"How do I know?  It's what I want!" - Homer


     Q1: The static can create spaces and times and locate objects in
them and the forces between them.

     These can be real spaces and times, or facsimiles of them.

     Both are apparencies in the consciousness of the static.

     A static itself has no space nor time, nor dimension, nor motion,
nor frequency nor wavelength, but can nonetheless create apparencies of
each in its own substrate.  These apparencies are called kinetics and
exist in apparency only.

     A Q1 is any such system of things so created.

     Kinetics are the created mechanical conditions of existence
mentioned in the Phoenix Lectures.

     The static creates the apparency of kinetics via postulates and

     Let there be space, let there be time, let there be ...  etc

     The kinetic operates amongst itself soley via force acting upon
matter and energy, through space and time.

     Force is the proxy for cause in the projected kinetic universe.

     The postulates and considerations are true cause creating virtual
space and time, and force is virtual cause inside of that space and

     All change in the kinetic unverse is 'occasioned' by force, and
force in the kinetic universe is occasioned by posulates and
considerations coming down frrm the static operating actualtiy.
     Q comes from QED, which stands for Quod Erat Demonstratum, latin
for 'that which was to be demonstrated.'

     QED is usually put at the end of proofs, where the final line is
denoted QED: or 'that which was to be demonstrated', but in this case Q1
comes at the beginning of the logical argument from which all other
things follow, rather than at the end of it where QED is usually


     The static works in two modes.

     The static as creator works in orientation point mode.

     The static as creature works in symbol mode.

     It is called an orientation point, because the static in native
state has not yet created any space or time or dimension or extension of
any size or kind, and thus is a zero dimensional actuality called a

     The normal being tends to judge 'where it is' by where it is
relative to its main orientation points in life such as the sun, his
city, or home.

     But while the being is in orientation mode creating a Q1 of space
and time, it is its own orientation point, the eternal here and now,
forever still, unmovable, and immutable as there is nowhere else to be,
and there is no space or time to move in.


     Calling a scalar object a point is a bad misnomer because a point
is usually considered to be a small part of a dimensional space or time,
whereas a scalar is not a part of anything.

     The opposite of scalar is a manifold, meaning many fold, or more
than zero dimensions.  A manifold of course can have many points in it,
and is often considered to be made of points.  But each point has a size
and a dimension, even if the size is 0x0x0 for a 3 dimensional point.

     A scalar does not have dimensions and so of course it has no size
either, as size is merely the measure of the length of each dimension
called the extension of that dimension.

     Thus a 2x4x5 bar of gold is a 3 dimensional object with extensions
of 2, 4 and 5 along each dimension.  2,4,5 is the size of the object,
and indicates it has 3 dimensions and thus 3 extensions with a total
volume of 40 cubic units of gold.

     Any Q1 is an apparent manifold of space, time and the objects in
them, and the forces between them that change their motion.

     Thus the static scalar creates kinetic manifolds called Q1's.

     As the static creates space and times, it is still exterior to
them, and can orient them any way it wishes relative to its own
viewpoint, and it can orient the objects relative to each other, inside
the space and time.

     Any object inside a space time is called a symbol, and has
mass/energy, meaning and motion or mobility.


     The static can flip flop between orientation mode and symbol mode
at will.

     In orientation mode the static is creating Q1's of symbols, and in
symbol mode the static has become one or more of those symbols fighting
against or interacting with other symbols via the causes and effects of

     If one is being a symbol inside a Q1, one way to become the
orientation point again is to BE the orientation mode becoming the
symbol mode.

     One can't become the symbol without first BEING the orientation

     One becomes trapped into being a symbol and unable to become an
orientation point again, by not wanting to be the symbol which renders
one unable to become the orientation point, because orientation points
like to become symbols.

     It is the AFFINITY of the orienation point for symbols that allows
any symbol to rebecome the orientation point.  From the symbols point of
view this affinity looks like self and other love.

     One way to get out of being a detested symbol is to become some
other less detestged symbol instead, because this momentarily operates
one's self as the orientation point in order to create, put there, and
become the new symbol.

