ACT - 30
                             30 November 1993

                  Copyright (C) 1993 Homer Wilson Smith
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  >Clearing is all about eliminating the *reactive mind*
  >and removing the random, unpredictable reactions that
  >an *aberrated* person has.
  >Clearing is all about putting the *rational mind*
  >back in control isn't it?

      Clearing has to do with clearing postulates, causative moments of self 
limitation that the thetan has imposed on himself in order to have a game, and 
later postulates he made in his efforts to solve the problems he came across in 
that game.

      The reactive mind is merely a set of patterns made of force and energy 
that the thetan uses to bite himself and dramatize himself into action 
(dramatizing psychotic), and tells him what to think about himself (computing 

      Clearing takes place, as far as I know, on 3 levels, GPMS, BT'S and
'charge' or engrams and secondaries.

      GPMS are the top level postulates that a thetan makes to create a
game for himself, they result later in goals problems masses, from which
they take their name and which are the core of the undesirable mental
mass that the thetan finds opposing his mental efforts.

      BT's is a shorthand term to refer to any and every link that a
thetan has to any other thetan, by which they share dreams, mockups,
universes and objects to play with.  We co share a physical universe on
a telepathy basis, which implies that we ought to be able to co share
sleeping dreams too.  These telepathic links to embodied and dis
embodied thetans have become a problem to a thetan who is enmired in
them and spending a lot of energy not-ising them or trying to crush the
other guy out of existence.  Much better to just unlink.  This is
handled on NOTS, the middle part of the Bridge.

      It surprises the hell out of a pc when he finds out on NOTS that
some of the people he is PTS to are people he has never met in this life
but who are in a body just like him and who he is in direct mental
contact with trying to crush them out of existence for a long time.  The
kick back accounts for some of his headaches and for his unlocateable

      At the low end of the bridge is handled 'charge', a term stolen
poetically from electrodynamics.  Charge refers to emotional charge in
this case, and results from not having what you want, and having what
you don't want.  This can build up in the mind and become suppressed in
the body, heart, mind and soul, producing ridges and hard spots that the
thetan can not look through, approach or dissolve.  These are the mental
masses referred to as goals problems masses.  Charge is mental energy
and attention units as LRH calls them, so to the degree that a thetan
has encysted charge in his system, he will have less free energy for his
own attention and feelings.

      There are many people who can't feel emotion at will, or who can't
make crystal 3d mockups at will, or who find areas of their memory
blocked including birth and before.  If you can't remember your bottle
or your mama's breast, you are looking at charge.

      In many ways things work like a capacitor, if you flow too long in
one direction, you soon lose the ability to flow in that direction.
Wanting something and never getting it is an example of this.  Pretty
soon the thetan gets mentally exhausted and gives up, suppressing the
whole thing into oblivion.  But he is suppressing a fully charged
capacitor (poetically speaking).  The purpose of clearing is to get him
to contact the loss and release the energy through reevaluating why he
thought he couldn't have want he wanted or why he wanted it in the first
place, thus releasing back into his free control the mental and
emotional energy that was locked up in the 'loss capacitor'.

      There is also a 'loss inductor' effect which thwarts the being's
efforts to STOP suppressing by creating a convulsive suppression effort
when he tries to let go and not suppress any more.

      Mental mass is itself loss resistance, the mass resists the being's
efforts to flow attention and energy through his body and into the real
world.  The less mental mass the being has, the more mental energy and
will to live he has available to him for action.

      Any form of loss causes charge to build up on a being who does not
know to discharge it before it gets too much.  Mortals don't believe
that charge can be discharged, so they suppress everything, death is too
great a loss for them to make more of or to take responsibility for,
which is necessary to discharge any loss.

      They are on a "wouldn't have, couldn't have, shouldn't have made
this", so everytime they come near the subject they build up more and
more sorrow and choked-up-ness about it.  That's charge.  Serious
physical injury also permanently disenamour people with the physical
universe and life as a whole, and so too builds up permanent reservoirs
of charge.

     It is all based on a MUST HAVE but CAN'T HAVE or a MUST NOT HAVE

      Charge persists because of a refusal to as-is its creation.  People
are refusing to start what they are trying to stop, and refusing to stop
what they are trying to start.

      You can't stop what you consider you didn't start.

      You can't start what you consider you didn't stop.

      That is total responsibility.

