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                             ALIEN IMPLANTS
                         Session Notes 9/21/94
                                ACT - 79
                           21 September 1994
                 Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     I went into session tonight, not doing as bad as yesterday, but the
forces were beginning to run on pretty strong.  Anoxia, couldn't breath,
couldn't burp, thing in throat was beginning to crush the hell out of
     Last night I went in doing really bad, had been terminal and
sinking all day.  I came out doing well, on
     "Something on Immortal Bodies."
     Tonight I went in, not doing as bad, TA high though, very jammed,
but I felt accessible.
     I fooled around for a bit trying to get the needle to just move,
let alone come down, and the forces got more and more crushing in
throat, like dying for no reason at all.
     Finally I started running,
     "What aren't you making more of?"
     "How could you make this worse?"
     This started to run well.  I could see the forces in my throat that
were clamping off my life, they obviously have something to do with "not
talking about something", and deciding never to reveal something no
matter what.
     I started auditing,
     "Something MISSED."
     Now you know missed doesn't mean BYPASSED, or gone by, or didn't
see, the way most people think it means.  It's a Scientology misnomer
but it audits as 'Wondering if others know'.
     It is the action of wondering and not wanting others to know you
are wondering, that jams up the masses so hard.  Or worse it can be a
wondering if others know and you WANT them to know, but you just can't
figure out if they do know.
     Sometimes people are so dense, asleep or robotic that no matter how
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much you try to communicate something to them, you just can't figure out
if they got it or not.
     That's a positive missed withhold, rather than a negative missed
     (Reference ADO11.memo at fpt.rahul.net/pub/homer/act/ado11.memo)
     Anyhow people have 'missed' associated with overts, as in missed
withholds, but it can also be associated with motivators, as in someone
did you in and you can't tell if others know.  Missed can also be
associated with co excused overt/motivator pairs where what someone is
doing to you now, you did to another like you in a past life.
     Problems can also be missed, you wonder if others know if you have
a problem or not.  Sometimes you want them to know, and they are too
dense to get the message, sometimes you don't want them to know, but
your tummy is getting fat, so you think maybe people have noticed.
     So its common for people to associate 'missed' with overts,
motivators and problems and the like, but actually in a broader sense
missed means any kind of wondering if others know or not.
     So when I started running "Something missed" I was looking for any
kind of wondering at all.
     That's when I ran into the forces jamming back up into the back of
my throat on "never reveal under any conditions." I started looking at
"things that I knew that I shouldn't know and didn't want others to know
I knew".  That lead to thinking about implants, which read a bit, and
that lead to "Alien Implants" which lead to "Alien Implants IN THIS LIFE
     Now of course that is absurd.  I mean I do have my collection of
metal caps to wear on my head to keep alien force fields out, but not
even I would consider such an incident as an actual serious happening.
     However it started running.  The forces started to come apart,
there was clearly a withhold there.  Something I wasn't supposed to know
about, and certainly was never supposed to tell anybody else about, and
something I was wondering if *I* had found out about, or if others
suspected I knew.
     This ran out to a marvelous win for the night, although I never did
get it to run the somatic out completely.  No pictures, but a lot of
force came off.  Also checked "Earlier Similar Universes", "implanted in
this life" in earlier runs through this one.  I did get vague
impressions of people standing around my bed as a child, chanting
magical incantations, saying "He will become God of the Universe" etc,
but mainly because I actually read a letter containing all this as
something that my parents SHOULD do around my crib, written by my
Ancient Aunt Skipper, on Father's side.  So this was clearly a suggested
set of 'memories', and they have no other reality.
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     So I still don't know what's up, and I am sure this key out I am in
at the moment will last exactly until the next cave in drives me into
session again, but I will tell you something,
     Something's up.
     And that is probably the most important message of clearing.
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