Just as a warning for the unwary and newbie to Scientology, I am a
fair = gamed declared SP by Justice International, for creating =
alt.clearing.technology, and posting my views and other's views =
anonymously to the newsgroup, namely that clearing works some what for =
some, but not so well for others but no OT's of merit were produced who
= weren't already OT's before they walked into the shady shop of
horrors.=20 This is in part because the people who practice Scn are not
capable of = thinking with the tech, perhaps they know alot ABOUT the
tech, but they = don't KNOW the tech.  They weren't ALLOWED to think
with the tech.  Only = non thinking application was rewarded.  Lot's of
mechanics can fix = engines, but how many can design and build engines
to fix?

     The same was true for the Org and Flag, at least while I was there,
no = one could think with the tech, they could only apply it rotely.  No
= reads, no real F/Ns, no wins to speak of, and the only thing that went
= clear was my bank account, around $100,000 all told.  Hey what would
you = expect, I am a master SP, let's see you do better.  Yes I did give
a lot = of books to a lot of libraries.  I figured since this shit works
so = poorly on me, maybe I can destroy the rest of the planet with it
too.  Same thing goes for much of the freezone which is made of lots of
people = who think they can not think better than the non thinkers they
blew = from, and who think their form of non think is better than
standard = scientology but which in fact is so close to standard
scientology they = can speak the same language and understand each other
perfectly.  Once = you study all the different dialects of the Freezone
and the church you = find out its all just, er, clearing technology.
And it sucks rocks.  All = of it.  It's backwards, its upside down, it
wasn't written by ANYONE = except a few secretaries apparently, so many
people are diving to = disavow any responsibility for the tech, you
wonder if there are any = tech finders on Earth at all.  Game finders
yes, tech finders not so = many.=20 Yes standard tech and freezone tech
works somewhat on some people, but = the rest of them they fuck the hell
out of them, and throw them away.  = Most of them are still out in the
zombie zone licking there wounds.  They = could be rehabbed with a
little understandings and some tech that = actually worked like wild
fire solo that could be passed hand to hand.  So you ask what might that

     Well in the bottom of a crack jack box I found a little piece of
paper = that said :

     Your preclear is stuck in an INACTUALITY/DELUSION sandwich.

     Above inactuality/delusion is DISASTER, and below
inactuality/delusion = is HYSTERIA, followed by shock, catatonia and
oblivion.=20 Run for 20 hours dual or solo.  If you don't have a partner
and want one, = grab a bum on the street, and make him do it on you for
food.  Run with model session II.  Auditor gives the command, and shuts
up until the preclear says OK.  The = preclear may or may not say
anything, but he has to say OK to keep the = session going.  Get the
idea of NO DISASTER.  Get the idea of SOME DISASTER.  Want a gradient?
Start at oblivion and work upward to ruin hope and = help.  That's what
all these failed Scners came into Scientology to attain, the = ability
to HELP.  They failed so bad, now they are trying to help by =
destroying scientology.

     And when you run into one of these snot nosed know it all monsters,
you = know standard techies with an e-meter can up their ass, wagging
their finger at you for getting off the taped pathway, give them the
finger = back and go have some fun with real some scientology (!TM)
technology = that works for a change.  Then pass it onto the heart
broken zombie zoner = next to you.  Oh yeah a word of warning, there is
another sandwich down at the bottom = of the awareness characteristic
chart.  It goes

CRIMINALITY (immortal criminality)
UNEXISTENCE (as a spirit)
     When you first start auditing humans and they pop their heads up
through = spiritual nonexistence for the first time, to their first
"Whoa!  I AM!" = they find themselves emmersed in a sea of immortal
criminality as far as = their eye can see.  That includes you as their
auditor.=20 It is an ascension experience from where he was (human), but
most people call these monster vibes.  I won't write how to audit this,
its too OTee top secrit to allow out = into the wild.  It's just too
complex to contemplate.