      Every engram contains a moment of trying to stop what you consider
you didn't start, or a moment of trying to start what you consider you
didn't stop.

      That is what 'real' loss is, it's loss you didn't start, it's loss
you didn't CHOOSE.

      That is what Christ learned on the Cross.  As long as he tried to
stop them from driving in the nails he could be hurt.

      'Father, why hast thou forsaken me?'

      But as soon as he realized he had to take responsibility for what
they were doing, which means MAKE THEM DO WHAT THEY WERE ALREADY DOING
AND MORE, then he attained a full release from the Crucifixion.

      'Father, how doest thou glorify me.'

      The Death on the Cross is the archetypical engram.  I apologize to
those of you who find Christianity inane or offensive, but being a
Christian I have to speak on what's real to me.  Having a long track of
being crucified and crucifying others, the subject is real to me.

      The idea of crucifying someone is to give him an experience he
would NEVER create for himself.  By thus getting him to deny
responsibility for the experience, and getting him to not exert CAUSAL
AGENCY for it happening while it is happening, you trick him into not
only having the experience, but also getting stuck with it as an engram

      That IS what forms an engram.  Engrams are merely those moments
that MUST NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.  At their center will be an attempt to
stop the incident from happening and a refusal to MAKE IT HAPPEN MORE.

      Engrams are moments of unconfronted unwillingness.

      You see in an engram CAUSAL AGENCY is denied, and where causal
agency is denied and not willfully operated you get OTHER AGENCY by
definition, 'I am not doing this, THEY ARE DOING THIS TO ME!' and that
(incorrect) postulate produces a must not happen again, which produces a
persisting mental image picture as solid and as deadly as the original
incident, and that we call an engram.

      Each person is stuck in that moment of his track that he most
regrets and most detests.  That which he most wishes had never happened,
and certainly must never happen again.  He holds onto the incident to
make sure it never happens again, and also to help him justify having
done it himself earlier or later, and to restrain himself from doing it

      You see there are regrets that must never happen again too and
THOSE are the key to the case.

      Each person is stuck in that moment of the track that he is most
unwilling to have REVIVIFY or happen again.  In shutting out that
memory, the rest of his memory goes with it by default.  Bye bye past
lives, not to mention mama's tit.

      So you audit death, torture, hell forever, until you find the

      You see the guy has got a problem.  He doesn't want to as-is the
incident because then it would be GONE as if it had never happened, but
then he wouldn't know about it anymore, and so he wouldn't be looking
out for it and being careful about it, so then it might happen again.

      To make sure it never happens again, he holds onto the facsimile or
memory of the incident making very sure to shape his life around it to
make very sure that it never happens again.

      In this way the incident becomes very solid, because he is in
effect deifying it.

      But by definition he can't stand this incident, it is his most
detested incident, so he doesn't want to know about it, he wishes it had
never happened in the first place.  So how does he keep this incident
around him and yet manage to not have the incident as if it had never

      He NOT-ISes the incident, meaning he holds onto it, keeping it in
creation, but then blanks it out with total force and unconsciousness.
This takes energy, so a rather large percentage of his sum total
allotment of mental energy gets tied up in this process for the rest of
time: Having but not having his most feared and unwanted incident.

      One of the primary targets of clearing is this particular piece of
insanity.  This will cause an enormous resurgence in the case both in
responsibility level and in energy level.

      There are in general 7 kinds of death to audit, each forms a chain,
with many sub chains of its own.  They are death by

      1.) Natural Causes including old age and disease.
      2.) Accident
      3.) Execution
      4.) Murder
      5.) Suicide
      6.) Kamikaze
      7.) Torture

      You should list out all the different ways you can die by each of
the above means.  Be inventive, the one you leave out will be the one
you are stuck in.  When you get it you will reviv on it.

      Remember you have to run having it done to you, and you doing it to
others either before or after.  Also others doing it to others before
and after you did it to someone, and others doing it to themselves.

      That will make you a Grade V, Power Release, surely higher than
anyone presently in the Church.

      By 'stuck in' I mean there will be two moments on the track that
are locked together by the common effort to nail them out of existence.
One moment will be a time that you caused that kind of death to someone
else AND REGRETTED IT.  However the regret came too late and there was
nothing you could do about either the death or the regret so you nailed

      Then there will be the time when the same thing was done to you,
either before or after you did it to someone else.  There may be
unfathomable bitterness on that incident, that usually means you did it
first.  There may be regret on it, that means they did it to you first,
you regret getting yourself into that situation.

