Scientology deals with the ANATOMY and APPROACH to the problem of
salvation of the GodSoul from ruin.

     Anatomy is the structure and components of the problem, and the
causal relations between them.

     Approach is what you are going to DO about the problem to untangle

     At the basic levels the auditor is indoctrinated into the anatomy
via a simplistic model called the analytical mind and the reactive bank.

     He is then further indoctrinated into a simplistic approach to deal
with the preclear's case in front of him.

     The model presented to him as the anatomy of the problem allows him
hang his later understandings of approach on it, as the approach is
logically derived from the anatomy.

     For example if it is known what the preclear is doing to keep the
bank in persistence, then the approach would be to get the preclear to
spot what he is doing and stop doing it.

     If the approach works, meaning the preclear is pleased with the
results, then one continues with that approach assuming that its logical
derivation from the presented anatomy remains intact.

     If the approach does not work, or ceases to work at more advanced
levels, then one has to correct the model of the anatomy, and derive a
correct approach.

     The End Phenomenon of any auditing is some undesirable disability
lost and some desirable ability regained.

     The absolute minimum E/P of any processing no matter what it is or
what else results from it is:

     Knows scientology clearing is a good thing and ought to be

     In other words worthwhile, and if he is paying for professional
auditing he also feels the return on investment is positive for EVERY
SESSION, or else into cramming and correction he and his auditor go.

     Once the preclear sees that he gets relief from running the
processes and having cognitions about how he got messed up in the first
place, and how he is getting un messed up, he should eventually come an
early E/P like so:

     Awareness of Truth and the way to personal freedom.

     This includes, without saying, an awareness that there IS
awareness, and an awareness that there IS a truth, and awareness that
there IS freedom to be had, and that the more truth is attained, the
more freedom comes with it.

     He should also come to understand way deep in his being, that the
preclear is now on a road that leads to his freedom, and that road makes
unshakable sense to him, even if he hasn't gone very far on it.

     Once he sees this, NOTHING will stop him from walking that road no
matter what happens or how long it takes.

     This is NOT a Life Repair completion, his motor may still not be
running enough to drive, but he has found his mechanic and the car is in
the bay.


     The Cosmic All is made of GodSouls and the Eternal substrate that
causally connects all of them in Eternity.

     A GodSoul consists of two operating functions variously called:

      God     and Soul
      Creator and Creature
      Author  and Character
      Orientation Point and Symbol
      Static  and Kinetic
      Scalar  and Manifold  (means many fold, more than zero dimensions)

     All of life is the left hand God side engaging in fair chosen self
incarnation as the right hand Soul side.

      "Virtue for the Creator is not virtue for the Creature"
      Olaf Stapleton, Starmaker.


     Although we may think we are trying to help the Soul side of the
being, we are actually trying to help the God side create a better
future for himself as a Soul side being.

     So you never ever approach a preclear as a Soul in trouble, but
always approach the preclear as a God in trouble.

     There are two reasons for this.

     The first is that the preclear is suffering from things he is
putting there AS the God side being, the Soul side may be hung out on a
cross, but the God side is driving the nails in and keeping them there.

     The only way to help a God side being then is to get him to spot
where, how and why he is putting negative things there, get him to unput
them there, and put something more salutary (worthwhile) there.

     The second reason the auditor only audits the God side of the
preclear is because you as an auditor are operating as a God side being
yourself trying to optimize the existence of another God side being.

     If you consider about your preclear "You are a Soul and you are in
trouble and you need my help", your own postulate as a God side being,
about your preclear will cause AHEAD OF YOU the very condition you are
trying to heal in your Soul side preclear.

     There is no bigger danger than an God side OT considering that
someone NEEDS HIS HELP, as God side beings create in the mere conception
of things.

     If you want people to help, then by all means consider they are in
trouble and need your help.

     But if you really want to help them, *LEAVE*.

     As-is yourself out of exisence in their universe, and the weight of
your own postulates about them will no longer be holding them down.

     Everone is held down by the sum totality of their own postulates
and postulates of everone else.

     Well at least everyone else in their own karma group.

     The only way a being can fix this, is to put it there, and then
cease doing so.

     That's why it takes a minimum of two beings to keep suffering going
in each other.

     Karma groups consist of 2 or more beings locked into each others
suffering through anger and regret.

     And all it takes is one to stop posulating that he is needed to
help the other, and BOTH stop suffering.


     Auditing only takes place between God side peers, God to God, never
God to Soul, Soul to God or Soul to Soul.

