Power exists at the top of the tone scale, sovereignty or native
state, otherwise known as Basic Truth.


     Power is ability and facility with putting things there and
unputting things there.

     Power is the unlimited but finite operation of scientology's Q1.

     An unlimited finiteness means no upper limit but always finite.

     As much as you want, but never infinite.

     Q1: Theta is capable of creating (illusions of) space and time, and
locating objects in them.

     Power is the ability to locate and determine.

     To locate doesn't mean to go out and hunt around until you find, to
locate means to put it there where you want it to be.

     To determine doesn't mean to go out and look at something until you
find out about it, it means to CAUSE it to be as you wish it to be.

     Power is the ability to create, change and destroy in cooperation
with other beings.

     Above 26.0 (Apparencies are Actuality) on the tone scale, power is
exercised via postulates which put things there, and considerations
which create apparencies of cause between those things which postulates
have put there.

       Postulate: This is an ashtray.
       Postulate: This is a cigarette.
       Consideration: Ashtray's are used to hold cigarettes.

     Below Apparencies are Actuality on the tone scale, power is
exercised via force applied to the objects of mass that the being has
priorly postulated into spaces and times.

     Masses are postulates, and forces are considerations of cause
between masses.

     Force is the proxy for cause in the physical universe dream time.

     The being does not want to operate using postulates and
considerations directly, because it's too hard to get things to persist
long enough to get into trouble with them.

     So he postulates and considers that force is effective enough and
so chooses to use force instead.

     Then he can end up being crucified to a cross of steel stuck in the
fires of liquid mountain.

     Force against mass creates changes in velocity (accelerations) and
thus changes in the physical energies of the masses.

     Nothing happens in the physical universe created by Q1 that is not
force and mass in motion (or the conscious beings that are putting it
there via postulates and considerations and observing what they have

     Thus facility with force and mass is necessary to facility with
operation in the physical universe, unless it is postulates and
considerations making changes from above.

     Physicists don't like that idea because it violates conservation of
momentum and energy.

     But the biggest violation of those two is the creation of the
physical universe itself by postulate and consideration, so there is

     The application of power to creation is called control.

     The greatest control there is, is to put something there, in
concert with other co controllers or co creators.

     The next application of control is to change what has been put

     And the last application of control is to vanish what has been put
there by withdrawing putting it there.

     One can not withdraw putting something there until one is able to
put it there again in present time, it doesn't matter who originally put
it there, or started putting it there.

     But if you are putting it there NOW, and you stop doing so, it
won't be there any more, and will be as if it never had been.

     The only catch is you have to be able and willing to put something
there AS IT ACTUALLY IS, not as you might think it is, which usually
falls way short of the mark on big and important issues.

     Also beings don't like to simply stop putting things there, even if
they are bad, because the being is then left with a kind of nothing
there that is not comfortable.

     So a being will be hard put to give up his inability to withdraw
putting something there until he can put something ELSE there instead,
of comparable magnitude.

     That's is why you audit him on raising his ability to put something
MORE, BIGGER, WORSE etc there.

     That called remedy of havingness.

     One he knows he can have under his control again, he will be
willing to not have under his control again.

     All aberration is not having one's ability to have or not have
under one's own control.

     Once he can put more of anything there, then he can let go of
putting the bad thing there, so the bad something can be replaced by a
good something.

     But sometimes having nothing there is good too :)

     Putting things there involves both power and willingness.

     You don't put things there with effort, you put things there by
merely having them be there, perhaps with the idea that they are there
BECAUSE you are having them be there.

     Get it?

     The entire universe of hard power (heavy force, bombs, super novas,
black holes, Big Bangs etc.) was not created with hard power, but with
soft power.

     Soft power uses no force to create, merely conception.

     "It is," so it is.

     Soft power creates hard power in unlimited finite quantities.

     For example a while is always finite in length of time, but can be
as long as you want, there is no upper limit to how much time a while
can contain as long as its finite.

     Soft power is the mere breath of conception resulting in having
things in the mere conception of them.

     Incidents live in whiles.

     The while is bottle that the incident is contained in.

     Dianetic auditing seeks the exact beginning of an incident so it
will erase.

     We assume the preclear knows the end of it, but rarely the exact

     Once he gets the exact beginning, he has the beginning and end of
the incident and he exteriorizes from the while in which the incident

     Then while putting the whole while there, incident and all he can
reconsider his desire of need for it, and let THE WHILE GO.

     No bottle remains, and no incident.

     That's called an erasure of an engram (injury) or secondary (loss).

     Incidents are fully erased as if never been, when the time while in
which they live and take their life force are gone.

     Time is persistence, with time gone, there is no persistence.

     Time is not one thing.

