18 February 1993
                 Copyright (C) 1993 Homer Wilson Smith
         Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     You know they say Jesus died on the Cross for our sins at Calvary.
This might be true, I don't know.  I don't particularly like
Christianity because they keep it to one life.  They tell you you must
confess, then they prevent you from confessing.
     That's a high crime in my book, one well worthy of the fate that I
believe befalls most Christians.
     "The Lord reserves a special place in hell for Christians, on Earth
or some other neat joint, life after life, until they wake up, wise up
and grow out for real." - Adore
     The Lord is merciful though, people get as many chances as they can
stand.  Eventually they get it right.
     However the possibility still exists that something miraculous
happened 2000 years ago.
     It says in ADORE that Christ died in the flesh and was reborn in
the flesh and the spirit so that me and thee don't have to die in the
flesh to be reborn in the spirit.
     Having almost died more than once during my own dark night of the
soul, a journey of personal discovery into why I was so sick, this one
idea alone has probably saved my life more than once.  Just THINKING the
idea at the last moment kept me from falling over dead from fear and
     It didn't even take believing the idea, it only took understanding
it and considering the possibility of it.
     However ADORE also says Christ didn't die on a Cross of Wood, He
died on a Cross of Pride and Shame.
     That implies the Romans did not crucify Christ, that story is a
symbol for the truth.
     Christ crucified himself on the cross of Pride and Shame, much as we all have.
     ADORE also says not everyone needs Christ.  Christians need Christ.
     So if you are not a Christian or resent the idea of a personal
Savior, that's ok.  It's not critical to your salvation.
     What is critical to your salvation however is confession.  That is
absolute.  Confession at least to YOURSELF.
     But its always nice to have at least one other as your trusted
friend, right?
     For those who need Him, that's what Christ is for, He is someone
you can confess to.
     So we are not saying anything bad here about Christ or Christianity
in all this, we are only saying that once you tell a person he must
confess and repent to be saved, you had better God damn well let him
confess and be saved.

     That the theory of confession has possibly taken a new turn with
the inclusion of past lives and co-excused withholds does not invalidate
the original precepts of Christianity one bit, it does however condemn
it's one life time view, along with it's followers who would be so
foolish as to condemn others for not following them in their voyage of
personal self deceit.
     "Man is appointed to live but once." - Bible

     That's a lie.

     The only people who really deserve to go to Hell for a while are
those who preach that some others deserve to go to Hell forever.  And
really you can only stay in Hell for as long as you are trying to send
someone else to Hell forever, all the while failing to confess the
sorrow and darkness in your own soul.
     Anyhow, you certainly can't get to Heaven without being saved, but
if you aren't saved by the time you die you may not be able to be saved
after you die.  To whom will you confess in your in between lives?  What
was waiting for you there the last time you died out of a body?
     Thus you had better get saved BEFORE you die.  You had better get
to Heaven while you are still alive if you want to get to Heaven after
your last breath.
     Being reborn in the flesh over and over again is the result of not
facing up to your death in the spirit which you suffered when you did
your first wrong AS A SPIRIT and failed to get it confessed and amended
many millions of years ago.
     It didn't help that later you failed to get other's confession
along the same lines because doing so might remind them of your sin and
failure to confess.
     So the universe has slowly become a quagmire of mutual missed
withholds.  Everyone is guilty, and no one is admitting it.
     "You have lost your High Masters, and you have blamed your High
Apprehentices, and now no one is pure before Source." - Adore

     So strutting around in this life claiming 'I have lived only once,
I never did any wrong before this life because I did not exist before
this life, and Jesus will save me after I die because I have called on
his Name to do so and if you don't believe as I believe you will all go
to Hell forever' is a walking open wound of a religion and is probably,
along with its warring brethren, responsible for most of the suffering
going on this planet today.
     Did you know that some Christians believe that most Jews are going
to go to Hell forever just because they are not Christians and don't
accept Christ as their Savior?
     What wonderful people.
     A real pleasure to know.
     Such people who promulgate this form of religious bigotry usually
end up hanging from Crosses on the underbelly of the astral plane.

     Biotry is defined as the idea that some people are ETERNALLY
morally inferior and irredeemable.
     No one, and I do mean NO ONE with an unconfessed regret will ever
enter the Kingdom of Heaven just because he died, no matter whose Name
he calls on, how many times he calls on it, or how much he pays them.
or their sycophants.
     No one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven with moments of his memory
time track gone because 'it didn't happen.'
     Hidden shame locks the door.

     God may forgive, but only if the shame is known.

     Actually God doesn't judge at all, but you do judge yourself.

     So if you don't have a clear memory when you die, you will get
reborn again sometime somewhere in this Sea of Detritus called this
     At best death removes the veil a bit so that you can see some of
what you have done and how much those have been hurt who were once under
your thumb.  In fact you may never find regret looking into a past life
area because the realization of wrong and the regret that followed may
not actually have happened until after you died in the in between lives
area, although your overts, sins, crimes, unannounced cruelties and
crass injustices all happened during the lifetime just gone by.
     It is partly this lifting of the veil after death, and the
resulting cognizance of what they have wrought that leads many people to
CHOOSE to enter life again in a new body to continue to work out their
'Karma' until they can do it right HERE ON EARTH.
     People take their Crosses with them though into their present life,
so they have a hard time.
     Coming back into a war zone of sinners just to make amends, will
probably get you committing more overt acts to save the sinners, and so
you have to come back even more later.  You can see where that goes.

     So you might want to consider that Grace is High-Cool.
     By the way, bad things do not happen to you in this life just
BECAUSE you did something bad in a past life.  But when something bad
DOES happen to you in this life, if you HAVE done something bad in the
past, watch out, for those co-excused withholds will sink you every
     The answer is of course to confess everything that you can when you
know you have done wrong, don't justify it or not-is it, and when
someone does you wrong in this life which reminds you of a quiet wrong
you are hiding from a past life, just give them YOUR confession right
there and then, and THEN give them hell for what they are doing to you.
     You will all come out clean and friends in the end.
     The Christians say there is fire and brimstone in Hell.  They are
quite wrong.  Hell is aloneness, darkness and silence, forever for free.
     Hell is very real, but no Hell can last forever, eventually people
read the writing on their own tombstones where it always says the same
     The way to happiness is a true confession.