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                              DYING OF DEATH

                                 ACT - 57
                              26 March 1994

                  Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
        Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.

      It has long been a stable datum with me that the only thing that
can kill you psychosomatically speaking is charge on the subject of
death.  This includes sorrows about death, engrams about death, ARC
breaks on death, Present Times Problems on death, goals on death,
overts, withholds, missed withholds, and co excused missed withholds on

      "What do you feel about death?"

      "Was there some sorrow you did not cry with your mother and

      In other words people don't die of cancer, heart attacks, clogged
arteries and other things because some teacher spanked them when they
were 3.

      Probably one of the more deadly things on the subject of death,
having already decided that you are a mortal body, is the EFFORT to NOT
DIE, or the effort to LIVE FOREVER as that body.

      It's a fantastic mental effort, a trying to stay alive, that starts
in early childhood at first awareness of death of self, that kills the
body dead before its time.

      Perhaps if the being is lucky, if he does enough drugs or drinks
enough poisons, he can extend his life a little, but the result is
always the same, rotting from the inside out.

      Thus comes the paradox noticed with some mortals, that those who
want to die tend to live, and those who want to live tend to die,
usually of some internal rot.

      It's in part this huge EFFORT exerted through the heart, through
the face, through the sinuses, through the brain, the spine and the
central nervous system, to NOT DIE, TO STAY ALIVE AT ALL COSTS FOREVER.
The body staggers under the weight of the effort.

      In the process, it is also an effort to not THINK about death, and
to not FEEL anything about death, which leads to a rather stark brand of
'caselessness'.  The being has a case which is just 'not there' along
with the rest of his future of non impending doom.

      Some people who are into making their bodies biologically immortal
may suffer from this kind of caselessness.

      The need to say alive forever over rides their ability to take a
good look at the actual probabilities of their staying alive even if
they do manage to get a non aging and disease free BIOLOGICAL body.

      The first politically ill wind that blew their way would end their
future and fantasy.

      The GE does not want to live forever, and it has a whole track of
'being kept' alive beyond its time so that it could be tortured.

      Better to be able and facile at dying and giving way, even at will,
to be reborn in a new body, than to fixate on one beingness forever.

      Fame and biological immortality are both a rock, the MEST universe
will out live anything that crawls within.

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