((My comments in double parentheses - Homer))
                           GOOD ALWAYS LOOSES
                                ACT - 53
                             11 March 1994
                 Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
>      Dear Homer,
>      I understand why you say that good (by itself) always loses,
> because it is generally unwilling or unskilled in the use of force,
> which is evil's stock in trade.  Thus, in matches involving force, evil
> nearly always wins.  Hence LRH's emphasis on ability to use force in
> PDC.  It's like WWII or Desert Storm.  We had to be willing to use force
> to put a stop to tyranny (evil).
     It has nothing to do with force.  Force is merely an effort to
elsewhere the evil out of existence, rather than salvage the units.
Life is like a peculiar game of chess where in when you take another
piece he becomes YOUR piece working on your side of the game.
     Force is often the effort to DESTROY the other peice in the absence
of the ability to locate and audit the other piece.
     To locate means to CAUSATIVELY PUT THERE and willing to HAVE BE.
     The sum totality of the reason that Good fails is the inability and
un willingness to locate in time and space, the Evil that it wishes to
fight and win against.  Good considers in fact that the Evil is locating
the Good, in coming after the Good and making it run and making it pay
attention to the Evil when it would rather be raising daiseys.
     If you can PLACE Evil THERE willinglly and knowingly, you can place
it somewhere else, and move it around, and frankly make it come to
session and pay for it.  Anything that is out of control is not being
placed where it is by the being for whom it is out of control.  The
being thus becomes placed and hounded by what he is unwilling to place
     "What are the aesthetics of opposing Evil?"
     The chain of unconfronted unwillingness goes back to Nemesis One.
     "Tell me something you are willing to locate." (Repetitively)
     "What are you not willing to locate?" (List and Null on meter only)
     TO LOCATE is defined as meaning TO CAUSATIVELY PUT THERE WITH
     This subject of LOCATING the opposition is OT VIII.
     It's mainly a matter of willingness and the ability to span space
and time, to put yourself HERE, and to put your opposition THERE and to
maintain the space and time between you without pulling an elsewhereness
to get rid of the opposition or failing that, to leave the game
     You can operate whatever you are WILLING to PUT THERE.
     The ONLY way you can really have something come after you is to
make yourself unwilling to have it be there after you willingly put it
there.  It's the old 1st postulate, 2nd postulate game again.
     It has nothing to do with force, it has to do only with willingness
TO BE HERE and HAVE IT BE THERE which is a function of Beauty and
Sovereign Desire.
     "What is the Beauty of Evil?" (List and Null on meter only.)
     As I said, the basic on the chain of OT VIII is Nemesis One.
     OT VIII is defined here as power on all 8 dynamics, including
matter, energy, space and time both subjective and objective.  Marble
     The Bible calls Nemesis One, Behemoth.  Only "he that made him can
approach unto him." Job 40:19