ADO - 5
                              23 May 1993
                 Copyright (C) 1993 Homer Wilson Smith
         Redistribution rights granted for non commercial purposes.
     Ever audit a pc where your sessions go like this,
     Aud: 'Do you have an upset?'
     Pc:  'Yes'
     Aud: 'Ok, what is it?'
     Pc:  'I don't know.'
     Aud: 'Ok, Do you have a problem?'
     Pc:  'Yes'
     Aud: 'Ok, what is it?'
     Pc:  'I don't know.'
     Aud: 'Ok, have you committed an overt?'
     Pc:  'Yes, but don't ask me what it is because I don't know!'
     Aud: 'Ok, I got that, do you have a withhold?'
     Pc:  'Yes, but I don't know what it is,
           does this auditing stuff really work?"
     Aud: 'Ok, thank you, end of session (no I guess not)'
     Well the problem with this pc is that he has a MISSED withhold.
     A missed withhold is something that someone ELSE did that charged
up the withhold that the pc had.
     You are interested in the withhold, but you are also interested in
the MISSES, who missed it, when it was missed, and how this affected
your preclear.
     These are two completely different moments of time on the time
track, the overt/withhold was one moment, the litany of misses came

     There are 3 kinds of missed withholds.
     1.) A CLOSE CALL missed withhold.  That is when someone almost
finds out about what you did, and you KNOW they almost found out about
it, but you KNOW they didn't, it was a close call.  This makes the pc
forever afterwards wary and careful and withdrawn, because no one was
supposed to come close to finding out about it at all.  So obviously the
pc has to watch his step more closely, and so he does.  For the rest of
     2.) A WONDER missed withhold.  This is when someone almost finds
out about what you did but you are left wondering if they know or not.
Or maybe they DO something like give you a dirty look, or fail to invite
you to a party or something that makes you wonder if they found out you
been sleeping with their mate.  The wonder makes you ransack your memory
and facsimiles for the rest of time trying to find some sign that they
really do know, or some final proof that they don't so that you can
forget it and let it go.  It's a 'still don't know if they know.' (A
facsimile is a memory mental image picture, taken at the time of the
incident.  Heavy facsimiles are engrams which contain pain and
unconsciousness, and secondaries which contain loss or threat of loss.
If you remember things with pictures, you are looking at facsimiles.)
     3.) A STILL KNOWS missed withhold.  This is when you did something
to someone a LONG time ago and they knew about it then, but you sort of
hope they have forgotten about it.  As time wears on you wonder if they
still know, or care or hold it against you.  This makes you constantly
watch how they interact with you for the slightest hint that they
remember what you did.
     The second two kinds of missed withholds are particularly nasty as
they tie up the person's attention in eternal wonder and suppression of
wonder; a kind of thinking, thinking, thinking that they can never
discuss with anyone or tell them what they are worried about.
Eventually they just try to forget it, but it continues to go on in a
subterranean fashion for the rest of time.
     The common denominator of most missed withholds therefore is DON'T
     This is what the I DON'T KNOW case doesn't know, he doesn't know if
THEY know!.
     Now once this all gets buried your pc becomes a bear to audit,
because all he will ever answer is 'I don't know.' You can't get him to
move around on this track to find answers to questions, because he is
totally fixated right at the moment the withhold was missed still
wondering if what he saw the person do was sufficient to conclude that
they found out or not.
     The problem with this is that what your preclear actually did and
is withholding always happened BEFORE the moment it was missed, often
LONG before.  Since the ability to remember depends absolutely on the
ability to travel freely on your track, if your pc is stuck at a later
moment than the moment of the overt, he won't be able to remember the
overt, even though he is still trying with all his life to figure out if
OTHERS know about it!
     So if you ask him 'What have you done?' he will say 'I don't know.'
     That gives him a loss.  You see any time you ask a pc a question
that he can not answer, you give him a loss, and not only does auditing
not take place, but charge builds up and the case goes down hill.
