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                            OT'S AND VIOLENCE

                                 ACT - 56
                              18 March 1994

                  Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
        Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.

      In thinking about the problem of what to do with super powers
should I ever manage to get them, the following comes to mind.

      As people begin to wake up to what reality is all about, they go
from being a no power Black 5 case to to being a full OT.  First they
regain the ability to make mockups in their own universe with crystal
clarity, then in the OS2 universe where they can share them with others,
and then in the OS3 universe where they can manifest things that all can
see and the Scientists can measure.

      Each level of ability has its corresponding measure of
responsibility and ethics that go with having the ability.

      It is ridiculous to assume, as most humans do, that for some
abilities if you have that ability, you must NEVER use it.

      The truth might be more like, if you have an ability, you have a
DUTY to use it in its proper time and place, however rare that might be.

      For example its not true that nuclear weaponry should NEVER be
used, only that maybe it should rarely be used against people.  Using it
against incoming asteroids is a different matter.

     So each ability has with it a proper time and place for its use, and
a set of duties and rights that go with it.

      At a higher level, when you have disengaged from all your
agreements and contracts, of course all Duties are ended, so there is no
compulsion moral or otherwise to do anything.

      But while in the game, duty and ability are closely connected, and
the more a being is aware of his duties, and generates duties for
himself to hold a sacred trust to, the more ability will come to him,
including the ability to kill others at a distance.

      The raw facts are that if you have the ability to throw sparks at a
distance or even marbles around a room, then you have the ability to
kill people at a distance whether or not you want it, and like all other
areas of life, there will be pressures both ethical and unethical for
you to use and not use these abilities.

      The real problem comes in that OT's become dangerous long before
they have the ability to do such obvious OS 3 abilities like throw a
spark.  A tremendous amount of OT ability and growing time is spent in
the OS 2 band which has to do with sharing mockups with others, and
effecting the mockups OF others, even if they can't do it themselves.
All of OT VII for example used to be devoted to 'Projection of
Intention' which simply put is the ability to intend that others intend

      Thus if you want someone to do something, you don't FORCE him to do
it with brute force of will, but you subtly project into him the
intention to do it, and he takes it on as his own and does it.

      Even if you only limited yourself to creating intentions in others
that they would normally agree with, you still have a very wide margin
for creating effects that would otherwise go uncreated.

      However with a fully developed ability to project intention, such a
being could get just about anyone to do just about anything.

      Thus it is at OT VII that the government really starts to get
worried.  Below OT VII you are mainly getting a being OUT of the
universe.  But at OT VII and above you are bringing him back IN with
power to spare.

      The government doesn't like losing people across its slave camp
walls, which is what the lower Bridge accomplishes, but it really
dislikes having people around who can direct the minds of others merely
by thinking at them, however subtly.

      You also have to understand the fact that as a being goes more OT,
he becomes more and more pan determined which means he begins playing
BOTH sides of the game against each other.  He loses his intention that
one side win, and regains his intention that the game go on.  So an OT
will have a tendency to fight for the underdog no matter who he is, good
guy or bad guy.

      There is nothing more boring than a Perfect Golden Age forever for

      Now the truth is that the ever present background forces of chaos,
destruction and enturbulation from the physical universe alone are quite
sufficient to erode any permanent peace beings might think they have
won, so it is rare that the OT needs to give the 'bad' side of the game
any help.  But OT's are more concerned with the Artistry of History
rather than everyone having a 'good time', so if one should decide that
the canvas could use a volcano here or there, well then a volcano there
will be, along with all of its eruptions and death and demise.

      Just as an exterior pc can move the anchor points of space around
him so to be anywhere he wants to be, an OT can move the anchor points
of possible future HISTORY around him, so that the direction of the flow
of consciousness through history is changed and history takes another

      All it takes is changing the decisions that some people make.

      If a planet becomes too engrossed in the 21 kinds of Evil, or was
it 16, I forget, then there are OT committees who will start the clean
slate process for the planet and everything will get kind of shoveled
under to start anew.  And yes beings die during these times.

      So KILLING people is not some kind of fundamental no no to an OT,
in fact they are quite able see that sometimes NOT killing people is a
high crime of magnitude.

      Now most humans will admit that killing people in self defense is
an acceptable and even morally mandatory kind of behavior, especially if
you are defending yourself, your family, your children, your wife, your
country, or some ideal.

      We don't have to wait for the law to sanction our killing in these
circumstances, and on the other side we don't have to obey the law when
during times of war it directs that we kill at its bidding.  The LAW
doesn't enter into it.

      Believe it or not the law exists to control the government, not the
people.  Yes the law says what people may or may not do, but really what
it is saying is what the GOVERNMENT may or may not do when people do the
things that OTHERS have decided they should not do.

      There is however no moral mandate for PEOPLE to follow the law,
there is only a moral mandate for the GOVERNMENT to follow the law.
Each individual is Sovereign.  Of course he has to accept the
consequences of breaking the law if he is at odds with other Sovereigns
in the group, but Sovereign individuals can choose to do anything they
want to and accept any consequences they want to, its not a moral

      When the GOVERNMENT starts breaking the law though, then you have a
moral problem because they are in violation of a sacred trust.  The
GOVERNMENT AGREED to uphold the law, the individual sovereign did not.

      Of course low tone cases try to twist this around, usually because
they work for the Government and they want the Government to be
Sovereign and the people to be cattle.

      So the point of all this is that if you have various abilities of
some kind, the only source of guidance and control over those abilities
is yourself and your own internally generated sense of duty.

