((My comments in double parentheses - Homer))
                         EXORCISM WANTED, CHEAP
                         Session Notes 09/14/94
                                ACT - 78
                           14 September 1994
                 Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     I had another Demon Dream last night.  It was the result of my solo
session during the evening on Earlier Similar Universes and Withholds on
     Clustering, Joining, Merging, Melding are all forms of
interiorization with other beings.  Some are aberrated, some are fair
     Anyhow in the dream I started to feel the usual forces in my body
when I start to have one of these things, terrible ripping and tearing
up and down my spine and crotch.  I relaxed and let it take over.
     Eventually the demon became half visible to me.  It was behind me,
lifting my body into the air, and I was to some extent BEING it, as I
wanted to use its power.
     The Demon was about 18 feet tall, with black sinews of living
steel, and the bat shaped wings classically attributed to such beings.
     He was huge, and had tentacles of electricity all around him that I
had a hard time keeping off my balls!
     I was having a very hard time controlling this demon, he had my
body in the air, which I wanted, but he was also hurting my body with
his tentacles, and I couldn't quite get him to stop doing it or to fully
cooperate.  As Filbert says, joinings take place due to a common
intention, in this case I wanted to be able to operate the power of the
demon for myself, namely to lift my body and take me where I wanted to
go through the air, flying in other words.
     I didn't have any particular place I wanted to go, and I forgot
completely that these guys usually have someplace THEY want me to go.
So I was not relaxed and cooperative enough with this guy, so we got
into a struggle.  He sort of won.
     I did not have the presence of mind to ask him "What are you?" or
"Who are you?", nor did I have my spray can of Jesus Blood to spray in
his face.
     I can see though, that if I have to contend with these guys on my
death bed, I will be screaming bloody murder just as Ron purportedly
     Perhaps I will be able to remember the magic words if I paste them
on the ceiling near by bed,
     "I am bought by the blood of Jesus, let me go!"
     Anyhow, is anyone selling Exorcisms cheap?
     No serious offer refused....
     As a bonus, if you succeed, you get to keep the Demon.