If I could cry at will, I would bottle my tears and sell them as
divine holy tears.

      I would say, put a drop of holy tears on your nose and you will
start crying until you laugh, and laugh until you cry, and you too will
be able to sell your own holy tears.

      Now someone might say, but why would you want to cry, that's painful.

      Its also humiliating and everyone laughs at you for being weak and
childish etc, and they don't want you crying because it will start them
crying too.

      But if you take the old adage,

      "Excess of joy weeps, excess of sorrow laughs."

      then it occurs to us that tears come from both sorrow and joy, for
both are expressions of love in carnation.

      Thus a person who can not cry at will has parked himself on the
tone scale somewhere down above sorrow and below joy.

      So know then that when others berate you and consider you foolish,
weak or mentally incompetent for crying and laughing freely at nothing
at all, they are the ones who are sick as sick comes, and it is covert
hostility towards themselves and jealousy only that motivates their

      Have pity on them, as you will now have more to cry about, and when
they see the light at the bottom of the well of sorrow they will laugh
and cry again forever too from, you will have freed them.

      The cost of freedom is divine holy tears.

      Refusing to laugh or cry is refusing to love, refusing to be free.

      Freedom comes from being able to operate the top AND the bottom
of the tone scale at the same time, both are expressions of majestic love.

      Can't laugh or cry is can't love.

      And actually it is won't.

      Shame, embarrassment, humiliation are not your friend.

      "The Eternal Name is not Shame." - Adore


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