People say "Life is not a game!"

      Of course life is a game, a series of freedoms, barriers and

      Source, Existence, Conditions (states and limitations on changing
States), Purposes etc on down the awareness characteristic chart.


      But in our parlance life is a serious game.

      For example two teams get together to play foot ball, there can be
only one winner and one loser.

      But when the game is over, both winner and loser leave free to play
again another day, either the same game or another one.

      The losing identities of the game may have lost the game but they
have survived as PLAYERS.

      When we say a game is serious, we mean that losing the game means
loss of survival as a player of that game or any other game.

      The mortal implant contract says that we live once and only once
and when we die, "that's it bud."

      "If I lose this game, I lose ME!"

      Thus the survival of the player depends upon winning the game, in
this case the game of survival of the player through eating, shelter
social relationships, help, and teamwork etc.

      If he fails to win the game of survival, then he dies and loses the
ability to play any other game ever again.

      One cruelty of the mortal implant is that all players ultimately
die no matter how many times they win.

      Maybe they can put off the inevitable for a while, but only for a

      Used to be on the whole track this wasn't true.

      It was a time called Fragile Immortalities.

      You could live forever (in time) as a body as long as you kept
winning the various games of survival.  You could lose a bit, but not
too much, and still survive, as long as you could heal the damage.

      Bodies never grew old and did not have an automatic age limit.

      The hell that turned into was so inconceivable people decided it
would be better to just be fair to everyone and have everyone die in the
end no matter what.

      Covertly, they are still trying to live forever as a body, but if
they ever managed to do so, everyone else would turn on them and crush
them out of existence permanently.

      Thus life, the game of survival, is a serious game because the
survival of the PLAYER himself is at stake.

      Not just the survival of any particular identity, but the survival
of the being himself who can invent and take on identities forever for
free, as long a the being himself continues to exist.

      The being, the conscious unit, is a player.

      Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, teacher, scientist, man, woman,
mother, father, daughter etc are identities.

      So what do we mean by serious?

      Serious means in violation of sovereign desire.

      The player doesn't want to die forever, but has to anyhow.

      This is the ultimate in being an effect of other determinism, in
this case his own imagined non fair chosen nature, fragile and mortal.

      He thinks he didn't CHOOSE to be mortal, don't you see.

      He wasn't cause of not being cause.

      Now violation of sovereign desire is an obvious oxymoron, a self

      Sovereign means you want it you got it, and if you don't want it
you don't got it.

      How can a sovereign desire be violated?

      Being violated means having what you don't want, or not having what
you do want.

      Neither of which you want!

      So we are left with the possibility that a sovereign desire could
DESIRE to be non sovereign in which case it would lose its sovereignty
for all futher desires from there on out.

      But for how long?

      For how long would a sovereign desire, desire itself to live under
the apparency that it was natively not sovereign and had no choice in
the matter?

      Well the answer is for a while.  Not forever.

      Never forever.

      Thus any sovereign desire that is in a state of high violation, and
any violation is a high violation, must one day wake up from its
nightmare of non sovereignty and regain awareness of its free choice and
abilities in these matters.

      The awake can choose to dream nightmares FOR A WHILE.

      So in that meanwhile, during its long dark mortal night of the
soul, the being looks forward to no future, an end it knows not when,
the loss of everything it has acquired or built, and the sundering of
every relationship it has ever experienced.

      "Life is loss."

      What good is it to gain for a while, if you just lose it in the end
forever anyhow, no amtter what?

      You will find such a being falling down the tone scale to
unfathomable depths and becoming so small that not even an electron
microscope could find him.

      He will only formulate purposes that will fit in his available
time, and once he starts to near the end, he will stop formulating new
purposes as they can not be fulfilled in the time left.

      A being that is playing its last game, or any game that COULD be
its last game forever if it loses, will play differently.

      Normally beings play games at a tone level of Spirit of Play, but a
being whose very survival as a player is on the table will be playing
down arond resentment, no sympathy for his opponents and covert
hostility towards himself and the game.

      That's a hard one, because since it is covert, he can't spot it.

      Yet there it is, killing him.

      He is playing a game he doesn't want to have to play, and he is
caught between trying to win it at all costs and trying to destroy it
forever, and will probably be doing both at the same time.

      That's called an AND.

      Unfortunately a being playing a game down at resentment of the
game, will be his own greatest handicap, and thus his final loss is
guaranteed ahead of time before it is due.

      Worse he will be operating corruption, temptation and seduction at
full bore.

      His major game will be how to get others to play for him, and give
him the winnings.

      Now help is mostly a matter of team work.

      Low tone people often think of help as needing someone to get them
out of a ditch they can't get themselves out of.

      But help is really just a number of people digging the ditch
together first place, to irrigate the land with water so that all might
survive better and longer both as identities and players.

      You know, its nice to get laid at least once before you die in this
world of eat or be eaten.

