The dicom process involves any dicom of importance in a person's 
life, it might take him 40 years to find out what dicoms to run, but once 
he has them, it won't stop running until he's extroverted up into GAMES, 
ACTION, SENSATIONS, COURAGE, and EXHILARATION or higher on the tone scale.


      A dicom is a DIchotomy of Comparable but Opposite Magnitude.

      Dicoms can range from the simple and obvious like, Love and Hate,
Fear and Peace, Good and Bad/Evil, Beauty and Ugly, to the truly weird
like Immortal Criminality and Indecent Innocence.

      Immortal Criminality is the last tone a spirit is in before it goes
to sleep forever in a human body.

      Indecent Innocence is the meatball that results.

      Sometimes the true dicom pairs are not obvious, for example fear
and peace might better be run as fear and confidence, a subtle change
but more in align with actual whole track charge.

      Case mostly exists by the preclear pulling in the past to deal with
his future.  If he had no concerns about his future he wouldn't have a
'case' and he wouldn't be using his past or its recordings or
computations to try to increase his chances of survival in the future.

      Despair is when a being has given up on logical solutions and has
taken to random usually violent action to solve a critical life or death
present time problem.

      Using the past to deal with the future is about as close to despair
as despair comes.

      Therefore most preclears will come into session completely buried
in their past with little cognizance of what is troubling them about
their future, and zero understandings about how they are pulling in the
past in present time to deal with that future.

      WHAT is in restimulation is the past.

      HOW it is in restimulation is wholy in the present, his fair chosen
choice to make it so, self covert as it might be.

      WHY it is in restimulation is his future which is being created as
he conceives it and reacts to it in present time out of his past.

      Capiche toi?

      Dicoms love to form ANDS, in the preclear's rush to become crazy
and remain so, he has taken to dramatizing both sides of any dicom at
the same time, like isometrics.

      An AND is not an indecision, should I go or not go?  That's THINK.

      An AND is a DECISION to both go AND not go.  That's ACTION, albeit
totally opposed.

      A preclear in a car in an indecision about going or not going will
alternately hit the accelerator and then hit the brakes, then hit the
accelerator and then hit the brakes, over and over again causing the car
to jerk forward then stop, then jerk forward then stop.

      The preclear in an AND about not going or going will hit the brakes
AND the accelerator at the same time, pedal to the metal, forever for

      With 50 percent of his energy on the brake and the other 50 percent
on the accelerator, he has no energy left to read the map.

      He is dead TIRED all day long.

      Dicoms won't run out until these ANDS are run out first, so on any
dicom one needs to assess, for example:


      You don't run one side and then the other, you run both sides at
the same time!

      When an AND is found the relief will be palpable, the preclear can
sit there for many minutes while the TA goes up and down on its own.

      The phrasing of the assesment might seem silly, but all 3 parts are

      LOVE AND HATE is the AND.

      FOREVER is the IMMORTALITY of the conception, he is dead serious
about never sunsetting this nonsense.

      FOR FREE brings in the power of ETERNALITY to keep this thing going
without further attention for as long as his "immortality" lasts.

      Remember both mortality and immortality are in time and are
apparencies only, as WHILES in time they both draw their power from

      Eternality is above time (as the STATIC) and gives its power (as
the KINETIC) FOR A WHILE to the illusions and delusions of immortality
and the hells forever that arise from it, and to the illusions and
delusions of mortality and the apparency of death forever that it

      In running dicoms we need to run them on the SAME object, not
different objects.

      "Get the idea of hating daddy."
      "Get the idea of loving mommy."

      won't run.  Its a one way flow on both mommy and daddy!

      One needs to run,

      "Get the idea of hating mommy."
      "Get the idea of loving mommy."

      Then when that is flat, run

      "Get the idea of hating daddy."
      "Get the idea of loving daddy."

      There is a lot of yap and natter in the Church about only
running 'in-ARC' processes.

      In other words run

      "Spot a time you had good ARC with Mommy."

      They warn you not to run "out-of-ARC" processes:

      "Spot a time you were out of ARC with Mommy."

      Yet Hubbard said many times that if you run pleasure moments, the
preclear will drop into pain so you can then run the pain.

      Joke is, if you run pain moments, the preclear will run into
pleasure moments!

      This is because doing either is runing a one way flow which jams
and the preclear has no other choice but to be thrown into the other
side, usually violently and cursing.

      So why not wise up and simply run both alternately at the same

      "Get the idea of being out-of-ARC."
      "Get the idea of being in-ARC."

      Then both will run like wild fire, and each will swing into the
other back and forth rather easily and fluidly.

