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                                GRADE III

                                 ACT - 58
                              27 March 1994

                  Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
        Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.

      You see the thing with Who, What and Why Listing questions is that
people who have opened up their Grade 3, ARC break release, tend to ask
themselves such questions because they are ABLE to get the answer.
Technically that is what a Grade 3 is, someone who can get the CORRECT
answer to the question.

      Below Grade three people aren't so able to get the right answer,
and instead they take the answer that makes them feel the worst because
they KNOW that life is bad and miserable and if they knew the truth they
would die.  They still have an ARC break with Source and Cause.

      That's why they aren't a Grade III!

      An ARC break with Source, Cause and Truth means being out of
affinity, reality (agreement) and communication with Source, Cause, and

      So someone wants to know "Why do I feel so bad?" a classic listing
question.  And you tell him, "Well you must have clogged arteries", and
he looks at that a bit, and puts it on and tries to wear it as an answer
and all of a sudden the pains around his heart and chest start to flare
up and he feels a whole lot more unstable, and he goes 'Yes, of course,
that must be why I feel so bad." Next day he dies.

      He figures the truth is bad, and he is hiding from it, but some of
it is leaking through to him anyhow which is why he feels sick.  He
'knows' that if he were to come closer to the truth he would feel worse,
so when he asks how come he is feeling so bad, he takes the answer that
makes him feel the worst as the truth.  Being a wrong indication it
kills him.  The courage level here is unfathomable for any seeker of
truth who is just sure the truth will kill him.

      The ultimate wrong indication of course is that Truth is bad, the
TRUTH is that LIES are bad.  He feels sick because he is WRONG about
something.  Thus if it really WERE his arteries that were clogged
causing him to feel like he was about to keel over every waking minute
of the day, he would IMMEDIATELY feel BETTER and RELIEVED, not worse,
and we would be able to relax and take effective action against it.

      But people below the level of Grade 3 don't know this, they are
still on an ARC break with Source Cause and Truth.

      They KNOW that life sucks and truth is miserable and Source is
surely out to torture them for the rest of time.  So they always take
the answer that makes them feel the worst, which then MAKES it worse,
which then validates that they were 'right' in the first place that
truth is out to get them, which surely explains why they are feeling so
bad and their days are numbered.

      In ADORE this is called the Doubt Effect.  Simply stated, the Doubt
Effect says that Doubting that Truth is Good will make you feel so Bad
that you will become more sure that Truth is bad.

      Thus "Doubt is Self Casting."

      Now Grade 3's and above know all this, they have handled the ARC
Break with Truth and Cause to some degree, although there ain't a person
alive who has handled it completely.  They at least KNOW the mechanism
of the Doubt Effect and they can operate it at will and see that it
works.  They can USUALLY catch it too when it starts to go into
automatic action reactively, and not get carried away with it for too

      They can say,

      "I feel like HELL, I must have accepted a wrong why SOMEWHERE."

      rather than

      "I feel like HELL, I should go to a doctor."

      If you are dying because you are killing yourself with lies,
a doctor is going to give you a pill?

      A pill is going to reconcile you and your misunderstandings of God?
God means true Source, Cause and Truth.

      Just get the idea that you are going to die for good one day, and
see if it doesn't make you feel so sad and bad that you begin to wonder
if it might be true, or worse makes you feel like you are about to die
right now!

      The Doubt Effect works this way.  If truth is so good, how come it
lets me feel so bad about things that aren't true!?  Truth couldn't be
that good then, now could it?  So maybe Truth IS bad, and so around and
around the dwindling spiral you go into the Doubt Effect, down the
drain, and out the tubes.

      So why would truth allow lies to exist?  If lies are bad,
isn't then truth bad too?

      Or are truth and lies good?

      Is it good to be all tangled up in lies that cause you to feel bad?

      So your average Grade 3 can spot these ARC breaks with truth, and
he knows that when an answer makes him feel worse that the THEORY is
that the answer is wrong.  He has a lot of personal experience to back
it up with having erased most of his lower case, so he is at least
willing to reject answers that make him feel worse for a WHILE, rather
than hold onto them hard as self evidencing proof that they are right.

      It is during that 'while' that he is willing to reject one of these
answers that has been making him feel worse, that he is 'in session'
trying to find the REAL answer to why he feels bad and trying to spot
how the answer that made him feel worse might actually be wrong.  People
below Grade 3 never take that 'while' out to go into session when a bad
answer comes along, they just grab it and run with it, usually to their
early graves.

      And THAT is why all these Tech Cops are so nuts on the subject of
Listing and Nulling type questions, the archetypical ones being

      "What is your Goal?"            These are sure fire killers if
      "What are you Being?"           you accept a wrong answer to
      "What are you Opposing?"        them.

      "What determines how you feel?"

      In fact to the degree that auditing is based around QUESTIONS ("Why
do you feel bad?") rather than COMMANDS ("Tell me about feeling bad.")
you have this possibility that the person will come up with a wrong
answer that makes him feel worse and he will hold on to it and run with
it rather than audit his way out of it.

      This doesn't mean that there ISN'T a correct answer to the original
Listing question "Why do you feel bad?", it only means that someone
below Grade 3 probably isn't going to find it, and he WILL find all
kinds of wrong answers that will make him feel instantly worse.  These
wrong answers he will then take as true just BECAUSE they make him feel
worse, because THAT is his stable datum on life, "The TRUE truth will
kill me!" or "Somethings are better not known." or some such ARC break
with Truth, Source and Cause.

      It all comes down to "Too dangerous to Know."

      There are lots of OT's in the world, but very few Grade III's.

      And an OT with an out (unrun or mishandled) Grade III is a bitch to
be around.

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