ACT - 3
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>What if there were an organization that put money
>into convincing people that the people were confused and
>mal-adjusted and then convinced them that the only
>help for them available was provided by the organization
>and then sold that *help* to them at exorbitant prices?
     Yes this would be fraud.  However this is not what happens.  I WAS
messed up when I came to the Church looking for help, in fact I studied
Scientology for YEARS through LRH books before I ever even set eyes on a
real Scientologist or an org or real auditing.
     I read everything he ever wrote 5 times over in as many years
before I ever got close to real Scientologists.  Boy was that a let down
once I did.
     I had already determined for myself that it was valid and that I
needed it, and I haven't regretted that decision to this day, and I can
only see the long road of progress I made towards actually making the
goal of getting well again from my own self inflicted postulates.
     Unlike some sweetness and light cases I know, I was not a Natural
 >What are GPMS?
     You are criticizing Scientology and don't know what GPMS are?
     GPM = Goals Problems Mass.
     They ARE what make a person not clear, and once the first GPM is
located and blown you have a 'first goal clear'.  That is what Ron
really meant by Clear in 1963.  Then there are sequences of earlier GPMS
that are located and blown producing a second and third goal clear etc.
Each one blown leaves the person more OT and able to create new goals
for him self on an unaberrated basis.
      Somewhere around the 4th or 5th GPM or later, the whole string of
GPMS blows all the way down the whole track, and you have a full OT.
     GPMS are what cause psychosomatic conditions, childhood illnesses,
eyeglasses, nausea, lack of memory.
     GPMs can make you so sick they can kill you, which is why Ron made
their auditing by untrained auditors a High Crime.
     Ron lost a few pc's on the way, or his auditors did.
     I almost lost myself.
     GPMs are formed of the whole track Goal that the pc is dramatizing
in this life but doesn't know he is, against an opposition goal which
the pc also doesn't know.  But he FEELS it when things get out of
     The goal and opp goal are SUBMERGED and the pc doesn't know what
they are but they make him madder than hell when things get real rough.
     The goal against the opp goal form a Problem which continues in
present time because the pc is unknowingly stuck in the GPM in present
     Actually most people are dimly aware that there is something wrong
with their reactions to things.
     But because the pc doesn't know what the goal or opp goal is, he
doesn't know what the Present Time Problem is either, but thinks instead
that it is all the present times problems that he knows about and
complains about.
     Because of these goals and counter goals, the pc has an unknown and
unresolvable Present Time Problem which is hidden and covered by the
present time problems that he does know about.  These chronic present
time problems lead to overts, which lead to withholds, which lead to
motivators which lead to engrams which lead to having a body and
becoming mortal.
     The whole subject of being unclear and going clear is the subject
of having, dramatizing, locating and blowing GPMS.
     You see you don't know what a GPM is because the God damn stupid
ass licking cow towing Scientologists on this list don't dare speak
about anything, lest someone higher up say 'No thats not the way we do
things here.'  So no one really learns the tech or what Scientology is
    I am on the verge of being a first goal clear.  I almost died from
the Church's mishandling of my first goal GPM, so they can all go up in
fire as far as I am concerned.  You see that is my GPM talking right
there, it conjures up overts to deal with the problem of those who you
CONCEIVE are opposing you.
     If you dramatize those overts and regret it later, you will be
prone to having motivators stick to you when they come your way which
they do anyhow as a matter of course.  If you don't have overts, they
won't stick and fester.
     Thus GPMS accumulate bank, pictures of pain and unconsciousness.
Running the engrams is only necessary until the pc can contact and blow
the underlying UNKNOWN translifetime super goal and opposition goal that
was involved in the GPM in the first place.
     Here's a way to conceive of what the opposition terminal (beingness
with mass) and opposition goal might be like.  Conceive the most
powerful evil that you can imagine.
     What's it being?  How big is it?  How much does it weigh?
     What's it's goal?
     What would you have to be to fight this thing?
     What would your goal be that it's goal opposed you so desperately?
     A million years ago the pc WAS fighting this thing, now he is stuck
in safe solutions trying to keep it hidden.  But everytime he tries to
solve a simple present time problem, especially a hot one, he dramatizes
the GPM: he does or tries to do what he wanted to do to this super
opposition dude a long time ago.
     So he gets mad at the wife, and pours gasoline on her and sets her
on fire.
     Or he smashes the hell out of her face.
     This is what Hubbard referred to as the 'held down seven in the
analytical computer mind' that made people unclear.  What it really is,
is a held down Goal and Opposition goal, a held down TERMINAL and
OPPOSITION TERMINAL (beingness with mass and identity) and the problems
and solutions that went along with it.
     So his wife pisses him off, and he is back a million years ago
fighting the Devil to the Death.  Its a form of overkill.