      You always start off with the out-of-ARC because that's where the
preclear is at, and you end off with the in-ARC because that's where
your preclear will be once the two are run for a while.

      Remember this HAS to be run with good SYNC, if the preclear has
flipped from out-of-ARC to in-ARC, and the auditor is still bugging him
about out-of-ARC, the preclear will crash and dump the auditor upside
down in a trash can outside.

      Try it sometime.

      Running solo the meter will tell you if you are in sync or not, if
its reading with each call then sync is in, if the needle goes dead then
sync is out.  Simply call the same command twice or a few times until
the sync is back in with that command and continue on with alternations
as you feel right.

      Pretty soon you will KNOW when sync is in or out and you will no
longer tolerate out of sync auditing.

      Since most dual auditing is random sync auditing, the preclear has
to follow the auditor's commands willy nilly, auditing takes place
randomly during the accidental in sync moments.

      This leads many to want to solo, and these processes are emminently

      If you are a skilled solo auditor and know your e-meter intimately
to where it is an extension of your own consciousness, you will be able
to establish sync quickly, keep it in, and return it in, if it goes out,
through muliple calls of the command that FAILED to run.

      That's counter intuitive so watch it.

      The command fails because it is out of sync, but the preclear's
case is NOT waiting for the auditor to give the other command instead,
because even in the failure, the preclear's case has shifted sides and
the auditor needs to give the same command AGAIN which will now be in

      Say the preclear is running worse and better, call them A and B.

      If the preclear is in state A, the auditor needs to call A, it will
run and the preclear will shift to B.

      Say the preclear fails to shift to B, but the auditor thinks he
has, so the auditor properly calls B.  The preclear is still in state A,
so the call of B is now out of sync.

      But by calling B wrongly, the preclear will now shift to state B so
the auditor HAD BETTER NOT go back and try to fix his error by calling
A!  He needs to call B again!.

      Sometimes the masses in ridges are so tight neither side will
read for a while.  Worse one finds them shifting so fast back
and forth one has to call the sides, worse, better, worse, better,
at 2 or 3 a second!

      Sometimes NO and SOME need to be run on the items to loosen
them up.


      Since NO is lower tone than SOME, one runs NO first.

      Since WORSE is lower tone than BETTER, one runs WORSE first.

      Remember the CDEINRS scale:

      CURIOUS          SOME
      DESIRE           |
      ENFORCE          |
      INHIBIT          |
      NO               NO
      REFUSED          |
      SUB REFUSED      |

      Also remember that when using NO and SOME, NO is meant to be from NO down to SUB REFUSED
and SOME is meant to be from ENFORCED up to CURIOUS.

      So NO and SOME are just a fast way to run the CDEINR scale without
having to call specific levels of it.

      Sometimes the items are so low tone one needs to run the lower part
of the CDEINR scale directly lowest tone first:



      Sometimes the items are relatively high tone and happy.

      NO WORSE                INHIBIT WORSE
      NO BETTER               INHIBIT BETTER




      Here are some points about running dicoms.

      One or two calls on a dicom is probably not enough.

      If you stub your toe or get bit by a mosquitoe for example, you
might say

      "God do I hate that!"

      Well duh, we know that.  Now you gotta say

      "God do I love that!"

      Doesn't matter if you mean it or not, just SAYING it changes the
course of the universe which fits itself to what you conceive even if
microscopically for the moment.

      But then do it again.

      "God I hate that!"
      "God I love that!"
      "I hate that!"
      "I love that!"
      "I hate that!"
      "I love that!"
      "Hate, Love, Hate, Love..."

      Do it until flat on the momentary incident, until you feel
in it.

      For a wider run on all 8 dynamics try running WORSE and BETTER.

      "Get the idea of being worse."
      "Get the idea of being better."

      The 8 dynamics are self, family, groups, mankind, life, physical
universe, spirits and the infinite.

      Each one is a thrust to survive, enhance, create upon, whatever,
and each has its incoming oppressions, suppressions, and oppositions
from all o'clocks during the day.

      Say the landlord calls and wants to raise your rent.

      You crash, but then immediately handle the incoming with:"

      "If I were worse (what would be ...)"
      "If I were better (what would be ...)"

      Run until flat or laughter because your size and conception of
yourself just went up an octave.

      Another one is for FEAR AND CONFIDENCE.

      Say the Devil shows up one day at your door,

      "I am afraid ..."
      "I am confident ..."

      Or just simply

      "I am afraid!"
      "I am confident!"

      When it's hard to impossible to even SAY one side of the dicom
during the fray, the process is biting.  It becomes easier when you go
back and do the pair again and again.

