ADO - 16
                             27 March 2005

                   Copyright (C) 2005 Homer Wilson Smith
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      There are two broad goals that can be pursued in any universe.

      They are,

      The goal to create a persistence.

      The goal to create a vanishment.

      "What do you wish to make persist?"

      "What do you wish to make vanish?"

      (Don't run what questions.  Use:

      "Get the idea of making something persist."

      "Get the idea of making something vanish.")

      One then begins to dramatize these goals.

      To dramatize means to "BRING DRAMA TO".

      Drama means "seriousness, importance, *PERMANENCE* and pain."

      "What do you wish to make persist *FOREVER*?"

      "What do you wish to make vanish *FOREVER*?"

      "What would be DISASTEROUS if it didn't persist?"
      "What would be DISASTEROUS if it didn't vanish?"

     Forevers violate the space/time WHILES in which things are created
and are the sole source of aberration and charge.

     The only things which are forever are people and peace.

     Trying to make someone live forever or go to heaven or hell forever
in time is trying to make someone or something persist forever.

      Trying to make someone die forever is trying to make someone vanish

      "Everyone lives forever where there is no time.

      No one lives "forever" where there is time.  " - Adore

      Eternality is timeless immortality, not temporal immortality, which
is a hell of magnitude: no eternal sleep.


     In the beginning of a universe most beings are bent on making
things persist.  It is hard to get things to persist and a lot of
effort, intelligence and beauty are invested in doing so.

     They would consider themselves opposed by anyone trying to make
things vanish.  Such a vanisher would be an SP (Suppressive Person) to
them, to whom they were PTS (Potential Trouble Source, roller coasters,
loses gain, dives down the tone scale to get better etc.) The vanisher
SP would be trying to unmock them and their persistences.

     Later in the universe, people begin to change their minds, they
consider there is too much persistence, they may want to create some new
persistences but there is too much old persistence in the way, or maybe
they want to end it all and go back to Big Snooze (native state) for a
while, so they take up vanishing things.

     Perhaps they join the Church of Scientology which was mocked up to
unmock things, and they audit people helping them to vanish old unwanted
persistences, they become Professional Class IV Vanishers.

     It is hard to get things to vanish, and a lot of effort,
intelligence and beauty is invested in doing so.

     That is in part why good auditing is so expensive.
     Such vanishers would consider themselves opposed by anyone trying
to make things persist.  A persister would be an SP to them, and to whom
they were PTS.  The SP would be trying to mock them up, get them to
remain stuck in mud etc.

     Unmocking is only a problem to those trying to mock up.

     Mocking up is only a problem to those trying to unmock.

     During the change over period from universe creation to universe
removal or upgrade, a lot of people who were originally charter member
persisters become vanishers, thus their concept of who or what an SP is
changes with them.

     This can have serious effects.

     If a single person in a group changes from persister to vanisher,
he will suddenly find himself opposed by his whole group, and all his
prior friends suddenly and with great shock become SP's to him.

     But look at it from the group's point of view.  They are all still
trying to persist, but errant member is now trying to help them vanish
things, so the group considers the single member similar to the many
SP's on the track that have tried to unmock them early on.

     The last thing you want to do is restimulate someone's Nemesis One
and have him overlay it on you!

     He's been hunting his Nemesis One for *EONS* and now he's found it,
you!  You want that?

     Much of the disaffection between Scientologists and family members
can be explained in this way.  The scientologist is trying to vanish,
but the family members are still trying to persist.

     Vanishers give persisters the willies.

     Persisters attribute the willies not only to the scientologist
trying to 'help' them, but to the whole oraganization behind him.


     Offering to 'help' someone change from persistence to vanishment is
an insult, invalidation and wrong item for them.  It will only make them
howling mad at you.

     Now part of the problem is that Scientology was DEFINED as the
science of vanishing, of unmocking, to wit: "the science of knowing how
to know answers to questions." - PXL (Phoenix Lectures)

     That's vanishing ignorance, you see?

     That's the science of how to unmock questions, or the ignorance
between the question and the answer.

     But ignorance is what keeps universes going.  Positing
a question without an answer creates time and chase to find the answer.

     But during the earlier persistence phase, people don't want to
know, they don't want to vanish, they want to mockup unconfrontable
mysteries and unknowables so they can have a game and get sucked down to
the bottom of the tone scale in peace.

     THEY WANT TO GET LOST, they are tired of seeing home around every

     Vanishing something is an interruption, you see, of their sovereign
desire which at that time is persist.

     They are tired of waking up half way down the tone scale (fear)
thinking "Damn lost another one to as-isness!"

     Its like a dream ending right in the middle just when it was
getting good no matter how much of a nightmare it was.

     That means during the persistence phase we don't need to know how
to unmock things, we need to know how to mock them up and get them to
persist like rock, tar, amber, obsidian glass and crazy glue, until we
can't get rid of them no matter what.

     That's what most persisters are trying to do, HAVE *FOREVER*.

     Superficially what they want is to have the pretty girl, but down
deep what they want is to have the pretty girl cast as Obsidian Glass.

     They make great tombstones and last a lot longer than the being
will, or so he thinks.

     But to complete the while, since nothing is forever in time, we
have to change from a persistence phase over to a vanishing phase so we
can end the while in peace and start a new one.

     So during the vanishment phase we need to know how to undo all this
stuff we mocked up to persist forever during the persistence phase.

     So no problem, Scientology actually encompasses both sides of the
dicom, because if you know how to know answers to questions, you
certainly know how to NOT know answers to questions!

