So how does confront increase affinity?

     You know its like you can't audit a preclear over out ruds.

     So you gotta F/N the session before it starts with ruds,
then you can restim the preclear in a controlled manner, send the
TA soaring then bring it back down to an F/N again.

     But what of the preclear whose TA is 5.5 and stuck still,
and all the 2wc and ruds and check lists and other bull shit
doesn't touch it?

     Confront, confront, confront....

     Accept, Accept, Accept, you will be askimilated.

     The issue is not confront, maybe holding your position in space, or 
even a controlled non confront, that's a kind of confront too.  Close your 
eyes and don't look on purpose and be there.

     But really the answer lies in knowing the structure of case and not 
running garbage bullshit that might help the well behaved noodle become a 
better behaved noodle.

     What we are looking for are pinpoint precise moments when the 
preclear's acceptance level for undelightful surprise was violated by an 
severe life threatening unprediction, resulting in shock, timeless 
incredibility, certainty something is true, certainty it is impossible, 
loss of self confidence at prediction, not knowing one's context, 
where/when one is and why, unsuccessful why finding for the failure to 
predict, and a postulate that the only way to handle was to not handle and 
be elsewhere physically, emotionally, mentally or spritually justified by 
a computation or many.

     Every key in has one or more of these pinpoint moments of violated 
acceptance level of undelightful surprise, shock, why finding, failure, 
loss of confidence followed by a 'safe solution' which later becomes a 
major problem of its own.

     Confronting usually addresses the later problem and its masses and 
causes nothing but confronting the later problem.

     Spoting the later problem AS A SOLUTION to the earlier surprise
may work if it takes one back to the actual surprise which then
will run out naturally.

     That's why one never audits a preclear for long on what his problems 
are, but directs their attention to what solutions they have had to that 
problem, how they have tried 'to handle' it including by not handling it 
and running away.

     THAT audits the original problem because the solutions bring him
back to the true exact WHAT.

     LIFE IS FULL OF SURPRISES, delightful and undelightful.

     Every being has a fair chosen tolerance for unprediction, but being a 
total knowingness too much unprediction results in worry and doubt about 
self which spirals out of control very quickly.

     He starts to go down tone so fast he can only stop the decline by 
slamming on the brakes via a computation.

     Scientology is very confused on their wrong and useless definition of 
confusion, a jumble of particles, and missses completely on the moment of 
UNEXPECTED UNDELIGHTFUL SURPRISE and lack of prediction and loss of 
confidence and the CHOICE to handle shock by seeking sympathy, withdrawing 
with hope of counter-coaxing, or going into oblivion, rather than running 
it out back up to disaster, ruin, and eventually putting it there and then 
letting it go.

     This may be the WHY that scientology failed, a confusion on the 
anatomy of the bank, which is not a held back confusion but a held back 
UNEXPECTED SURPISE and sense of eternal violation of acceptance level for 
surprise born of self casting doubt ("Whoa this is bad, I wonder how bad 
it can get?!") and the apparency that one did not, could not, would not, 
should not, had better not 'put it there'.

     This happens on good surprises too.  It might not seem that way but 
unexpected heavens are just as bad as unexpected hells.  So you have to 
audit unexpected losses and gains.

     Once a being goes into 'can not predict' he can't get back his 
confidence and equanimity born of a strong acceptance level, and down the 
tubies he goes, self determined life changes and all.

     I have been soloing this sequence without a meter, its quite 
startling, present time starts to go critical mass on the various 
components of the event, and one can't stop it from reviving, all of them, 
all at once.

     Hell that's better than 40 years of chronic no case gain. :)


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