     Time is made of multi layered whiles.

     The idea is to take time apart while by while until clear of time.


     The entire tone scale is a scale of power, from total potential
power and command over creation at the top, to near zero self controlled
power at the bottom.

     Thus all power, ability and facility at the top of the tone scale
has many different lower tone mockeries of the same thing.

     Each tone on the way down is a polluted view of the top native
state, polluted by lies and subtle inaccuracies and alter-is.

     Usually about source and its abilities and motivations.

     Each tone on the way down is an ENFORCEMENT of some power that was
freely chosen at the top.

     Thus all aberration is enforced Basic Truth.

     Since ultimate Basic Truth is 'nothing there' (nothing manifested),
ultimate aberration at the bottom of the tone scale is enforced 'nothing

     Google avichi.  A hell of nothing there, but no free will about it.

     The angry man can use the power of force, but doesn't have much
free will about it.

     He regrets his anger, and thus uses MORE angry force AGAINST his
uncontrolled angry use of force to make the apparency of no uncontrolled
force.  This gives the apparency of no anger.

     But its a stone to audit, and that stone sinks down the tone scale
to below anger.


      "Get the idea of NO   power."
      "Get the idea of SOME power."

     Thus mastery and good control at the top of the tone scale become
domination, slavery and bad control at the bottom.

     People start at the top having power, and dwindle down to being the
effect of other's power.

     Thus it becomes politically incorrect for anyone to have any
mastery of power or control, as those that don't will take exception
about how unfair it all is that they don't have the same level of
facility any more.

     I don't have it, so you shouldn't have it either.

     Seeing that other's still have power, misses the Big One on them,
that they don't and sold themselves down the river a LONG time ago.

     The postulate "you shouldn't have power because I don't have power"
is a commitment to and validation of the postulate "I don't have power",
thus every time they commit effort (move forward in time) to making sure
OTHERS don't have power, they end up with less power themselves by their
own postulate.

     Eventually they become the effect of their own power as they try to
escape back up to native state by powering themselves down towards anti
native state at the bottom of the tone scale.

     Unfortunately after a while they end up with so little power of
their own they can't continue to engage in the above trap, so they just
kind of float there between not having any power and not losing any more
power because they have no power to take away what remaining power they
might have from themselves and others.

     And that is why the bottom of the tone scale can never be reached,
no power to do so, and why there is no 'going out the bottom'.

     Only their own Prime postulates and Messiah postulates can save
them from their fate and return them back up the tone scale to fool
around once again in Eternity making a fool out of himself.

     They gotta give it up though to be saved, this trying to use power
to make other's not have power.

     That is a big statement, do not go by it.

     To get back power to go back up the tone scale, you will need to
regain your facility to GRANT BEINGNESS TO AND GIVE POWER to OTHERS.

     Once you can give others power, you can give yourself power too,
you see?

     To go back up the tone scale where that is possible, you will need
to operate your power to go DOWN the tone scale to at least where you
are and little bit lower, then the self installed 'latching mechanism'
holding you down will spring and you will start to surface again.

     The fear of going lower than one has ever been, keeps one stuck as
low as one has ever been, even if one is floating up above that level
for a while in normal life.

     Thus one can get auditing on 'surface' material, and start to feel
better and go up tone and write great win stories, but as auditing
progresses the wins become thinner and thinner until eventually you have
to deal with the stone that is staring you in the face at the bottom of
your wishing well, the bottom of your existence.

     Mainly the stone is a matter of trying to pull other people down
with you.

     Full confessions and repentence work wonders at this level of the
tone scale.

     No hell can out last a true confession.

     If you create a hell for another, and they refuse it, it bounces it
back into your own face and stays there forever until you stop trying to
pawn it off on another.


     The intent of the criminal suppressive is to destroy facility in
intimacy with power, ability and control.

     Not to mention willingness.

     Therefore the greatest power there is, is the ability to put
criminal suppressives there forever for free, and have them nit pick you
into the ground, until they are just too ludicrous to contemplate any

     If you can put it there, you can unput it there.

     Those too are big words, dig them and don't leave them.

     The way out from under any suppression of invention, is to invent
suppressions of invention until you have out invented the one you are

     The last act of the dying should be to create what is killing them.

     If you can create, you aren't dead, you see?

     Just put it there and have it for a while.

     When the while ends you won't have it any more.

     If you can put there what is killing you, you will be more alive
than it is and thus have put-it-there and unput-it-there control over

     If you can become the orientation point to any symbol, the symbol
becomes yours to do with as you please.

     Again the caveat is to not underestimate what it is.


     Power can be restored in part through auditing the OT Power
Protocol Processes as listed below.

     Don't expect a quick or easy ride, this one is a bucking



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