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                          SESSION NOTES 3/1/94
                                ACT - 49
                              1 March 1994
                 Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
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     I woke up this morning with the following cognition on my brain.
     People can't remember their past lives because they don't want to
be held responsible for something that others would remember them for
even across the life time boundary.
     Actually they don't want others to remember THEIR past lives and in
return they are willing to forget their own.
     It's a Classic Case of the Co-Excused Withhold.
     "I will excuse you, if you will excuse me.  I will forget you if
you will forget me."
     It's an effort to force a new slate in the absence of the ability
to give up the withhold.
     From session tonight:
     There is,
     Wanting to START a game,
     Wanting to END   a game,
     Wanting to WIN   a game,
     Wanting to LOSE  a game,
     Wanting to CONTINUE a game,
     Wanting to DISCONTINUE a game.
     Aberrated self limitations are always limitations in the ability to
PLAY a game.
     The thetan limits his ability to PLAY a game in order to win a
game, to lose a game, to start a game, to end a game, to continue a game
or to discontinue a game.
     The primary reason a being limits his ability to PLAY a game is to
CONTINUE a game.
     He detests winning because he then loses the game.  So he limits
himself until he has an even chance of winning and losing.  If he starts
to lose too much, because others are changing around him, rather than
UNlimit himself to prevent himself from losing, he will limit himself
MORE in order to continue the game.
     This is nuts and the source of all aberration.
     It is basically an effort to get others to play the game FOR you.
     Thus all psychosomatic stuck conditions are self limitations that
were created either because one was winning and didn't want to, or one
was losing and didn't want to.  They were created to PROLONG AND
CONTINUE the game, NOT to win the game or to lose the game.
     "What game are you trying to create?"           How?  Why?
     "What game are you trying to make survive?"      "     "
     "What game are you trying to destroy?"           "     "
     "What game are you trying to start?"             "     "
     "What game are you trying to change?"            "     "
     "What game are you trying to stop?"              "     "
     "What game are you trying to win?"               "     "
     "What game are you trying to draw?"              "     "
     "What game are you trying to lose?"              "     "
     "What game are you trying to continue?"          "     "
     "Waht game are you trying to discontinue?"       "     "
     with special emphasis on,
     "What game are you trying to continue?"   How?  Why?
     Run them around and around, each one loosens up the others.
     It is suggested that most child hood stuffed noses and aliments
come from an effort to continue a game.
     This process nails the head of the serpent but good, right behind
the nose and in the throat.
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