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                           THE GAMES WE PLAY
                                ACT - 92
                            25 December 1995
                 Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
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     Life is a game.
     When people undertake to play a game, they design the playing
field, and the rules of play, they train in that play, and they
eventually invite the opposing team to come and play.
     When people find themselves forced to play a game that they don't
want to play, rather than play the game, they will try to destroy the
game, or destroy the other side, particularly if they think the other
side is the one forcing them to play.
     If the other side thinks that YOU are the one forcing them to play,
then they will take to playing the game of destroying you, which of
course puts you in a game you don't want to play so you will take to
trying to destroy them back.
     In this way the game of playing against the opponent, becomes the
game of destroying the game and opponent.
     It's not much of a foot ball game if one side takes out shotguns
and blasts away at the other side just as they kick off.
     An analysis of games then would include an analysis of how the
various games we are playing have decayed down into the game of
destroying the game and the other side.
     You know from LRH that games consist of Purposes, Barriers and
Freedoms in that order of importance.
HALFTIME, and the after game HAND SHAKE.
     You can take a look at any activity you are engaged in through out
the day and spot its various games aspects.  This includes purposes,
barriers and freedoms, but also design, training, invitation, welcome,
play, half time and the ending handshake, all of which add up to
"putting the game there".
     Life's games go well to the degree that both sides are putting it
there.  The minute someone starts not putting it there, and trying to
put it not there, the game goes to hell and becomes the game of
destroying the game and the opposing team.
     The side that is the most bent on destroying the game always loses,
because you can't destroy what you "aren't putting there".
     The way you destroy something is to PUT IT THERE TWICE!
     If people continue to not put the game there, the GAME wins, as
everyone is forced to play the game of destroying unwanted persisting
games forever.
     The game persists solely because the players aren't putting it
there with design, training, invitation, welcome, play, half time and
     Thus the best they can do is play forever in an unwanted game,
which is the definition of hell.
     That's how MEST wins.  That's how Creators (thetans) become pieces
in the Creature's (MEST's) game.
     So take a look at it folks, see where your life has sunk into
destroying games instead of playing games.
     Assess for
     Start of Game
     Half Time
     Come Back
     End of Game
     Remember that the goal to WIN a game is secondary to and derives
from the goal to PLAY a game.
     This IS the definition of Sportsmanship.
     If you find a game where winning is more important than playing,
you will have found a game where getting rid of the game is more
important than playing the game.
     That defines an Overt.
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