Start with the YOU and the HELP series.


     If that bores you to suicide, take Filberts Tone scale and
Awareness Characteristic Chart and run

     "Get the idea of NO   ... (item)"
     "Get the idea of SOME ... (item)"

     Run each line until flat or no further interest.

     From the bottom to the top, 10 or 20 times across a month.


      E/P: knows both scales cold and can float on them freely and spot
one's position 24x7.  No longer frozen in one spot, and willingly
operating purposes and having fun.


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On Thu, 7 Apr 2016, a5a5a9 wrote:

       Is there an order on how to start with this type of processing or
can I just pick some your processes and run them ?

       Could you point me out to some posts (yours) I could use for
the next 6 months ?

Sun Apr 10 16:22:20 EDT 2016