     Everything else is NO AUDITING, no matter how much it looks like
the rote actions of auditing are taking place.

     This is why auditing between mortal meatballs does not work, they
do not WANT to create let alone help another become a better GOD.


     The God creates in the mere conception of things, including his own
fair chosen inability to do so.

     The minute you get the idea that conception does NOT create in the
mere conception of things, watch out, your creative ability drops dead
on the spot.

     He also creates and continues his lack of belief in himself through
observing his own apparent limitations after conceiving them into
existence in the first place, and using those observations of
limitation as evidential proof that he is truly limited, thus reinforcing
his convictions in his own self-conceived and thus self created

     Yes a GodSoul can do this in his Cosmic Dance with cosmic nonsense.

     Adore calls it ludicrous demise.


     Conception is causal, but the being can conceive that mere
conception is not causal.

     He does this at first to create chase,

     Chase puts time and conditions between conception and having.

     Chase is game playing.

     He also has to assign to himself and other players a proper power
package in order to be able to play the game properly.

     Notice that for an unlimited being, a power package is a package of
LIMITATIONS on what he can and can not be, know, do have and create with
mere conception.

     Get the idea of conceiving something and observing that it didn't
show up as desired and thus conceiving that mere conception does not
always work.

     And in the end the being conceives that conception is useless, to
create a ludicrous demise that everyone will appreciate.

     Adore says "High Halcyon is High Appreciation for Ludicrous

     Halcyon is bemused relief on the verge of Time."


     You are trying to audit a God who considers he has been brought

     He is on the ground belching smoke and flames, fury and rampage,
and you are trying to get him to get up and fly again.

     A God is someone who creates in the mere conception of things,
including his own inability to do so.

     But he also engages in drawing his own conceptions about things
from observations of what his prior conceptions have wrought.

     Thus what starts off

     Conception causes Observation (God side operation),

     ends up as

     Observation causes conception (Soul side operation.)

     Notice you can't observe something that doesn't exist first,
which means what was observered existed BEFORE it was conceived.

     You can thus see how observation of limitation then cements in the
EXISTENCE of that limitation via the 'fact' that the limitation existed before
it was conceived.

     The basic on limitation is 'something exists that I didn't conceive
of first.'

     You can only 'run into things' that exist before you observe them,
it is the collision with these things that then cause you to conceive
that they are there.


     He considers a wall that is solid and that he can't go through it.

     Thus when he tries to go through it, he crashes into it and hurts

     NOW he considers that the wall is there and it is solid but not
because he originally considered it so, but just because that's the way
walls are, and always have been long before HE came along, and his
observation of his failure to go through the wall acts as evidential
proof that he is right, walls are solid.

     First he considers the wall solid, and so it must become, because
conception is causal.

     But then he crashes into it, and LEARNS FROM OBSERVATION that the
wall is solid.

     He has lost all sense of cause over the matter.

     He has flipped from Looking by Knowing (causal consideration) to
Knowing by Looking (observation).

     The whole physical universe is about learning, no one is putting it
there as they want it :)

     Before the crash, his consideration was cause and he knew it, but
after the crash, the WALL is cause and he is sure of it now due to his
observation of failure trying to go through it.  repleat with pain and
stars swirling around his head.

     That is called the Consideration - Observation flip flop.

     He uses observation of a causally considered limitation to PROVE
that his consideration is merely a record of his observation and not
originally causal, and he considers that the reason he drew the
consideration is from the observation, rather than drawing the
observation from the consideration.


     consideration -> observation


     observation -> consideration.

     He goes from

     observation is caused from his consideration


     his consideration is caused from his observation.

     The first is Looking by Knowing about cause.

     The second is Knowing by Looking at cause.

     The first is CREATOR mode, and the second is CREATURE mode.

     This reversal of time and cause results in a permanent lockup of
solidity and failure and he becomes stuck with both the wall and his
inability to go through it for the rest of time.

     This is called a God Postulate because "only a God could change

     That's a joke because operating as a God again, and restoring the
causally correct order of consideration and observation, he can change
it or undo it completely at will simply by taking his attention off of

     Walls are dreams until you think they aren't, and then prove it to
yourself by failing to go through them, thus concluding with conviction
born of FORCE (not certainty!) that walls are not dreams.

     All conviction is uncertain knowledge born of collision and
force with something "he didn't put there."
     So meatballs are dreamballs who came to think they are made of
impentrable meat.