     It is the willingness to come in that puts one out.  One does not
have to come in, in order to be out, but one does have to be out in
order to come in.

     The orientation point is the manifestation of willingness to

     The symbol is often the manifestation of unwillingness to manifest.
either self or others or both.
     Any symbol who can't get out, that is claiming how happy it is that
it is a symbol stuck in, is whistling past its own grave yard, for all
symbols are incipient carrion and dust in the wind one day.


     The actual position of the static relative to the Q1 it is making
during orientation mode is not 'outside' the Q1, nor is it on the
surface of the Q1, nor is it inside either, its pretty ineffable.

     The static is self aware, and as such can appear to itself as a
static scalar which is its true nature, or as a kinetic manifold which
is it's dreamtime nature.

     Thus the static feels it IS the Q1, which makes it easy for the
static to withdraw further INTO the Q1 and become only a part of it,
namely a symbol inside it.

     During symbol mode the static is definitely being some symbol with
an exact location in the space and time of the Q1.

     It has lost contact with its source location from where it put the
Q1 there in the first place.

     Thus the symbol comes to believe that the Q1 is itself the
orientation point, and the symbol judges its position relative to where
it is inside the Q1.


     The static is able to create a symbol that it would NEVER want to
be after it has created and become it.

     That is a big statement, dig it and don't leave it.

     Thus the static as orientation point is alien to itself as symbol.
particularly with regard to desire and motivation.

     When people talk about the 'fear of God', they are refering to this
fear of the symbol for the orientation point.

     It's called Cosmic Trepidation.

     The motivations of the static scalar are not the motivations of the
kinetic symbol.

     The motivations of the symbol are to win the game of survival.

     The motivations of the static are to invent a game of survival.

     Since the static, as eternal spaceless, timeless scalar, can't do
anything BUT survive (outside of time), this creating itself as a
kinetic symbol scurrying around trying to survive in an eat or be eaten
game, is a bit of a joke that the scalar likes to play on itself.

     This is not an error or a mistake, this is what the Cosmic All

     Thus movement in space and time away from the first moment of
creation is a joke.

     The static wants to be a symbol, but no symbol would ever want to
be either a symbol or a static!

     You might think that being a static would be great, but statics
like to become symbols, so that places kind of a cloud over the whole

     This alieness is felt by the symbol as Cosmic Ominous-ness, or Omni
Awesome Omni Numinous-ness as Adore likes to call it.  - Adore.com

     Fear of God indeed.

     Being created without one's consent is the ultimate rape, matched
only by being uncreated without one's consent too!

     A well done symbol state has no awareness of its creative
orientation point state, and so the symbol always has this small bone to
chew with God.

     "You made me!"

     That is called Separation of God and Soul.

     It is a faux apparency but makes the Cosmic All go.

     Freedom from usually implies freedom to, and being free from being
a symbol to just be able to become free to create one's self as another
symbol throws kind of a cloud over the whole thing.

     There would be no reason to run around in space and time if you
weren't a little pissed at your Creator.

     This separation thus alloys the affinities of the symbol for all of
existence including itself and its creator with divine trepidation.

     The love of the symbol is tainted with fear.

     So much for your 'happy' mortal meatball.

     This traps the symbol in the Q1 that it is unwilling to have made
himself or be put in by anyone.

     Symbols are inherently not friendly towards anything that can truly
put things there.

     Because only orientation points can put things there, and the
symbol can't put orientations points there!

     Ah if the symbol could only create God, it wouldn't mind so much if
it were then created by that God in return.

     Since we are talking about an operating eternality here, it is not
fully clear if the oreintation point put the symbol there first, or if
the symbol put the oreintation point there as its creator.

     Any orientation point can put itself there as a symbol while
retaining awareness as the symbol that it used to be the orientation
point that put it there.

     Affinity between the two is maintained as long as the symbol feels
it is putting the orientation point there that put the symbol there.
     That is two way responsibilty for 'being there' you see, without
blame for fault finding.