     So in general when you ask your pc a question and he says 'I don't
know' you have given him a loss.  Too much of this will cause your pc to
lose hope.  ((No shit Sherlock.))
     It can also get very frustrating for the auditor who begins to
suspect the pc of intentionally withholding, or not trying hard enough,
and eventually the auditor comes to consider the pc a dog pc, which is a
High Crime.
     Now the truth is, the pc is not lying, he's not even being evasive,
he is merely answering a different question than the one you are asking.
     He is answering the question 'Did they find out?'
     So asking him what he did is a waste of time, in fact asking him
ANYTHING is a waste of time because the only question he can answer is
'Did they find out?'
     So how do you audit this on your pc or in yourself?
     Well you take up his case right at the point he is already at.
     Aud: 'Did they find out?'
     Pc : 'I don't know.
     Aud: 'Thank you.'
     And this gives the pc a WIN rather than a loss.
     You see the pc actually answered the auditing question, he was
answering it all along, you were just too dumb to ask the right
question, and now that you have asked the right question and he has
answered it, correctly in fact, its a WIN rather than a LOSS and already
case gain will begin being made and the TA will move again.  (TA = Tone
Arm, a part of the E-meter which measures changes in resistance in the
body.  A stuck TA means no case gain.  A TA that moves over time means
case gain is being made.  Specifically the TA moves up as mental mass
builds up looking for the answer, and then the TA 'blows down' when the
answers are found.  This up and down motion is called TA action.)
     So you gotta realize that a missed withhold has a certain anatomy.
There is the overt and the withhold of course, but later there are
people that DO things that make the pc wonder if they know or not.  The
MISSED part of the missed withhold is what OTHER people did to make the
pc wonder.
     The pc in present time may no longer know what it is he did, he
probably won't if it is a past life overt being missed in this life.
But he sure as hell will know WHO is missing it and HOW.
     So you run it like this.
     Aud: 'Well now, can you tell me what you did?'
     Pc:  'No, I don't have any idea.
     Aud: 'Well good, that's just fine.'

     (This is not a loss, because NO is a correct answer to CAN YOU?)
     Aud: 'Do you think you withheld this thing?'
     Pc : 'Oh sure of course, I wouldn't be this messed up if I hadn't.'
     Aud: 'Well good, I got that.'
     Aud: 'So can you tell me WHO missed this thing on you?'
     Pc:  'Well, that's kind of hard, I am not sure I remember.'
     Aud: 'Ok, well who or what makes you uncomfortable about yourself
when you are around them, you know who makes you feel like squirming
inside?'   ((Use Conceive of someone who makes you ...))
     Pc:  'Oh well that's easy, gorgeous girls, they always make me feel
like a boogie, you think I did something wrong to pretty girls?'
     Aud: 'Well that's for you to tell me, but what I really want to
know is do you think that pretty girls might be missing this withhold on
you, whatever it is?'
     Pc:  'Oh hell, sure, that's obvious, every time I see a pretty girl
I just want to wither and die.
     Aud: 'Ok, now what is it about pretty girls that makes you
think they might know about what you did, or even just makes them sense
something about you that tells them you might have done something.
     Pc:  'Oh well that's easy, they are so gorgeous and sure of
themselves, so confident, and I am such a toad, I can't stand the light
of day lest someone see just how ugly I am.  I figure anyone that pretty
would know I had done something horrible to be in the situation I am in.
And they LOOK at me with that look, with those big beautiful eyes, as if
they can't believe I am allowed to walk around free.  Sheesh they keep
the squirmies in total restimulation 24 hours a day.'
     Aud:  'Ok, now do you think that this is a CLOSE CALL, a
WONDER or a STILL KNOWS missed withhold with these girls?'
     Pc:   'Oh its a WONDER alright, they can't possibly NOT know what
it is I did, except I can't really imagine how they would have found out
because I don't even know what it is myself, unless they have some 6th
sense or something, or maybe pretty girls just know these things!  I
mean all they would have to do is look at me and they would know, right?