     It was right behavior then, but is not right now.  So the
Scientologists call this anger 'mis emotion' meaning it does not apply
to present time, but to a long gone more powerful past.
     A true first goal clear, does not have this problem any more.  If
someone pisses him off, he can deal with it in present time, rather than
call in the past million years of fray to deal with it.
     The GPM is gone.
     He no longer has a PROBLEM with his anger or other 'solutions' that
he uses to 'solve' things in present time.
     He solves them for real.
     He is no longer a problem to himself.
     Thus he no longer has to restrain himself or be careful of himself,
and the various mechanisms he has installed to limit and protect others
from himself can go by the boards.  This leads to the 'freedom from
dramatization and the ability to act with out self restraint'.
     People with GPMS are solving PRESENTLY non existent problems with
illogically derived violent solutions.  What ever gets your ire up, I
mean REALLY gets it up to where you are ready to enlist or go nuclear on
someone, is one of these situations.  The actual present time problem is
being solved with past efforts that applied to the past whole track
problem but not to now.  Hence they are illogical.  Further since the
past problem no longer exists, he is trying to solve a problem that no
longer exists.  Lastly, the solutions were invariably VIOLENT, leading
to overts, regret, justifications, motivators, numbness, dumbness and
case, which may have been fine for then, but don't at all apply now.
     Hubbard called this 'psychosis': solving PRESENTLY non existent
problems with illogically derived violent solutions from the past.
     He also claimed that the source of all aberration was
identification thought, A=A=A, which meant to him 'anything equals
anything equals anything.'  More accurately it means 'wife is pissing me
off = Devil is trying to destroy my Immortal Soul, so therefore I should
respond with Ultimate Eternal Kamikaze.'  This is also why
Scientologists try to tell angry people 'Come to present time, you can
remember this.'
     Meaning they don't have to dramatize it or 'act it out'.
     A full OT can not be provoked.  He can kill, but it won't be a
come from GPMS on the whole track when climes were rougher and taking
out the Devil was the game of the day.
     Every person's first goal GPM is different, but the structure is
the same.  They contain a presently unknown:
     1.) Super Goal and Opposition Goal
     2.) Terminal   and Opposition Terminal
     A goal - opp goal pair would be like,
     To Create Life     To Create Death
     Sometimes you get a 4 way pair that are related,
     1.) To Create Life      To Create Death
     2.) To Destroy Death    To Destroy Life
     The game is to find the goal and opp goal of the GPM which is
different for each person, and then the associated TERMINALS or
beingness with mass that belong to each goal.
     Each goal has a beingness that goes with it, it is what you would
have to BE to have that goal.
     Someone who had the goal 'To DANCE' might be BE 'A DANCER'.
     To dance is the goal, Dancer is the terminal.
     A terminal has mass, meaning and mobility and is the identity or
character that is used to carry out the goal.
     For example the goal 'To Create Life' might have as a terminal 'A
God King', and the goal 'To Create Death' might have as a terminal 'A
God Monster'
     Thus you have,
     Goal:  To Create Life    -      To Create Death
 Terminal:  A God King        -      A God Monster
     Or for the second pair,
     Goal:  To Destroy Death  -      To Destroy Life
 Terminal:  A Warrior of Life        A Warrior of Death  or perhaps,
 Terminal:  A Creature of Life       A Creature of Death
     If you are dealing with actual GPMS with an actual pc you can make
them terminally ill if you get the goal pairs or terminal pairs wrong by
even one word.
      You can play interesting games with this stuff, at your own risk
of course.
     For example what goal would a 'Damnation Manager' have?
     'To Manage the Damned'?
     The point is if a person at a semi conscious level looks at his
wife and sees a 'Damnation Manager', he will not take the sanest course
of action the next time she pisses him off.  He will strike out at her
as if she WERE a Damnation Manager.  She may have been, 2 million years
ago in another game, but not this game IN PRESENT TIME.  Chances are she
wasn't even involved.  He just has her ASSIGNED as the opp terminal in
his GPM and thus has a chronic unknown present time problem of magnitude
with her, and proceeds to beat the living daylights out of her on a
regular basis for hen pecking him.
 >Can they see them when they are in the bathroom?
 >(Never mind).
     Yes.  Filbert says any really complete Grade 0 completion (willing
to communicate to anyone on any subject) should be able to see around
corners and keep tabs on what their neighbors are doing.
    The Church of course has never produced a real Grade 0 and never
will, because it CAN'T.
 >I think that Gisle, like I never had Operational Thetan powers.
 >They don't exist for us.
     Such total bullshit.  Chris you are a Star Maker of the Adorian
Class with a Majestic case of amnesia like you wouldn't believe.
     You are like Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu all rolled up into one,
hiding out as some dude on a street corner, hoping no body notices.