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                                ACT - 94
                            7 October 1996

                   Copyright (C) 1996 Homer Wilson Smith
         Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.

       LaMont tells me there is no such thing as an Unauditability.

       Let us hope he is right.

       Be that as it may, the following is presented for your reading

       The way to vanish any mass or condition is to generally replicate
the efforts that went into its creation with full responsibility and

       Make it once, it persists, make it again it releases.

       This not quite accurate but we can describe it this way.

       We work from two major premises in the devising of any auditing

       Premise I.  Conception is both necessary and sufficient to create
any mass or condition, which is then created in the mere conceiving of

       Premise II.  All conceivings and thus all creations are self
vanishing, thus anything that is persisting in time is being repeatedly
conceived and thus repeatedly created again and again in a new unit of

       The thetan has ways of getting himself conceiving compulsively,
not knowing that he is doing it, completely unable to stop doing it.

       There are many 'tricks' the thetan can do to create an unwanted
persistence, one of which is simply postulate MORE that one needs
to create something ELSE to stop the creation or existence of
and unwanted persistence.

       Creating RAID to get rid of ants for example and then creating
on going persisting action running around and spraying them.

       So an unknowing but persisting conception ants is handled by
a knowing continuously postulate and thus 'persisting' second
conception, action.

      We call this action set performed after the fact of the creation of
an unwanted persisting condition, the preclear's RAID.

      It's always a knowingly and willing creation of something MORE
to get rid or handle an earlier unknowingly created unwanted condition.

      The sequence goes like this.


      So beyond all that, we can say that the way to get rid of any mass
or condition is to cease creating it.

       Thus we get the preclear to conceive knowingly what he is already
conceiving unknowingly without knowing it,

      Get the idea of having no idea you are getting the idea of an
unwanted persistence, and yet are in fact doing so, which you see with a
little application of intelligence and perspicacity, minus any vested
interest in staying a victim.

      And once he can conceive and thus create his condition in its
entirety, without all the added significance of how to get rid of it, or
what it's good for, he can let off on the conception of it by
unconceiving it, and thus the mass or condition will self vanish
at the moment of unconception.

      He won't even have the conception that all the above stuff even
went on.

      An Unauditability is a mass or condition that will not release even
when it is "properly" replicated.

       Theoretically of course this is absurd, however the fact is that a
thetan can WISH for a mass or condition to be unauditable and he can put
much effort, intention and energy into making it unauditable.
that it be unauditable and the extra efforts he put into it to make sure
it is.

      That is the "what it is good for" but,

       Unless this is spotted, the mass or condition will in fact become
unauditable because the thetan is failing to replicate his own desire

      Taking responsibility back from the world is a tough act, a lot of
sadness about wasted time, but a lot of laughter in the end, love is so
great it is beyond our conception.  That thought is part of why we don't
have as much love as we want, its too big to fire up.

      Get the idea if a condition.
      Get the idea off what it could be good for.
      Get the idea off what it could be bad for.

      Run it causatively meaning don't make the preclear spot existing
conditions, having him CREATE conditions and the purposes they might be good
for and the downsides to counter the benefits.

      He will run the conditions and purposes that he has anyhow, but the
newly created ones in between will raise his havingness, as he will
eventually start out creating the conditions he is stuck in.

      If fact once the preclear sees with great clarity that he is
keeping the unwanted condition around because it serves a dire purpose,
he will chill out on the whole thing.

      At which point it will starting coming to the surface on its own,
at which point the preclear will hurriedly go back to making sure it
doesn't.  But only for a while this time, not forever like the last

      You take the lid off the pressurized kettle one little bit at a
time, and sit on it tightly until the next.

      There are 5 primary factors to any unauditability.

      They are, WHY, HOW, WHEN, WHERE, WHO, and WHAT, in that order of
auditing importance.

       At the bottom of the unauditability will be the WHO or WHAT that
the being is rendering unauditable.

      Above that will be a WHEN (including HOW LONG) and a WHERE that the
incident took place, including a when and a where the rendering of it
unauditable took place.

      There will be HOW he rendered the incident eternally unauditable
FOREVER (in and out of time!) These are the exact efforts, forces,
conceptions and postulates that he made that produced the masses and
conditions that he feels will not release no matter how much he
replicates creating them, mostly because he is missing how they are SAFE

       There will be WHY the thetan wanted to render it unauditable.  That
means he had a reason that he wanted to never resolve this thing or
release it, a reason to make communication with it and replication of it

      The HOW is still going on in present time, and the WHY is always
about the future.  He won't know the WHEN, WHERE, WHO or WHAT any more
because they have been rendered unauditable.  That means ANY question
you ask of them will return an I DON'T KNOW or NOTHING THERE.

      However he will be able to get some vague sense of WHY he rendered
the scene unauditable as he is still doing it, and he will certainly be
able to get the HOW he is continuing to render it unauditable in present
time, particularly on the meter, stuck falls, Dirty Needles, Rock Slams

      Those reads result when the preclear readjusts himself on the lid
of his powder keg, or pressure cooker, to make sure it doesn't blow
before he let's some of it out down the road a bit.