I can feel it inside me.'
     But you know its also a STILL KNOWS, because maybe I and they
knew what I did in a past life, and since I don't remember it any
more I am hoping no one else will remember it either!  It's like
I am hiding in this life, and hope they are hiding too, so no one
can remember anything about anyone!
     Aud:  'Ok good, now can you tell me what it might have been that
you did that these pretty girls are missing on you?'
     Pc    'Uh, no I have no idea, but it sure is alive...'
     Aud:  'Ok that's fine, now perhaps you can tell me WHO ELSE has or
is missing this withhold on you.
     Pc:   'Uh, well God and angels and things.  You know they are
supposed to be everywhere and know everything.  Sometimes I think that
might be true in which case I know that at least somebody knows what I
have done, that's a relief even if it is just God, and I pray that He
will let me find out what it is too.  Then other times I don't believe
in God, or I wonder if He is such a good guy after all, and suddenly I
am not so sure if anyone knows anything about me at all.  Its really
hard swinging back and forth between "they all know and nobody knows".'
     Aud:   'Good, now is this ...'
     Pc:    'Oh its a WONDERS all right, I wonder if an all knowing God
exists and therefore I wonder if I have been found out.
     Aud:   'Ok, so can you tell me anyone else that might be missing a
withhold on you.'
     Pc:    'Hmmm.....well men, yes, strong virile men, jocks, sports
men, good soldiers, yes that's it, strong and brave people willing to
fight and die for their country, people in the military are always so
happy doing their duty, I am such a coward and a wimp.  Maybe I
committed some war crime last life, maybe I betrayed my country, lost
all my friends, the girls wouldn't talk to me, you know... I don't
know... sure feels like it though...  Jeeze maybe...Oh, God! No.  Oh, I
don't want to know about this, Oh God... Jesus Christ, Oh God, I got a
picture here, I think I was part of the German High Command. Hold on
here a second, the picture is moving, yes, we were plotting to give
information to the Americans to help defeat Hitler and the German Army.
And somehow I was caught and given a summary trial of some sort.  They
took me to a village and walked me through the crowds who were yelling
'traitor' at me and throwing stones and garbage at me, and they brought
me before my commanding officer.  He told me what a horrible man I had
been and a disgrace to my friends, and then they took me out back and
shot me in a ditch.  There was a young girl standing there, on a
balcony.  She must have been my age, I could see her very clearly, she
was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, and she was looking right
at me with those big beautiful blue eyes with a look that said 'How
could you!'  As I was dying I thought to myself, 'I did this for you, to
end this evil endless war'.  But I knew I had betrayed my country, my
father land, and I died not knowing if I had done the right thing.
Jesus, you know I still don't know if I did the right thing, but at
least this time I was born as an American.  No wonder I can't stand
pretty girls looking at me, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!'
     So now you see the pc is coming closer to what the withhold might
be, because he is freer to move on the track, because the stuck points
of charge at the MISSED part of the withhold have been released.
     So this is how you audit an 'I don't know' case, including yourself
if you are having trouble soloing.
     Don't go after the withhold, go after who has or is missing it, and
what they did or are doing to miss it, and whether it is a CLOSE CALL, a
     The pc will run this kind of auditing very easily, his present time
is full of 'being missed' episodes, and his entire future has changed
course just to remove him from people, places and situations that
would miss things on him more.

     For example he doesn't go to school reunions ;)

     Eventually he will simply FALL into the overt that brought it all
on.  You won't even have to ask for it.  He will HAND it to you like a
hot potato.
     You could just run it muzzled with,
     'Is something being missed on you?'
     'Who or what is missing it on you?'
     'What makes you think they might know?'
     'Is it a CLOSE CALL, WONDERS or STILL KNOWS kind of miss?'
     I believe this will get your cases moving again.