      But sometimes, people find that their own teammates are their own
worst enemies, with some teammates trying to survive at the other's

      Thus we go out to hunt the deer as a group, but one member gets the
deer and hides it from the others who go home hungry.

      This happens between parent and child a lot.  The child expects
help surviving from his parents and is eager to return in kind, fair
chosen exchange.

      But the parents see the kid as an insufferable problem and regret
he was ever born.

      Or the parent sees the kid as an enslaveable asset to solve their
own problems and needs in life, with little or no concern to the needs
and problems of the child.

      This can be obviously overt, or very covert.

      Only a psychiatrist would notice it.

      Such parents have children not because they consider the child will
be helpful to them, but because they consider the child will be USEFUL
to them.

      Subtle difference :)

      Help implies fair chosen fair exchange.

      Being used doesn't.

      "Hey children are good for backup, if I get hungry I can eat the

      The child eventually comes to consider that he can't survive alone,
and that he can't compete for his survival against others, PARTICULARLY

      Namely team mates who are more busy pecking him to death and trying
to kick him out of the nest, than fostering mature mutual cooperation in
the survival of everyone.

      To healthy parents, a child is an investment in the future.

      To plague parents a child is an investment in themselves, if that.

      Once a child finds himself being sold short, he debonds from the
group and turns against it in resentment, no sympathy, and covert

      Because the child has lost his help in surviving as a player in the
very serious game of life, he will take to various deceits to get his
teammates to help him anyhow, even to subsidize his survival at their

      Serves them right, right?

      Life is a very dangerous game, especially when young, weak and
inexperienced.  Every move you make to invest in your future could just
as easily result in loss, ruin, disaster, or catastrophe.

      For himself and for others.

      Thus he will covertly do what is necessary to get others to PLAY
FOR HIM, to make the moves of life, to take the risk and give him the
winnings and rewards anyhow.

      This isn't hard, because in early life this is what parents do for
their children anyhow, play for them, until they can play for their own.

      But when the parents have taken to slowly sucking on the child's
blood every day to survive themselves, the child needs to do something
to get some blood back.

      Keep the fair exchange in, you know.

      These various deceits form the basis of the service facsimile
computation, which are the uncountable ways of preserving being able by
being unable.

      In other words, annexing the abilities of others to help oneself
survive by pretending to be unable by oneself, to hedge against parents
continuing efforts to make oneself succumb.

      The underlying postulate of the service facsimile is:


      "THE WAY TO SURVIVE IS TO SUCCUMB (at least a bit)."

      "Thus by being subsidized I won't have to compete as hard, or
beyond my abilities."

      You can see that such a computation will reach a kind of free
foating balance or equilibrium.

      He can't succumb too much, because then he doesn't survive at all
which is not his intent.

      But if he doesn't succumb enough, then everyone else around him
will try to make him succumb more anyhow.

      "Mustn't be TOO able around here you know, that's rude."

      So he has to succumb just enough to get others to help him survive.

      He will never survive as well doing this dance as he would have if
if he had decent team mates who truly appreciated his abilities, but he
will survive better than he would if he didn't use these deceits.

      I mean really his existing teammates probably ought to be shot
without a tear, but using his deceits instead, is well, more civilized.

      And if he shot them, then he would be stuck with finding new
teammates which can be daunting.

      At least with the deceits in full force, even his teammates will
pretend to like him and feel sorry for him, and maybe even help him
survive a bit.

      Maybe even give him a glimpse of human warmth and love.

      And so he floats for the rest of his life surviving between a rock
and a hard place, between survive and succumb, between true survival and
surviving by succumbing.

      How sick do you have to be before others will try to make you

      A lot of players don't want other players to exist.

      A lot of players don't want the GAME to exist even if some are
having great fun in it.  That was the first intimation of evil.

      Evil is not the effort to get you to lose instead of win, evil is
the intention to get you to LOSE (NOT HAVE) THE GAME, to destroy it so
no one can play it!

      In trying to conceive this kind of evil, beings tend to mock up
something so ugly it makes them want to make nothing out of everything,
which of course aligns perfectly with the overriding intention that
there be no more games which they wish didn't exist.

      I would never run this, because its a question, but the basic
question is:

      What's involved in being able to compete for your survival as a

      Remember all can'ts are won'ts.

      Yeah I know, that's sooper secrit OT stuff.

      Certainly too dangerous for any human to audit or even know :)

      Prior to any inability was an ability to be unable, and a
consideration that this would be a good idea.

      Get the creative aesthetic off it and the reason's why, and the
person will regain their ability to survive by surviving again if they
want to.

      And never forget the being considers all of the above a motivator,
all of this having to survive by succumbing nonsense, something done to
him that he did not choose and which then justifies before and after

      So you must also run out the being doing it to others, making
others feel they have to succumb to survive, and others doing it to

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