      The postulates that you made during both incidents will have
colored your conception of the world as it is for the rest of time, and
you will find that your present life still conforms and SUCCUMBS to
those postulates.

      You are shaping your life around those incidents as a living
memorial of what should never have been.

      Thus what should never have been gets immortalized and what
should always have been gets obliviated.

      It is these two incidents that the Christians are talking about
when they talk about 'we have all fallen short of the glory of God'.
They have no idea.  None.  Which is why you probably don't like them.
Of course they have 'never lived before' which is one way to NOT HAVE an
incident that you have.

      At least the Christians know there is something wrong, which is
more than can be said for the meatballs and other food stuffs.

      You can never stop something if you are unwilling to admit having
started it in the first place.  He who can put it there, can unput it

      It is the denial of responsibility for the EXISTENCE of the
unwanted item, that produces the one way flow when you become devoted to
getting rid of it.  Starting and stopping together make a self
discharging two way flow.  If you become devoted to stopping something
(a loss say) that 'you would never have started or created', then you
are now operating on a one way flow, an upset and eventually a
not-isness, as the pain of loss becomes too great.

      The more you flow into trying to stop the loss, the more resistance
builds up and the less you are able to flow.  Eventually you become
exhausted and go into apathy and become overwhelmed by the loss.
Overwhelmed means no longer able to create.  The joke is you could still
create if you were willing to create the OVERWHELM AND THE PRIOR LOSS!

      Lose a mother?  Make more and lose them too.  Eventually you can
make mothers and NOT lose them, ever.

      Much to high for your average meatoid.

      They think the whole subject of going clear is sick.

      They miss the point that creating the loss works to prevent the
loss in the future.  What ever you make, all you have to do is make it
again to make it disappear.

      If you make a big ugly electric spider and it starts to come after
you, make it again, and poof it will go away.  If instead you say, no I
did not create this, I never would have created this, I couldn't have
created this, NO ONE could have created this, why then of course the
spider, which has already been created, has no where else to go but
after you!

      The basic action of dianetics is to get the person to recontact and
reconfront the moments of unconfrontable loss and pain in this and other
lives, including feared futures, and in thus getting him to essentially
MAKE the moment again in his mind, he discharges the pain stored up
because he was so unwilling to make the moment when it first happened.

      Those who believe that pain is permanent and final will refuse
dianetic auditing because they feel that hurting themselves again by
digging up past hurts including shame will serve no useful purpose.

      They have never experienced case gain, they don't think they CAN
experience case gain except by not-ising and thus forgetting for good,
and so they will be antagonistic to auditing.

      They are stuck in the not-isness of their big co-excused UNREVIV,
their most detested ded/dedex or motivator/overt sequence.

      Such cases are stuck in two eternal 'wishing it hadn't happeneds'
and they refuse auditing because auditing is always an effort to make
things happen again, at least on the mental level, until the being
becomes willing and able to not only HAVE IT HAPPEN AGAIN for real but
to MAKE IT HAPPEN AGAIN, because who do you think made it happen the
first time?

      All aberration is an unwillingness for something TO HAPPEN AGAIN,
and an unwillingness to MAKE it happen again.



      Both are forevers.

      As long as the being is no longer able or willing to make it happen
again, chances are it will happen again, because what he fears most will
continue to come after him and after him and after him forever down
through the ages.

      Time itself will last until all beings stop running away from the
things they fear because Time, MEST and other beings are themselves the
very warp and woof of what is chasing them.

      You make what ever you put your attention on, and if you have 49
percent of you attention on some hideous incident you were involved in,
and another 49 percent of your attention not-ising the hell out of the
thing so that you can spend the remaining 2 percent of your attention
being a socially acceptable facade, well then you can bet it will happen
again.  The more careful you are about it NOT happening again, the more
likely it is to happen again.

      Your unconfessed regret will make it so.

      Of course if you are willing and able to make something happen
again, you may do so, but at least you will be choosing it knowingly,
which you were doing all along anyway, including your unknowingness.

      So that is the purpose of clearing, to clear these must never
happen agains so that they won't happen again until you make them happen
again, if you ever do, which you might not.

      Once you are able and willing to make things again, the auditor's
job is done.

      What you do make again once you are able and willing to is quite up
to you.

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