     All persistence is based on this mechanism, and thus Time itself is
based on the consideration - observation flip flop.


     So the preclear conceives of falling and ruin, and so he does.
Then he observes his own state of fallen and ruin and from those two he
conceives FURTHER of impending disaster, which is again created in the
mere conception of it.

     He is a God after all, he can do this circular feedback nonsense.

     It is the ONLY way he can get messed up.

     His considerations and observations are self locking once he thinks
that his considerations are caused by his observations.

     "I know walls are solid, I TESTED IT!"

     This makes sense to a scientist, but its lunacy to a God.

     Then he observes his disaster and further conceives of catastrophe,
total failure and smoke and flames on the ground.

     And so it becomes.

     And you are going to try to get him out of this?

     So you come a long and he observes you and conceives what exactly?

     What does a God side being, belching smoke and flames on the ground
think of someone offering help?

     He doesn't want to get better, he wants to be more able to be
worse, he wants to burn in peace.

     And Oh Boy does he want SYMPATHY.

     He tried but couldn't, and YOU tried to help and couldn't.

     The last time he was better and able it brought him to the state he
is in now.

     No way is he going back there.

     He *HURT* someone.

     But that someone knowingly and willingly and with full awareness of
the consequences refused to put that hurt there, in order to make sure
his suffering lasted beyond the preclear's ability to make things right.

     Any being putting hurt there on him self can way out last any other
being trying to make amends for hurting the first being,
because the second being isn't putting anything there at all.

     So power to create outlasts no power to uncreate.

     So your preclear walks away from this thinking he has victimized
someone he didn't intend to, and couldn't fix it.

     That's a new idea to your preclear, a violation of his sovereignty,
and the preclear has been dwindling ever since.

     And then hurting people to punish them for hurting people, and to
make sure preemptively that they DON'T hurt others, and thus making
hurting people RIGHT, they deserve it after all you know for hurting
people themselves.

     I will tell you someone is laughing in the back room at all this.


     He worried about the possibility of permanent damage to the other
being so hard and so long he failed to unput it there himself.

      And so both get stuck with the suffering forever more.

     The first because he has to hold up the deceit of being victim lest
find out and try to make him a victim for pretending to be a victim when
he wasn't.  Boy to people hate that!

     The second because he just can't put it there, that the first is
putting the deceit there to take the second down.

     He is wondering who or what is cause around here and why is it such
an asshole, swinging back and forth forever more between righteous anger
and righteous regret.

     This is the doubt effect at work, doubt is self casting.

     In part because you can't wonder about something that isn't there.

     If you wonder if you have hurt someone, guess what?

     So the wonder, question asking and doubt about the harm he

     He couldn't just let go of the alleged harm, unput it there,
because morbid fascination with the possibility that it would still be
there anyhow, keeps it there.

     And the sheer horror of the possibility that permanent damage might
be possible, became evidence to him that the feared damage could be true
or else why feel so bad about it?

     This artful but dizzying piece of work is necessary for time and
persistence to continue for long,

     The universe is held together by Anger/Regret cycles.

     And now he can spend the rest of eternity making amends for
something he didn't do, and yet DOING it (causing pain) to others to
make sure they don't do it too!

     That's called punishing the punishers.

     Either preemptively or after the fact.

     And SP is an preemptive punisher.


     So you would think that safety would lie in being more able.

     Your preclear has found being able to be more dangerous to himself
and others than being unable.

     And now he just wants to be able to be unable and be done with it,
done with whatever being able might have been useful for.

     He just can't wrap his wits around the usefulness of being able any

     The balance sheet always turns out negative.

     And he can't even remember any more what ability he might have and
how it might be useful to him.

     He doesn't DARE, because it might come back to him, and everyone
would know what he had done.


     Scientology is the science of knowing how to not know and know
answers and questions, or as Hubbard added knowing how to know answers
to questions.

     More broadly it is the science of not knowing and knowing what
questions to answer, and what answers to question.

     One particular application of scientology understandings is how to
help fallen Gods regain their spiritual freedom, to rise again
out of the dung hole of the incipient carrion of the Soul.

     That approcah called auditing and the God in question is called a

     Clearing is the process of using auditing to clear a God out from
under his own conception feed back loop that is ruining his balance of
fair chosen disability and ability.

     Turns out this is a dangerous undertaking because what Gods do is
create danger for themselves.

     Someone once asked can a God create a stone so big he can't lift

     The answer is yes, he creates a huge stone, and then creates
HIMSELF as a small bug on the stone.