      You come up to DARING.

      That's why you can't just run the pair once, otherwise it becomes
The Rabbit Process rather than The Dicom Process.

      The preclear will rabbit away from it and stop auditing.


      A long long time ago when I was young and stupid and thought
Scientology standard tech was God's gift to human kind, we had a process
called make it worse.

      Preclear would complain about something, and auditor would say
"Make it worse!"

      That followed directly from the idea that if the preclear said he
had too much of something he really had too little and visa versa.

      You make MORE of things or MAKE THEM AGAIN in order to as-is and
vanish them!

      For example in Standard Operating Procedure 1.x ca 1950's, Hubbard
clearly states that the way to handle a Step 5 whose case was mostly a
Black 5, was to run remedy of havingness on blackness until he HAD
enough blackness at his own command to let go of some of it.

      Remedy of havingness was simply to mockup the desired item, in this
case blackness, until one didn't need it any more.

      It's a one sentence lolapalooza basically dismissing an entire tech
for handling the vast majority of preclears that are still high enough
to want to make case gain, but who can't handle the Black 5.

      So preclear complains and auditor says make it worse, and preclear
complains more and auditor says make it worse, and the session goes to
hell and never starts up again.

      So why is this?

      Well for one, where the preclear is at, and its a REALLY REALLY bad
place to be, he is stuck in an AND on worse and better (or more and

      There is no way in hell he is going to be able to make things worse
or better until he runs mkaing things WORSE AND BETTER AT THE SAME TIME


      If the auditor had said 'Make it worse and better at the same time
forever for free' the preclear might have said 'Huh?' but by then it
would be too late and the AND would be coming apart.

      THEN the auditor could run

      "Make it worse."      or   "Make more of it."
      "Make it better."     of   "Make less of it."

      Until the preclear was in control over the item again.

      Notice if the preclear is complaining about too much of
something, worse means more of it and better means less of it.

      But if the preclear is complaining about too little of something,
worse means less of it, and better means more of it.

      In reality running MAKE IT WORSE/BETTER is hard on the preclear
because he will probably say "I can't" which gives him a loss on
each command.  That's very bad auditing.

      So the idea is to use the easiest commands a preclear can do
with every single command and take a win on each command.

      Taking a win on a command doesn't mean he makes perceptible
case gain on each command, only that he was able to execute the
command successfully.

      Preclear who can't make things, can certainly get the idea of
those same things, so get the idea of is most winning auditing
command set around.

      So we run instead of make it worse/better:

      "Get the idea of it being worse"
      "Get the idea of it being better"

      This is much more powerful as it runs the preclear as cause in the
mere act of conceiving, and he can get the idea even if he can't
actually make it worse or better which gives the preclear a win on every
command rather than a loss.

      The preclear HAS to make it worse to get an as-isness on it and the
fact that he made or pulled it in, in the first place.

      But then he HAS to run make it better to see where he created it
FROM, which is so high up the tone scale he will be seeing things he
shouldn't be seeing.

      Once he swings down into worse, it will almost automatically
catapult him up to being better wherefrom the worse was made.

      So getting that swing going from worse to better, to worse to
better, makes this auditing easy as the swing self propels higher and
higher, even if it's scary as hell and heaven all wrapped up into one.

      The only way up to better is down through worse, and the only way
down to worse is up through even better.

      Once the process is flat on the right item, the preclear will be so
high he may smile at you for a long time, but he won't be talking about
it much because the only way to get up there and to stay up there with
reality is to run the damn process until its flat.

      A good auditor can send a preclear so high the preclear just simply
can't convey the cognitions to the auditor.

      Talk about, know about, ain't KNOWING.

      That's kind of where the "don't feed the preclear cognitions" comes

      In the first place where the preclear is going to be at, cognitions
just can not be put into words.  And if he did manage to get a few
across to a lower level auditor or preclear, they would be in deep
trouble from the raw power, size and beauty of the state unless someone
were to run the dicom process on them  real fast.

      And if someone is there, why not just run the process on him in the
first place rather than feed him ineffable cognitions to no avail.

      You could even run the dicom process on power, size and beauty and
their opposites.

      But just running worse and better, love and hate, fear and
confidence, will stop most anything in its tracks: the reactions to
things stop for the moment, reactions that provide more problem to you
than the problem itself does, and thus leave you permanently better off
by just that little amount.

      This kind of day to day auditing is mountain climbing stuff, one
piton after another, up through the clouds of night and terror, to a
clear and sunny day on Mount Olympus as a fully operating being.


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