     IF the absence of such affinity born of unwillingness to be put in
a Q1, the symbol tries to escape from its predicament with existence to
points deeper inside the Q1, called elsewhereness, but it takes its
created existingness with it and thus its predicament.

     No matter where the symbol goes, it will always be a made being.

     People hate being made to do things, being made to exist is the
basic on the chain.

     Since being made happens at the beginning of time for the being,
the first moment of time becomes the moment of most offense.

     Thus people move down the time stream to get away from confronting
the first moment they were made to be.

     The tone scale is the story of the symbol trying and failing each
step along the way to run away from its own enforced existingness.

     The symbol eventually invents death forever, but its a belief and a
deceit that only provides temporary relief for a while until the symbol
dies and it doesn't work, the being is still there craving being another

     "Maybe I can be more nowhere if I can be HIM, Goober over there!"

     Only a crazy God could call death a relief anyhow, we call these
beings 'had time enough for love' cases.

     The symbol doesn't want to escape the Q1 by putting it there again,
thus becoming the orientation point, because it is worried about what it
might again create afterwards.

      "Who or what would create a human?"
      "Who or what would choose to BECOME a human?"

     If the Creator ain't Creep One, the symbol doesn't know what would

     The willingness of the symbol to be able to choose freely is
sundered by this ARC break between the motivations of the symbol and the
motivations of the orientation point.

     "Just what is God up to anyhow?"

     "God has a plan for me?  Uh Oh!"

     As ARC depends upon REALITY or AGREEMENT to bolster affinity, the
absence of reality and agreement between symbol and orientation point
causes an alloying of the natural affinity of the sovereign static with
debasing non sovereign anger, fear, sorrow and apathy.

     Enthusiasm of the symbol in action is a kind of social facade based
on the carrier wave of horror and sorrow.

     "The world sucks but mayber I can DO something about it."

     He starts to chase glory rather than peace for fun.

     "Hey you over there making things worse, DIE!"

     By becoming the symbol the static has turned itself against itself.

     The static as the symbol no longer trusts its own intentions or
good sense as the orientation point.

     It sets about to learn and teach a lesson to never do THAT again.

     That's himself he is talking about, to NEVER BE AGAIN!

     The symbol finally finds the break in affinity between itself and
whatever created it so bad, that the symbol gives up forever more any
sense of responsibility for having created itself as a symbol.


     "Jesus, who or what created me?  Kill it before it muliplies!"

     At that point the symbol is damned forever by its own hand inside
of time.

     The primary must never happen again is being an orientation point
choosing to become a symbol.

     *CHOICE* gets a bad name.

     The primary identity of the symbol is the sum total of all the
things in the cosmic all that the symbol is just sure he didn't choose.


     This defines the beingness or becomingness of the symbol, what it
is, what it can become, what it didn't choose, and didn't put there.

     The symbol defines itself as a bundle of righteous protest.

     The sailor is not the guy who put the ocean and boats there, it's
the guy who DIDN'T put the sharks and storms there!

     He DEFINES HIMSELF by what he isn't putting there.

     The symbol is someone or something who wouldn't, couldn't,
shouldn't and DIDN'T choose THAT!

     This alienness between orientation point and symbol, is not a

     It is a necessary function of the Cosmic All.

     There is no peace for a symbol who has no connection to itself as
its own orientation point.

     There is only peace for the orientation point.

     It is inevitable for persistence to persist for a while because the
symbol resists becoming the orientation point again lest it chooses to
become another symbol worse than the one it is.

     So the symbol feels more comfortable being a symbol even amidst
hell and high water.

     Divinity means all powerful self responsible good.

     Holy means care operating divinity.  - Adore.com



     Remember that a good author (orientation point) is not the same
goodness as a good character (symbol), because good authors write good
stories filled with good and evil characters!

     Someone in a dream asked me,

     "When was the very first moment I became awake in this life?"

     I asked him "What do you mean by awake?"

     He said, "Aware of good and evil."