     You can see then that dealing with a near infinite being that
creates danger for itself and makes itself smaller that anything it has
created as its fundamental mode of operation would be quite an

     The gr'ups (grown ups) certainly don't want you messing around in
those dangerous waters, unless you are highly trained and certified to
make sure you CAN'T.

     If you make the preclear bigger, he will just create a bigger
danger, as he is starved for rip roaring games that will last forever.

     If you make him smaller, he will whine and moan that no one will
given him any sympathy.

     He starts off at the top thinking that justice reigns at all times,
because justice is you get what you postulate, and ends up thinking that
justice is a joke, because clearly postulates are useless and true cause
lies at the bottom of the ocean, somewhere in the cold cruel world of
other determinism where the warm light of halcyon never shines.


     Since no game can last forever in time the preclear ends up winning
all games that he creates, and thus tries to continue and extend them
into a false overtime by pretending he didn't win them, making himself
smaller, and rushing into the fray again, until he is finally getting
crushed out of the gate over and over and over.

     There is only so many times a being can get knocked down and stand
up again, until he can no longer stand up at all.

     That's smoke and fire on the ground.

     By this time he is pissed and scared out of his wits, and he no
longer has a clue "who or what is cause around here and why is it such
an asshole?"

     You see that's a question.

     His whole existence consists of endless numbers of wrong answers to
that question.

     Wrong whos, wrong whats, wrong wheres, wrong whens, and wrong whys?

     A being that is inherently fair chosen CAUSE has reduced him
himself down to someone seeking cause so he can cause it out of

     Good luck.

     And his entire theta body is encrusted with the endless remanants
of the many forays and sashays he has created while crashing down
through his primary GPM structures.


     GPMs are a messy constellation of WHOs, WHATs and WHYs.

     A WHO is a specific being, my mother Margaret for example.

     A WHAT is a class of beings like MOTHERS.

     Notice a WHAT in this sense is not an inanimate object, although it
can be but usually isn't.

      The answer to WHO bothered you might be Margaret.

      The answer to WHAT was Margaret might be, a mother, a female, a
lying, deceiving, cheating, murdering demon from hell, etc.

      WHATs are also things that a who or a what might DO.

      What might a mother do?

      A Mother might murder a child.

      These actions are motivated by GOALS that apply.

      The question might be WHO OR WHAT would murder a child?

      The answer might be Margaret or mothers.

      If the answer is Margaret, the question might be

      What does Margaret represent to you and the answer might be

      If the answer to who or what might murder a child was mothers, the
question might be:

      Who would represent a mother to you, to which the answer might be
Margaret along with a whole mess of other people.

      A problem comes in when the preclear starts to ask WHY would
Margaret or mothers murder a child?

      These are the goals that mother had that led to wanting to murder a

      The action and goals might be logically connected, or totally
illogically connected.

     If he comes up with a wrong why, he is sunk.

     He also has to ask why would HE as a mother murder a child etc.


     A GPM is a series of related goals that start off at the bottem
(earliest) as maybe something like "To be Good and fight Bad", and end
up at the top (lastest) "To be Bad and fight Good."

     A real top level GPM will probably be something really simple like
TO BE, TO DO, TO KNOW or TO HAVE and their opposites.
     Something simple that would encompass EVERYTHING created later,


     Down a bit later they get more complicated.
     Often many closely related by slightly different goals are strung
inside a single GPM like rungs of a ladder.  

     Take the first one above, say the ladder starts at the bottom
(first) rung with TO BE GOOD AND TO FIGHT BAD.

     As the being fails each rung, he comes up to a later but slightly
lesser version of the same starting goal,

     Somewhere half way up the rungs of the GPM there is a cross over
goal, something like "To be Safe."

     And the sequence ends at the top nearest present time, in "To be
Bad and fight Good."

     Once the preclear fails that last one, he moves onto another GPM
and lives out that one in sequence.

     Some GPMS are implanted and some are natural to the being.

     The implanted GPMS try to mess with and confuse the natural ones.


     A foray is the preclear's effort at each level of the GPM to go out
into the world and accomplish the goal of that level.

     A sashay is his choosing the next goal up when the present goal

     Eventually he gets to the end of the GPM, and conceives a new GPM
but as an apparently smaller being in a smaller arena.

     Only a GodSoul become very small at the end of his chain of arenas can
smoke and burn his own wings off.

      Lord God Almighty, conception is dangerous.


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