      A being can find that he has ENORMOUS power to affect how things
turn out long before he enters the OS 3 range of demonstrable physical
abilities.  An OS 2 Class being who can project intention does not
affect things by brute force of will, or total mind control, he just
doesn't have that kind of power.  He can however nudge the course of
history just ever so slightly here or there and thus create enormous
effects many years down the road.

      History is full of murder, mayhem, torture, chaos and destruction.
If you take the responsibility to nudge that history a little bit off
its chosen course of death, perhaps to lessen the pain of life for
everyone, you will find that although FEWER people get murdered perhaps,
DIFFERENT people also get murdered.  Thus your choice to change the
course of history is a choice that this new group of innocent victims
gets destroyed rather than the original group of innocent victims that
would have gotten it had you left things alone.

      But there is a more subtle problem which has to do with power and
how people GET power in the political process.  It might be very
tempting to just off some head of state who is causing more trouble than
he is worth, perhaps make him slightly less attentive one day so he
trips down a flight of stairs and breaks his back, or push the idea ON
THE MENTAL PLANE to some would be freedom fighter or assassin that he
really does have the courage to go through with it.  You see OT's in the
OS 2 class have a LOT of power, because they draw upon the operating
power of millions of people.  One thought can effect a whole continent.

      But the problem is that once this despot is removed, someone else
will take his place.  In the first place people don't take the deaths of
their leaders lightly, it's really hard to just kill someone who has
been causing a stir for a long time without creating an even bigger stir
yourself.  There will be investigations, and power plays, and civil
instability, perhaps even civil war, and then how many will die?

      Civilization is a highly balanced system of good and bad, and you
can't just rush in like an elephant and take out the King Pin bad guy
without possibly knocking down the whole house of cards.  Life is like a
deadly chess game, and OT's with the power to play the chess game, and
the power to move and take each other's pieces, know this damn well.
Its fine to just take out the Evil Queen, but look what happens next.

      The OT can ride bigger waves, but he still can't ride a tsunami.

      One of the biggest problems is the guy that takes the place of the
guy you knocked off.  HE didn't have the power to remove the despot, so
now he is in a position of power that he didn't have the ability to
attain for himself, because you had to make it available to him.

      The original guy at least got there on his own forte, so he may
have been evil as hell, but at least he wasn't stupid or a coward or
inexperienced.  You knock him off and some asswipe from the lower ranks
swaggers into position and he thinks he knows it all, that fate and the
gods are on his side, and all of a sudden HE is making moves in the
chess game that will destroy everyone, and the OT won't be able to stop
the process.

      So that's the first thing to look out for when you want to take
someone out from the game of life, who is going to replace him, and how
worthy of that position will he be?

      You also want to make the final down fall of your guy so smooth and
slick that it seems absolutely normal in the flow of history so that
people drop him and the whole subject the next day and get on with their
lives.  For example killing JFK was NOT the way to do it, they will be
investigating that one FOREVER and eventually those that had a hand in
it will fall.

      On the other hand look at Romania.  They took Ceausescu and his
wife out back and shot them, and then forgot all about them the next
day.  So the OT's who were playing that game did it right, they made a
clean cut surgical strike out of it and there is very little left to mar
the rest of history that follows.  But it took those OT's a LONG time to
make that move and they probably did so with a certain amount of
trepidation, as with the rest of the fall of communism.

      Now you see the fall of communism is still a problem.  It had to
go, but its one thing to bust apart a parliament with only a few lives
lost, and quite another to bring the entire fragmented nuclear arsenal
under control when it is now owned by highly separate warring ethnic
parties loyal to no one but themselves and their own personal timetables
for Armageddon.

      I assure you there are OT's sweating at the table of the chess game
of life over this one.

      Everytime they make a move, people live, people die, and hopefully
the course of History is imbued with a little more Artistry.

      So anyhow, when a new born OT first starts wandering out into the
real world, and he sees what is really going on, and he sees that he can
actually DO something about it, he finds himself in an enormous arena of
death, murder, mayhem, torture, chaos, enturbulation and entheta.  Life
immediately becomes a self defense proposition to him.

      He, his family, his friends, his country, his whole damn race, all
of life on Earth and everything decent that ever stood, are being
threatened with an early grave from any one of a number of sources.  The
new OT's first impulse is to dive in shooting, with both six guns
ablaze.  You see he CAN shoot, he's got the power back again.

      He finds though that it just doesn't work out that easily, he takes
out one bad guy, and something else shifts that he didn't see and
suddenly all those friends he was trying to help and protect are crushed
in the relentless stream of History.  It's new course had an unseen

      Every new OT wants to just take out all the bad guys, but he finds
that he CAN'T take out ANY bad guys without also taking out good guys.
If he does nothing, he is accountable for NOT doing anything when he

      If he does something, he is accountable for DOING something when
maybe he shouldn't have.  Either way people die, often good people,
usually more good people than bad people.  That's because there ARE more
good people than bad people and most of the killing is random.

      The OT can't stop the killing completely, he CAN shift it possibly
to LESS killing, but that will ALWAYS shift it to DIFFERENT killing, so
he will have to make a choice to let things be and have more killing, or
take action and have less killing but probably have innocent people
killed now that before were safe.  Some of whom will be his closer

      So you know auditing all this is a good thing.  Rather than making
a new born killer out of someone, what it does is show him the source of
his rage, and puts it all back into his control again, so that he is not
going out on murderous rampages either has a human or as an OT.  He can
become a master chess player at the game of Life and Death again, and
actually do the world some good.

      So let's not go screaming about how Homer is a death monger, the
people who do this are just broadcasting their own unpulled regrets
along this line.

      You know you don't have to go OT to become involved in killing
people.  All you have to do is become President.

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