     If stories had only good characters in them, no one would read

     If orientation points made only good symbols, no one would engage
the game.

     So divinity is the orientation point author, and it behooves the
symbol to walk carefully and competently through the orientation point's

     And so this rift between God and Soul, Author and Character,
Creator and Creature is a fundamental part of the makeup of the Cosmic

     Without this rift, space and time would not move forward, and
existence wouldn't persist beyond the next sneeze.

     Time comes from the determination to DO something about the

     Amidst the apparent almost infinite danger of being a symbol, this
rift is all that causes persistence of the being as a symbol.

     Thus the being is actually as safe as he can be willing to put
himself there, as his own orientation point.

     No persistence can persist beyond the letting go of putting it

     The orientation point has no problem with danger, its inherent
safety is absolute and unimpingable.

     Thus its impulse to become a symbol in danger has no hesitation nor
restraint, as long as its only for a while, because in the end the
orientation can not be destroyed, and can not get lost as there is no
where to get lost in.


     They symbol is below apparencies are actuality on the tone scale.

     And since ALL time is created in finite whiles, no symbol can last
forever, one day all symbols must attain the awakened state and return
to eternal unimpingable peace.

     Thus although there are no heavens forever, there are no hells
forever either.

     But the being can remanifest a new while of heavens and hells any
time he wishes, once the old whiles are done.

     The only thing that lasts 'forever' is people and peace, and that's
an eternal forever outside of time, not a temporal forever where in
flowers grow, inside of time.

     "The grass may die, and the flowers may wilteth away, but the Word
of God shall stand forever for free." - Bible.


     Religion lies to us that the Soul needs to be reconciled to God.

     That God finds sin so odious, that God can not countenance the soul
until it is cleansed of its sin.

     The truth is God has no problem at all with the Soul.

     God has no feeling that He will never live his creation of the Soul

     But God certainly needs to be reconciled to the Soul, or the soul
will not make case gain.

     Until then the Soul is a 'Afraid to find out' case.

     Humor results from the recognition of the recompleted GodSoul that
the Soul *IS* God incarnation by its own hand, it always has been,
always will be, and couldn't ever be any other way in any universe

     That would be called INTEGRITY, awareness of wholeness on the part
of the GodSoul that it is both God and Soul co eternal.

     Life Repair then should produce Awareness of Truth and the way to
personal Integrity and Freedom.

     The truth is God and Soul are one, and integrity is being able to
operate both modes freely.

     That is freedom.

     This puts the being square on the rung of RECOGNITION on the
awarness characteristic scale.

     Recognition that all of life is God in carnation.

     Orientation point pretending to be symbol.

     It is only this unwillingness of the symbol to be the symbol that
prevents the static from being able to be the orientation mode again.

     Thus can't = won't.

     The resistence is of the symbol against the orientation point, not
the resistence of the orientation point against the symbol.

     The basic can't, is can't be an orientation point again.

     The basic won't, is won't be an orientation point again.

     Orientation mode is home, symbol mode is lost.

     Thrill is always the effort to get lost.

     Romance is always the effort to get home.

     Halcyon is bemused relief on the verge of time.

     The static goes from putting things there, to trying to find out
where he put it.

     The static goes from "It's a..." to "What's it?"

     From Answer to Question.

     Hell is eternal question asking.  For a while :)

     The purpose of auditing is to flip the static as symbol back from
"What's it?" to "It's a!".

     Lord save us from stupid auditors.

     THE RUB

     The static likes to engage in being symbols that it would NEVER
create as a symbol!

     No human would create a human, oh no that would be playing God!

     And boy do we hate God.

     So we assign to God the atrocity of creating humans, and claim that
God works in mysterious ways, which stops all further inquiry into the
matter and frees God from any culpability for having done so.

     We pretend we can't ever understand God, because we hope we never
will understand God, because doing so we fear would result in a
permanent nightmare of sleeping forever with a composite of evil and
criminality beyond our wildest dreams, as our bed partner.

     "Who really wants to know the mind of God?"


