((My comments in double parentheses - Homer))
                              CASE FACTORS
                                ACT - 40
                            19 January 1994
                 Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
    ((Written a long time ago, but never posted for obvious reasons.
It's all unworkable nonsense.))
     The following case factors should be sufficient to the resolution
of any case.  They are not presented in any particular order, nor is the
list absolutely complete.  ((Apparently it is woefully incomplete.))
     Pefection, Peace, Native State, Basic Truth
     Prime Intention
     AS-ISness, NOT-ISness, Alter-ISness, ISness.
     Time Tracks, Memory, Whole Track, past, present and future.
     Remember, Return, Relive, Revivify
     Past, Present and Future for all Case Factors.
     Personal GPMS, Goals, Games, Basic Purposes, Oppositions,
Terminals, Oppositions Terminals, Goals, Opposition Goals.
     Beingnesses, Lookers, Looked ats, Looked throughs, Looked withs,
Learners, Learned abouts, Learned throughs, Learned withs
     Postulates (Posted Beingnesses), MEST
     Coming In, Going Out
     Considerations (Assigned Cause), Sources, Reflectors, Transmitters,
     Holograms, Holodecks, Pong, Third Parties
     Decisions, Choices and Conclusions
     Indecisions, Maybes
     Certainty, Uncertainty, Personal Integrity
     Responsibility and No Responsibility, Responsibility FOR No
Responsibility, Responsibility FOR Response Ability.
     Assumption and Ascension
     Conception and Death
     Interiorization and Exteriorization
     Mocking Up and Unmocking UP
     Create and Destroy
     Creator and Creature
     The WAY IN is the WAY OUT.
     Reach and Withdraw
     Pan Determinism, Self Determinism, Other Determinism
     Games, Freedoms, Barriers, Purposes
     Religion, Science, Art, Business/Government
     Flows, Ridges, Dispersals
     F0 Self to Self, F1 Others to Self, F2 Self to Others, F3 Others to
Others, F4 Others to Themselves.
     Drug incidents
     Start, Change, Stop, Control, Communication, Havingness
     Insane, sane, High tone, Normal, Neurotic, Psychotic.
     No Communication, Not Talking about, Not Saying, Not Telling
     Communication WITH, Communication TO, Communication AT.
     Duplication, Replication, Re Operation
     Mis Understood and Not Understood words, phrases, mechanisms.
     Problems, Solutions - Problems ARE solutions, later solutions
become problems.
     Overts, Withholds, Mutual Withholds, Co-Excused Withholds,
Motivators, Withheld Motivators, DED's, DEDEX's, MIS ASSIST's
     "What have you done AS ...."
     "What have you done TO ...."
     "What have you opposed AS ...."
     "What have you opposed IN ...."
     "Withholds ON ...."
     "Withholds FROM ...."
     "Withholds ABOUT ...."
     "Withholds BETWEEN ...."
     Anger/Regret cycles.  Overts, Justifications and Restraints, No
Sympathy Sandwich, Justification Sandwich.
     Affinity, Reality, Communication, Understanding
     Knowledge, Responsibility, Control, Livingness
     Be, Do, Have, Experience
     Mood, Rhythm, Rhyme, Harmony
     Accord, Co-communication and Clear Harmony.
     ARC Breaks, KRC Breaks, BDH Breaks, MRR Breaks, ACC Breaks, Upsets,
Terminated Upsets
     Source of, Cause of, Curious about, Desire, Enforce, Inhibited
Enforce, Inhibit, Enforced Inhibit, NO, Absent, False, Refused, Withheld
     Computations, Dangerous Safe Solutions
     Right-Wrong, Dominate-Escape Domination, Survive-Succumb Guilt-
     Victim, Villain, Victor/Hero
     Locks, Restimulation
     Secondaries, permanent losses, Anger, Fear, Sorrow and Apathy.
     Engrams, permanent damage, pain, injury, sickness, death
     Unconfronted Unwillingness
     First Hellos and Last Goodbyes
     Evil Intentions, Evil Purposes
     Shame, Blame, Regret, Punishment.
     Protecting, Owning, Controlling, Worshipping and Being Bodies.
     End Words
     Implant GPMS, goals, lines, end words
     Other Beings, including Genetic, Body Thetan, Demon, and Deity
Class Beings.
     All Case Factors on Other Beings.
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