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                        THE SINS OF THE CHILDREN
                                ADO - 12
                            21 February 1994
                 Copyright (C) 1994 Homer Wilson Smith
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     The sins of the children will read on the parents as a withhold.
     The parents will not want others to know what their children did.
     They won't want others to know that the child is their child.
     They will be trying to withhold the child from doing it again.
     And in the end they will be withholding having had that child, or
ever having more.
     Thus asking the preclear if he is withholding the overts of any of
his children or grand children etc, in this or in past lives, is a good
way to find the central computation on the 2nd dynamic case of life
begetting life.
     If you knowingly and willingly create a Free Will, and you let it
loose on the world, with full awareness of the possible consequences,
well then you are fully responsible, accountable and culpable for all of
its actions and all of the consequences for the rest of time.
     If God is the Father, then he is fully responsible, accountable,
and culpable for the sins of his children, regardless of any
considerations about Free Will.
     Christians try to deny that God is responsible, accountable and
culpable for the sins of His children, because they wish to deny that
they are responsible, accountable and culpable for the sins of their own
     The Christians will tell you that the sins of the father are
visited on the children for 4 generations.
     The truth is that the sins of the children are visited upon the
father forever.
     The way to happiness is a true confession.
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