     The static as orientation point is pan determined.

     Especially one that came up with eating, death and sex.


     Statics create playing fields made of space, time, matter/energy,
and force, and the rules of causation between them.

     These are called Q1s or space time game streams.

     Games are made of symbols in contentious co operation, for suvival.

     Oh yeah, you can have pretty little game streams that just dance
along, but they never last long.

     The difference between a dance and a game is, in the game you can

     The seriousness of the consequences of losing determines the
seriousness of the game.

     The static creates the playing field, the pieces, the game rules,
the players, the umpires, the vendors, the half time band, and the
spectators, and then jumps into the game as one or more of them, never

     So there is always opposition and contention.

     The static also co creates a unanimous INVITE to his Q1, broadcast
to other statics who are interested in his game stream and who want to
play a part or help co-design it.

     It's your dream, how did everyone else get into it?

     And how did you get into theirs?

     Thus auditing unanimous invite and its break down is productive.

     Games decay down to unanimous UNinvite where all players are
fighting each trying to destroy each other and the game because they
can't extract them selves from the game and detest the players.

     The only way to unextract oneself from an unwanted game is to put
the original unanimous invite there for and from everyone all around and
the admiration between all the players for themselves and each other.

     Good games are made of worthy opponents.


     "Regency is universal acceptance by others, outside of one's own
normal operating jurisdictions, by virtue of needed, wanted, and
acknowledged superior operating know how.

     In Excelsis Deo." - Adore.com

     The regency of a particular static playing at being a symbol in
fair play, is measured by its scope, span, depth and field.

     Scope is the size of the playing field the static can handle.

     Span is the number of different symbols in that field that the
static can handle at the same time.

     The Red Barron had no problem taking on three enemy airplanes at
the same time, but never four.

     Depth is the amount of knowledge the static has about each symbol
it is handling.

     Field is the static's reputation in the field amongst other statics
involved in the same Q1.

     The static creates panoplies of symbols in order to become one or
more of them in order to engage in the game of self determinism vs other

     Thus games consist of freedoms (abilities), purposes (goals), and
barriers (oppositions).


     To the degree that the symbol is unwilling to be the orientaton
point, the games he engages in become non optimum.

     You can't play well when you don't want to play.

     And you can't want to play, no matter what the game is, if you
think you didn't choose to play it.

     A non optimum game is one that he wins too much or too little.

     Thus action and play decline, and eventually the symbol starts to
rue the game he is in, and begins to do something other than play it by
the rules.

     He falls for corruption, temptation and seduction, and starts to
play the game of getting others to play the game for him and give him
the winnings.

     Corruption is the chink in the armor of his integrity through which
shines the light of temptation.

     Seduction is giving into temptation.

     Lower down he starts to run out of games completely, and finally
engages in the game of games, if he loses that one he won't have any
more games to play forever for free.

     All games become unwilling games, because the symbol is unwilling
to be the symbol, and unwilling to have existence exist.

     The symbol fails to put things there in order to remove them from
the game, and at no time is he putting the game there, not like he did
as the orientation point that created the Q1 wherein his game resides.

     At first he will stiff upper lip it by saying 'Ain't life grand!",
and then he will sour grapes it by saying "Eh, I didn't want that
anyhow!" but then he will fall down to "Nope life sucks!" and start to
lay black curtains over the parts he no longer wants to know about or
forget FOREVER.


     They are:

      As-isness the original moment of putting it there.

      Alter-isness  the addition of significance and questions,
                    to what has been put there,
                    this causes time and persistence as an is-ness.

      Is-ness the resulting persistence in time.

      Not-isness    the denial of an is-ness by covering it in
                    black, invisibility, mass and force.

      There are thus 4 types of cases, corresponding to the predominant
use by the being of the 4 conditions of existence.

      THE AS-ISNESS case

      The as-isness case is mostly involved in putting things there, and
is aware he is doing so.  Things 'last' as long as he continues to reput
them there and they vanish as soon as he takes his attention off of
them, they become as if never created.

