It is important to be able to determine if the definitions
and uses of words are useful for accurate scientific analysis and

     Analyze the following statements for:

     1.) Self referencing denial or assertion.

     2.) Changing the meaning of a word with in the same statement.

     3.) Collapsing symbol and referent into one object, for example
pointing at a picture of a car and claiming it is a car.

     4.) Failure to recognize two different objects.

     5.) Use of a word in such a way as to cover two different meanings
in order to preclude discussion of one of them.

     I am certain that I am certain that...
     I am certain that I am uncertain...

     I am uncertain that I am certain that...
     I am uncertain that I am uncertain that...

     If I know what is in a box, is it valid for you to claim that you 
are unsure what is in the box because maybe you do know what is in box 
because I do.

     How is that different from,

     I am unsure if I know what is in the box but maybe I do know what is 
the box but have forgotten it?

     What does 'To Know' mean?

     Does it mean "To think maybe..."

     Does it mean this data is in my memory but I can't remember it now?


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