     So if we define Scientology as the science of knowing how to not
know and know answers to questions, then we have a complete subject.

     The point then is when you approach a particular person to 'help
them', you first have to determine which side of the fence they are on.

     Are they a persister or a vanisher, or someone on the verge of
shifting over?

     If they are a persister you help them persist.

     If they are a vanisher you help them vanish.

     If they are on the verge, you help them see both sides and make a
SELF DETERMINED decision about which side of the fence they really want
to be on, and then you help them accordingly.

     Thus after you locate a reading item, you find out if it's
something he can make persist, or can't make vanish.

     The CAN'T will always be there, and the underlying WON'T
needs to be realized and set free.

     The moment when a CAN'T turns into a WON'T is called a
cognition, and produces very good indicators and a floating
needle or TA.

     Sometimes a persister no longer knows he could be a vanisher, and a
vanisher doesn't know he could be a persister.  So giving them a little
education on the matter gives them a better view of their possibilities,
and then they can determine for themselves which side they wish to
befriend at the time.

because if you do, you can only do so by being on the other side of the
fence they are presently on.

     You want someone who is a persister to become a vanisher?  That
means YOU must already by a vanisher, you see?

     That makes you their SP, which then makes them your SP.

     PTSness results from trying to make the SP wrong, or change the SP.

     There is no greater state of PTSness than an auditor trying to
audit the SPness out of his preclear.

     That's why you can't audit anyone who isn't reaching.

     PTSness is born of a NEED to change someone else who is being
suppressive to your goals.  If you can't put them there and walk away
from them, then THEY are putting YOU into action using your need to
change them, and that is your PTSness to them.

     The SP controls the PTS person by involving the PTSer endlessly in
trying to change, make wrong or destroy the SP.

     PTSness results from trying to restore affinity with someone, the
perceived SP, by getting them to AGREE with you.

     Affinity for disagreement is the only real freedom from PTSness
there is.

     For a persister, making the SP wrong consists of trying to change a
vanisher into a persister like himself, thus restoring agreement across
all parties that things are better persisting.

     For a vanisher, making the SP wrong consists of trying to change a
persister into a vanisher like himself, thus restoring agreement across
all parties that things are better vanishing.

     Both merely end up howling mad at each other.

     To run this, list for who or what makes you howling mad.

     (Find it by running "Get the idea of being howling mad.")

     Then spot in this conflict the various goals on either side to
persist or vanish, and how they are locking up with each other

     You will come to know what charge is.

     If you understand that BEINGness is vanishment out of time, and
BECOMINGness is persistence in time, then you can audit the conflicts
between BEING and BECOMING, i.e.  the conflict between the goals to BE
and to BECOME.

     "The way to BE the Creator is to BE the Creator (out of time)
BECOMING the Creature (in time).  Coming into time puts you out before
you come in." - Adore

     You may think you are BEING a body, but you aren't, you are
BECOMING a body, over and over, each moment of time, as each second
passes by.
     The following is tech from 2014, so you will have to wait a bit to
get the full measure of it.

      Since beingness has a natural affinity for itself, in self and in
others, and becomingness doesn't, when someone can't get others to like
him, he is usually trying to appeal to their becomingness, rather than
their beingness.

      He finds their becomingness attractive, so he tries to attract them
with his becomingness.  
     However, no matter how 'becoming' a young girl might look,
becomingness is vile filth on the face of Spirit.
     Thus God loves everyone equally, and humans don't.

     That's because the eternal God (the HIGH US out of carnation) is
hooked on the beauty of eternal beingness which is the same for every
one, and the human (a member of the High US in carnation) is hooked on
the beauty of temporal becomgingness, which is different for every one.

     He usually gets hooked on the temporal beauty of another, but is
appalled when he looks upon his own becomingness in the mirror.

     And that's also why judgment brings one down into time where
beauty and acceptability differ from person to person.  And thus
anything that drags one into time is 'sin'.

     Once one sees the beauty of being, one becomes abashed that one
ever tried to attract someone with becomingness.

     Serious becomingnesses are created in order to break apart that
natural affinity between beingnesses so that serious games can take
place in time, between those who are trying to make something or nothing
of each other and their various becomingnesses FOREVER.

     Thus those that ate of the tree of knowledge of beauty and ugly
(good and evil) fell into JUDGING beauty and ugly, good and evil, in
each other's BECOMINGNESSES, and wham they ended up in time, because
they were no longer able to relate to the eternal beingness of the
garden of Eden.

     And that fall into time was The Fall occasioned by Original Sin.

     Knowledge of good and evil, beauty and ugly is JUDGING,
and that is the only sin there is.  
     The extemporal HIGH US does not judge.

     Neither beauty or ugly, nor good or evil, it has awareness only of
eternal bliss and above that eternal omni awesome peace.

     Apparently however the High US likes to engage in nightmare jokes
of temporal judgment and ludicrous demise, but only for a while, and
never forever either in or out of time.

     Your body and its accoutrements are a BECOMINGNESS in time.

     Your spirit (consciousness) is a BEINGNESS outside of time.

     If you want to see the eternal bliss of your consciousness,
you will need to take your attention off the becomingness of
your consciousness in time, and put it on the beingness of your
consciousness out of time.

     Then and only then will you know your eternality and become
a full operator again of the Love of God, for your own immutable
beauty and the beauty of everyone and everything else, because
true consciousness is MADE of eternal beauty.


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