      This guy is 'ever new'.

      For example, the being puts a spider there and continues to put the
spider there knowingly and willingly with full awareness of the
consequences of which there are none because he isn't putting any there.

      The as-isness case is mostly involved in creating 'ever news'.

      The as-isness case is the easiest to audit, because he can spot the
he is putting things there in real time, and cease doing so in real

      His main 'problem is getting things to persist' with out having to
put them there constantly himself.

      He seeks impingment and other determinism to freely engage with.

      (By other determinism we DO NOT mean that the being has fallen down
to being determined by others, it means the being is fully self
determined in a co acting group of other fully self determined beings.

      The other determined being, that is being determined BY OTHERS, is
at the bottom of the tone scale.

      He is in the valence of someone else whom he tried to other
determine earlier and failed/regretted it and so became it by doing a
life continuum on it.)


      The alter-isness case is mostly involved in trying to get things to
persist through alteration.

      In the first moment of time (as-is) the being puts a spider there.

      In the second moment of time (alter-is) he questions

      "Where the HELL did THAT come from!?

      And what should I *DO* about it?"

      In the second moment of time he is no longer in direct contact with
the first moment of time where it is clear to him that HE is putting the
spider there.

      So in the second moment of time he becomes seriously worried about
his sovereignty and "who or what is cause around here and why is it such
an asshole!?"

      He also becomes hell bent trying to determine (figure out by
question asking) what to DO about the spider, which is beginning to
agitate like its going to come after him and bite him, totally based on
the static's new found worry about spiders.  :)

      Notice 'to determine' above means to learn by looking which
is symbol mode operation.

      In orientation mode "to determine" means to make it so
by putting it there.

      This question asking about what to DO about the spider
PREPOSTULATES that the spider is there, and will not vanish on is own,
and thus by seeking what to do about the spider he unwittingly causes
its persistance.

      And Lord save him, if he worries that the spider will come after
him and eat him, it will.

      His postulate that it MIGHT guarantees that it WILL given enough

      The alter-is case is also relatively easy to audit, as he is only
one moment of time separated from the first moment of putting something

      The skilled auditor can get the being to take his attention off of
WHAT TO DO about the spider long enough to slip him back into the
original moment of putting it there, at which point the question "Where
the hell did that come from?" is answered, and "What should I DO about
it" is to stop putting it there.

      The usual response of the preclear to this auditing will be
something like "Curses, woken up again!"

      Notice that in the absence of auditing during the second moment of
time, the preclear will go into a FAILED WHY FINDING on "Where the hell
did that come from?" either through a NO WHY or a WRONG WHY, and start
to take up very seriously "What should I DO about it?"

      Notice also that DOING something about something means PUTTING

      So he has put a spider there, considers he can't just vanish it,
and thus goes on a rampage of putting MORE things there to stop the
spider from coming after him and eating him.

      Walls, bombs, cages, armies, raid, whatever.

      This results in mass and persistence galore surrounding the being,
and away we go into a games civilization.

      A game is simply and only putting something MORE there to handle an
original as-isness he couldn't get rid of (by intent).

      Look at all the trouble the guy goes through to get the football on
the other side of the goal post.

      You want a touch down?

      Why not just put it there?

      Because CHASE and playing are more important than winning.

      This results in an ISNESS case.


      The isness case has achieved optimum persistence for game play, and
its all very serious and important, and the glory is rich and rewarding.

      Even though no isness game can ever be truly won forever.

      Yeah you might be able to blow the spider up, but somewhere somehow
the bitch is in heat again.

      A being can never win over or get rid of anything 'he isn't put
there' or is still wondering where it came from or who did put it there
because he wants to kill them forever.

      It doesn't matter who put it there originally, only who is putting
there now, him.

      Thus good can never win over evil, because good would never put
evil there to fight.

      Yes, good might get up in the morning and be glad there is evil to
fight, but what good would ever say "Hey there isn't enough evil around
any more to fight, I think we will have to create some!"

      Go'wan, Tell me I am wrong.

