((My comments in double parentheses - Homer))
                      MISSING TERMINALS RUNDOWN II
                                ACT - 88
                              1 April 1995
                 Copyright (C) 1995 Homer Wilson Smith
       Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     PTSness is the sole result of the PC having a withhold missed by
the SP (or Golden Ally) which the overt was against and to whom the PC
is PTS.
     This however is only one leg of the four leg Electra Bracket.
     There are also the times when the PC missed a withhold on the SP,
times when the PC AS an SP missed a withhold on another, and when the PC
as an SP had a withhold missed on himself by another.
     "When have you missed a withhold on a PC as an SP?"   (DED)
     "When has an SP missed a withhold on you as a PC?"    (DEDEX)
     "When has a PC missed a withhold on you as an SP?"    (MOTIVATOR)
     "When have you missed a withhold on an SP as a PC?"   (OVERT)
     One can also run this on Evil and Good.
     "What have you done to Good as Evil?"
     "What has Evil done to you as Good?"
     "What has Good done to you as Evil?"
     "What have you done to Evil as Good?"
     "What have you withheld from Good as Evil?"
     "What has Evil withheld from you as Good?"
     "What has Good withheld from you as Evil?"
     "What have you withheld from Evil as Good?"
     "What withhold have you missed on Good as Evil?"
     "What withhold has Evil missed on you as Good?"
     "What withhold has Good missed on you as Evil?"
     "What withhold have you missed on Evil as Good?"
     "What have you opposed in Good as Evil?"
     "What has Evil opposed in you as Good?"
     "What has Good opposed in you as Evil?"
     "What have you opposed in Evil as Good?"
     "Some Evil being not-ised?"
     "Some Evil being Withheld?"
     Run on Evil, cruelty, no sympathy, cold heartedness, classlessness,
and meanness or mean spiritedness.  Also run on Good and Divinity or
     Also run on Beautiful Evil, Ugly Evil, Beautiful Good, Ugly Good,
and Beautiful and Ugly Divinity and Anti Divinity.
     Also on Anger, Fear, Sorrow and Apathy, also boredom, terror,
numbness, resentment, unexpressed resentment, dying and dead.
     The reason that the past is in restimulation is because of the
future.  Auditing the past only is a waste of time.  Audit the future.
     "Tell me about the future."
     "Something you aren't telling me about the future?"
     "Some future been not-ised?"
     will stir up more past than you will care to handle.
     This is because what was lost in the past WAS A FUTURE.
     The times in the past when a person lost an object, place or thing
were only significant to the degree that he also lost a FUTURE with it.
     Say a child has a teddy bear.  Someone takes it and stomps the hell
out of it and throws it in a lake.  The child makes another teddy bear
and gives it to the guy to stomp on that one too.  See?  No aberration.
     "Make more of it."
     "Something being not-ised?"
     "Good, not is it some more."
     But normally when a child looses something, its gone forever, no
more of anything like it.  That is not the loss of THE TEDDY BEAR that
is a loss of an infinite FUTURE OF TEDDY BEARS and more Teddy Bears.
     Usually such futures consist of long term goals.  For example, your
average child does not at first consider himself mortal, his future is
eternally long, and that's a long time in which to have goals.  You
convince him that he is mortal and bang, that's a lot of future to lose.
It's an infinite future to lose, and so its an infinite loss resulting
in infinite charge.
     He usually ducks into denial before it reaches saturation though.
     Adore calls that Artful Dodge.
     "The source of all suffering is Artful Dodge."
     This is the point of total overwhelm and begins the 'not-is' case.
     Thus the point of mortality in the child's past will be important
to reach, for that is when his future died and went to hell.
     But notice that goals are a NOT HAVINGNESS reaching for a
havingness at the end of a very long run of trying, and struggle and
game.  That's the point, TO GET, not merely to HAVE.  The fun is always
in the chase.
     For example, when the child is 5 he has a goal to have a library of
art devoted to beautiful music by the time he is 80.  Now that is big
havingness, but notice that its something THAT HE DOESN'T HAVE when he
is 5. Is he unhappy?  No of course not, its a GOAL, he is happy TO NOT
HAVE IT and to strive for it.  It gives a purpose to time.
     He doesn't even have it when he is 30 and he's still happy, because
     It's a NOT HAVINGNESS that is a very important havingness.  Its the
havingness of a not havingness BECOMING a havingness over a long period
of time.
     So something happens to this child when he is 5 and he loses that
goal to have a library of musical art when he is 80.  When he is 30 he
walks into your auditing room complaining of suicidal tendencies,
headaches, can't breathe, life is not worth living, total pain etc.
Clearly a symptom of lack of havingness.  So you start look around for
what he lost.
     It's a havingness he didn't have when he was 5, and in fact its a
havingness he wouldn't have had at 30 even if everything had gone right
in his life!  So he comes in and he still doesn't have it, but now HE
CAN NEVER GET IT.  So its not the loss of a havingness, its the loss of
a GETTINGNESS that is getting him down.
     This can be very hard to spot, because when you start looking for
things that the guy lost in his past, he will give you all these things
he had which he then lost, but what you want is something he DIDN'T HAVE
ANYHOW and probably still wouldn't have anyhow even if everything had
gone all right.
     So spotting these NOT HAVINGNESS's which he didn't have but which
he 'lost' the GETTINGNESS on in the past can be hard.
     The point of all this is that the PAST is ONLY important because of
the FUTURE, and the mechanism by which this takes place is being
operated on IN PRESENT TIME.
     RIGHT NOW, the guy is screwing himself up with his past because of
his future.
     To find out WHY the guy is restimulating himself you look to his
     To find out HOW the guy is restimulating himself you look to his
     To find out WHAT the guy is restimulating you look to his past.
     And you do it in that order.
     Forget auditing the past.  Audit the future and present time, with
concentration on not-ised evil, and you will stir up the past that needs
to be run forthwith.
     "Some future evil been not-ised?"
     "Unwillingness to design future evil?"
     "Classic Evil?"