      It's a convulsive shut down which bars entrance to the incident, he
will have to 'be there' when it happens to begin noticing it at all,
otherwise it happens all day long periodically but escapes him entirely.

      He will first have to go through a stage where he notices it only
AFTER it happens, just after, and he says 'I saw that!'.  Then he will
be start being there WHEN it is happening, then BEFORE.  At that point
he can divert the convulsion and start to run it out and its damage.

      The needle will come alive with stops and falls when he comes
anywhere near the efforts to render an incident unauditable.

      The needle is reading on WHY AND HOW, *NOT* on WHEN, WHERE, WHO or

      The WHY and HOW are in the future and present time, the WHEN,
WHERE, WHO and WHAT are in the past.

      The WHY will have something to do with Infinities, Eternalities and
the Future, particularly FOREVERS and NEVERS.

      That's a big statement, dig it and don't leave it.

      The Structure of the mass or condition that is unauditable will be
a standard Grades Stack.  A Grades Stack consists of the following,
listed from earliest to latest:

       Goal                - No Goal
       Communication       - No Communication
       Problem             - No Problem
       Overt               - No Overt
       Withhold            - No Withhold
       Upset               - No Upset
       CO Excused Withhold - No Co Excused Withhold
       Make Wrong          - No Make Wrong
       Power               - No Power
       Auditability        - No Auditability

       He will start off with a Goal opposed by an Opp Goal, leading to an
intention to produce a No Goal of his own goal.

       He will fall down in Communication and denial of Communication,
This will get him into Problems and denial of Problems, which will lead
to Overts and denial of Overts, which will get him into Withholds and
denial of Withholds.  This ends him up in major Motivators and Upsets
which stick to him like glue due to Justification and Restraint on the
earlier items on the Grades Stack.

       The next level down is Co Excused Withholds.

       A Co Excused Withhold is a withheld Overt/Motivator *PAIR*.

       It is an IDENTITY <-> OPP IDENTITY lockup.

       He receives a serious Motivator or Upset in present time, and it
restimulates an earlier Overt or Upset he caused to someone else in the
far distant past when he was being then an identity similar to the
perpetrator in present time.

       His mother tries to kill him in this life as a son, which restims a
time in the past when he as a mother, tried to kill her son.

      This is a problem between WHATs not WHOs.

      Margaret my mother is a WHO.
      MOTHERS or generic a MOTHER is a WHAT.
      WHAT's are classes of WHOs.

      WHO's are instantiations of a WHAT.

      His mother hurts him in this life time, this has nothing to do with
anything he might have done to his mother in this life time, or to the
being who is his present time mother in a previous life or hers.

       It has to do with when he as a son has been hurt by a mother in the
present, which locks up with he as a mother hurt a son in the past.

       He has been hurt EGREGIOUSLY in present time and he does not
complain about it at all.  His computation is:

       "If you forgive me for what I did then, and I will forgive you for
what you did to me just now."

       Both become better left unsaid.

      Before this the Overt was subconsciously queued for confession.
Now, he is not sure he is interested in that any more.

      It is called a CO-EXCUSED WITHHOLD because HE is excusing his
present mother and withholding what his mother did to him now, and
excusing himself for what he did as a mother in the past, and
withholding it just as hard.


      1.) What his mother did to him, its a witheld motivator

      2.) What he did as a mother long ago, its a witheld overt.

      His present time mother hasn't a clue what is going on.

      HE WON'T TELL HER even if he could wrangle an apology out of her.

      This results in BOTH earlier Overt and later Motivator sinking into
forgetfulness and oblivion.

      The preclear's SILENCE on both the earlier OVERT and present time
MOTIVATOR cause both to sink like a stone to the sea of oblivion.

      Oblivion is silent and quiet as hell.

      An accumulating tar pit of all the things never said about overts
and motivators between lovers during all of time since the beginning of
this Cosmic Clown show.

      Below this the person will get into defense and offense, commonly
called Make Wrong, and end up in an astounding condition of No Power.

      The result of all this is a No Auditability.


      One approaches this by educating the pc in the above material until
he has a good grasp of it and his good indicators including hope come in.

      Then you run,

      "Is there an unauditability?"

      until the pc can spot one with good reality.  You will probably get
VGI's and a good blow down item on the meter when he finds one.

       Remember he is not going to know what the unauditability is about,
so don't expect him to get an incident at this stage, he will merely
have spotted a significant area of absolute Non Sovereignty, usually a
mass or unwanted condition.

       Then run gently without force,

       "WHY are you making this unauditable"
       "HOW are you making this unauditable"

       until he gets a release.

       If you your pc gets jammed and can't find answers to WHY AND HOW,
ask gently:

       "Is that because this is an unauditability?"

       ((This is old and dangerous technology.

       Run instead, in all cases

       "Get the idea of making something unauditable" etc.

       Unauditabilities do not respond to question asking of any kind.

      Question asking will just make your preclear spit at you.))

       If he gets a release end off.

       He may still not be able to spot WHEN, WHERE, WHO or WHAT, but he
will have spotted that there is a WHY and a HOW, and he will begin the
process of reevaluating the WHY to his long term benefit, and in the
meantime he won't be doing the HOW quite so hard.

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