions
affect these things forever, not always for the good.
     "I should have known from the music that someone was doomed", Jane
on 'The Last of the Mohicans'.