      Isness cases are hard to audit if only because they are happy
chasing 'doomed'.

      Chasing dooming others to avoid being doomed themselves.

      They are particularly enamored of games where the winner is the
last one standing.

      But they can start to get TOO doomed, they have lost awareness of
how to put and not put or unput games there, and so their games start to
decay into a non optimum game experience.

      Game experience is measured by the amount of action and length of
the volley.

      Some games are too easy to win, some are too hard to win.

      In some the being ends off dead out of the gate, and others make
him suicidally bored.

      Auditing at this level is hard because of the layers of
irresponsibility holding the failed games together, and the lust for
pride and glory based on winning over great odds.

      He's not interested in getting out of games, he want to stop
winning or losing games!

      He wants to PLAY forever!

      Overtime, overtime, overtime...

      The never ending volley.

      The preclear has to learn how to turn the odds knob back up, and
difficulty knob back down, and become game writer again, and not just
game player.

      Once the preclear feels he is in a game again that HE designed or
has control over, he becomes a formidable player because he WANTS the
game and he wants to play, consequences of winning or loosing be damned.

      He will put those consequences there too, so they are HIS

      He can do this all on a via, pay someone else to design the game
and its consequences for him, but its work for hire, he owns the game

      And proudly he will show off how much he paid for it, and how good
he is at it, and recount his exploits of who doomed who, to the end of
time to anyone who will listen.

      So auditing the ISNESS case is mostly auditing game theory, game
optimization and rehabbing high action games of chase and demise.

      "Invent a game."

      However in the absence of auditing, games become scarce.

      There are just no good games to play, and pretty soon you find the
being STUCK in games he HAS to play but doesn't want to.

      He is now trying to end the game rather than play it, and he will
try to win or lose the game by any means just to get rid of it forever

      That's called out ethics.

      Why would you be in a game if you didn't want to play it, no good
will come of that.

      The being falls down to comitting overts against the game and its
players, cheating, getting others to play for him, take the risks, and
give him the rewards, etc.

      He becomes a mob member.

      But this kicks back at him too, in one life he is an enforcer, in
the next he is the enforced.

      Eventually he tries to die in the game, by covering it all in black
and taking on disabilities that make sure he CAN'T PLAY.

      And in session he can't remember anything and is terrified of
living any of it down if he does.

      And this is your NOT-ISNESS case, covered in blackness,
invisibility, mass and force.


      The not-isness case is the hardest to audit, he doesn't WANT to get
better or be more able , he wants to be better able to be unbetter and
NOT able.

      The only safety left for him is to be as undangerous as possible to
his enemies and the environment closing in on him.

      The very idea that he wants to fight his enemies will trigger their
radar, so he lives with that idea turned off.

      However no fighting means no game.

      Worse he is also mostly unaware of who he is, where he is, and when
he is, and certainly unaware of who is after him and what the nature of
his environment really is.

      Eventually he becomes a meatball, and isn't even aware that he is a


      Most auditing at higher levels is directed at remedying games, but
this guy has all his games covered in blackness and he is terrified the
blackness will go away.

      He used his last ounce of free theta to lay down the last layer of
blackness, but was fortunate enough to blame it on something else so
that it would stick on its own.

      But now he's got no theta left to make more blackness should his
existing blackness fail him.

      Remember the precear has come a long ways down like so:

      Putting it there
      Lying about it
      Putting something more there to handle the first
      Lying about that too

      So at any moment of time, the preclear IS engaging in more putting
something more there (as-isness), to cover up something earlier.

      This means if you can get the preclear to look IN PRESENT TIME at
the very latest incarnation of putting something there to deal with
something earlier, you can get him to let go of that last layer of
putting something there, and the prior layer will show up!

      This is why when auditing a preclear on problems, you want to audit
his SOLUTIONS, not the problem!

      To hell with the first time he had the problem, find the first time
he had the solution.

      Once all the solutions are gone, the problem will revert to a
simple 'putting it there' which he can then not put there.

