Copyright (C) 1992 Homer Wilson Smith
     Now of course if you throw out 90 percent of the facts about your
universe then you can use Occam's razor to come up with a simpler theory
that is totally wrong.  The reason that the skeptics do not have these
facts is because they were brought up in a closet, one of their own
making by the way.  Facts like fully self determined exteriorizations,
trans space time memory (you can remember anything's past track, not
just your own) and a whole mess of other things that only Adepts can do
and which skeptics don't even have the courtesy to spell with a capital
     Of course Adepts do not broadcast that they have these abilities,
any more than you would broadcast to the whole world that you had a
million dollars.  You could not build a door big enough to hold all the
people who would show up at it.  And most of them would be useless
people anyhow looking for a free ride or skeptics going 'Give me Proof!'
Besides it would put a real strain on an Adept's abilities.  It's fine
to be able to lift mountains but if they are throwing planets at you you
can still get crushed.  Get it?
     Also there have been wars in the past between Adepts.  This left a
slightly sour taste in the mouths of the humans that were on the
mountains that got tossed around.  So Adepts tend to have a bad name
among humans and they are reviled often where they go.  This all
happened very long ago, when most of us were still on our way down, but
deep subconscious memories do not fade easily so Adepts have learned to
keep to themselves lest they stir up more hot water than they can
     This is somewhat unfortunate as a new generation of Adepts has come
into being that have decided to behave themselves and do it right this
time.  Of course even among this bunch are a few who have little regard
for human kind and his criminals, his insane and his two penny wars, who
would gladly wipe all humans off the face of the Earth and start over
again on this planet.  Thus even in our near future there may be some
surprises as these two groups have it out with each other over the fate
of this planet.
     They probably won't let human kind blow itself to smithereens, but
they may blow the planet to smithereens themselves trying to decide just
how to handle the rest of us below.  As I said this has happened before,
but fortunately this time there are many who would take a wiser route
and include human kind in their plans for a bright and glorious future.
     This can be done, clearing everyone on the planet from their
somnambulance, without force, or coercion and with their mostly willing
cooperation.  The problem is not whether it can be done, but whether
anyone should bother since no one OWES Earth kind the slightest kindness
at all for all of their misdeeds.
     Earthkind for the most part can not even remember their misdeeds as
most of them think they have only lived once, a fate worse than death.
     Adepts mostly agree that Earth would make a beautiful planet for a
golden age to occur, it is in what to do with its present inhabitants
that the differences mainly lie.
     Adorians of course, Adepts and peons alike (like me) are on the
side of the good guys.  Cleaning up Earth will be a tough job.  There
will be a lot of resistance and fear and anger, some of it richly
deserved by the people trying to help Earth.  But as with the Master and
the Scorpion, it is the Scorpion's place to bite the Master, and it is
the Master's place to try and save the Scorpion.
     Most of the future Adorians on this planet will be born out of the
quagmire of present Earth humanity and will have a close bond to their
fellow sufferers, so you can be sure that they will be a force for light
in this effort to help their brethren attain the awakened state rather
than just flush them down the spiritual toilet to be lost for untold
millions of years on other planets in other wars until they again get
the chance to see their way out of the darkness.
     Spirits do not quickly forget their friends nor do they quickly
forget who pulled the string on the toilet.  Those higher spiritual
beings who would prefer to just sweep present human kind away will have
much to face in the future if they win out (which they won't), but if
they did you can be sure they would receive no help from Earthkind in
the future if they ever needed it.
     Even Adepts and spirits in Royal Operating Condition need friends.
     Besides there is a little secret here about Earth that I will let
you in on.
     The people that LOSE in this universe are those with power and
quality.  This universe protects only the mediocre and obedient.  They
are doing just fine in their far distant civilizations from whence we
all came.
     Thus Earth, being the Drain, is a virulent bunch of rowdy
scoundrels, but underneath it all, after a good bath and a scrubbing,
there is quality and potential like no one has ever seen before.  It may
not be obvious, but mark those words I have written and we will see who
is right.
     By the way this will all probably happen in your lifetime.
     We're not talking about the Second Coming of Christ here.
     We are talking about the second coming of YOU.
     In the meanwhile, the paths of lovers cross in the line of duty...