Since 'being sessionable' means 'being interested in his own case',
a preclear becomes truly sessionable the day he is willing and
interested in running *INTEREST*.

     The preclear has a problem with interest, interest is THE most
dangerous thing in life, below it is the whole tone scale down to death,
and above it is, well, impossible because it's so dangerous, like where
angels dare not tread and Gods go running for their mama.

     Nobody gets it, so the preclear won't talk about it.

     But he will do acid to make sure its really there.

     So the preclear lives anti oriented towards interest, and so of
course nothing runs.

     Remember can't is won't.

     No exceptions.

     What he can't have, he doesn't want.

     At all, or just yet.

     Below interest the preclear really has no reality on why he won't,
and thinks that can't is can't, and won't is won't, and can't = won't is

     He is no longer in contact with his own won't, his own

     But once he gets a glimpse of the danger of interest, he will get
*INTERESTED* and never let go again.

     That's recognition on the awareness charcteristic chart, he
recognizes and is in contact with his own will again.

     Whaddya know, I did it!

     That's recognition, communication and perception, and so of course
with recognition in place he becomes willing to talk to the auditor and
perceive the auditor.

     And that's in session.

     Right above that is orientation, rehabbing the preclear as an
orientation point to his own Q1's and the symbols in it.


     Real self determined being interested is at or above Orientation on
the awareness characteristic scale, as he has become oriented towards
his eternal future again.

     (Notice not immortal future in time, but eternal future out side of
time involving an endless number of immortal whiles in time.  He is
stuck in one detested Q1, and he can't make more new ones.)

     He puts things there with interest and he receives back interest
from others putting things there with interest also.
     Once a preclear comes up to the slightest real interest in
anything, the unlucky auditor, rather than having the problem of keeping
the preclear IN session trying to run him on SOME INTEREST in NO
INTEREST, he has the problem of getting the precleear OUT of session
(long enough to cool off once in while) because of the preclear's sudden
and seething NO interest in SOME interest.

     Like trying to cap a volcano with NO VOLCANO, he looks at SOME
INTEREST like a ghost from his past that he had completely forgotten

     He gets the haunted feeling 'How long has this been going on?'

     Forget dating it, its longer than he has numbers to count the age.

     You might want to date it in number of major time whiles though.

     The preclear may (pretend to )not have any SOME interest in NO
interest, totally out of sessions in other words, but boy does he have
NO interest in SOME interest!

     NO INTEREST is a wall of protection against too much INTEREST.

     Can you have too much INTEREST?

     That stuff is rocket fuel and the preclear has forgotten how to

     However once the preclear gets the slightest hint of eternal
interest, he becomes a wild bucking bronco until he settles into some
place so high on the tone scale it's illegal to talk about it.

     It's called flying (exterior) :)

     So one audits the NOT interested preclear on

     NO interest - SOME interest

     Conceive, get the idea of, tell me about etc...

     NO   FEAR of NO Interest - NO   FEAR of SOME INTEREST

     until it bites him but good and he KNOWS can't means won't for
sure, and he knows damn well why he won't and that he won't, until he is
God damn good and ready and the lauch pad is clear.

     He is looking for a gradient to allow him to get better without
getting well.  So he always has the brakes on the closer he is to
getting well.

     Real positive fearless interest turning on for the first time, is
like the rocket engines on an alien space ship coming to life again that
has been dead, buried and forgotten for trillenia.

     E/P is somthing like unstopable.  Interested in his past, present
and future because interest is a form of looking fowardness, not based
on running away from the past or the present but embracing all three as
a unified story.

     The continuity and brilliance of the Joke becomes clear, precious
and worthwhile.

     And his original unhavingness (no interest) becomes havingness in
the original unhavingness of it, for a while :)


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On Sun, 22 Oct 2017, Scott Gordon wrote:

> Man, did you get that one right!
> Correct indications blow charge.
> Thanks.
> Take Care
> Scott
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> Scott Gordon
> On 2017-10-22 16:45, Homer Wilson Smith wrote:
>> Here is another similarity between UCP and Scn.
>>      If you try something and it didn't work, both will say,
>>      "But you didn't do it right!"  or
>>      "You didn't try it *LONG ENOUGH*" or
>>      "Your ethics is out." or
>>      "Your confront is low."
>>      Both will say everyone who has ever tried the process loved it, and
>> everyone who didn't love it, didn't try it, or did something different, or
>> altered it.
>>      Homer
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