      That's Grade I, ability to recognize the source of problems and
make them vanish.

      But he is terrified of the last layer showing up, he is just sure
he doesn't have the power to cover it back up again, should he remember
WHAT he is trying to cover up.

      So rather than remedy havingness on games, the auditor has to
rememdy havingness on covering up games and their travail forever more.

      Now in the PDC's this preclear is called a Step V which is probably
generous for most of them, who are really VI's nd VII's pretending to be

      They are also called Black V's, because all 5 senses are blocked
out on their time track and all they can see is blackness and
invisibility, and they can't make any real, solid, colorful, high
affinity mockups, and they can't move on their track.

      They are HIDING IN their track in moments of blackness so they
don't have to see what is ahead of them on their track.

      They are doing this in present time, but they are hiding from a
moment in the past on their time track by sticking themselves even
earlier in blackness.

      What they fear is ahead of where they are on their track in
blackness, but its still an event in the past.

      Should they move up to that event it will reviv as something going
on in present time.

      That's when the auditor had better know what he is doing, because
THE AUDITOR will be placed in one of the valences in the incident, as
will anyone trying to help the preclear.

      Thus help can be perceived as harm during the reviv.

      In fact if no case gain is being made during routine auditing of a
black V, the auditor is probably a perfect match for someone in the
incident on the other side of a table, questioning the preclear.

      If the auditor restimulates the preclear's Nemesis One in this
fashion, his most detested and feared enemy, no auditing will take
place, the preclear will audit ANYTHING but the incident he is sitting
in, BECAUSE the auditor as his Nemesis One is sitting in the room right
there in it too!

      That's too close for comfort for the preclear, he might confront a
Nemesis One or two a few light years away and 2000 centuries in the
future, but not right across the table from him.

      Attempts to solve this problem in early auditing with "Who am I?",
trying to get the preclear in present time with regard to the auditor,
if no one else, are met with gales of laughter from the Nemesis One
valences in the primary incident waiting to reviv.

      So Ron said the only way to audit a Step V preclear was to remedy
havingness by remedying BLACKNESS.  (Standard Operating Procedure SOP-1)

      Have him mockup blackness until the preclear is comfortable that he
has enough for any situation.


      If you look at the entire gestalt and context of the preclear
across his entire existence a certain truth comes through.

      If the preclear says he has too much of something, it means he has
too little of it.

      He can't get rid of it, because he won't make more of it.

      If he won't put it there, make more of it as it is, he can't vanish
it either, just by letting it go.

      He is TERRIFIED of being better, of having exactly and only what he

      Oh God, does ABLE mean DISASTER to him.

      "Get the idea of being worse."
      "Get the idea of being better."

      If the preclear says he has too little of something, that means he
has too much of it.

      But again he won't make more of it, because he's afraid he won't be
able to stop making too much of it.

      He is on a must create, can't not create.

      Of which he is not making more of by putting it here.

      The solution to both problems is to make more of it, until the
preclear can make whatever it is forever for free, and then stop making

      Then he can put an optimum amount of it there and go his way.

      The guy who mopes and whines about not having any girl friends,
Jesus Christ, just open up his track a little bit and he has had so many
girl friends, love and collateral damage he can't count that high.

      The guy is in solitary confinement in this life to give him some
respite from unsolitary CONFINEMENT in the past, so many people he just
couldn't move through them to get to the bathroom.

      He just couldn't get away from them all particularly the harems and
the kids, and the grandkids, just on and on.

      The guy who is 'alone' in this life, take a look at how many beings
are trying to communicate to him telepathically but can't due to his
mind wrapped around in the wall of China, so no one can find him.

      Just so, this applies to blackness.

      The preclear SAYS he has too much blackness, but the truth is he
doesn't have enough.

      He also feels he has no control over what blackness he has.

      He is terrified the blackness will simply fall down and he will see
what's underneath it, with no ability to put it back up again.

      Do you have any idea how long it took him to forget his most
detested incident?

      Let alone bury or sell off on craig's list every part of himself
that was involved?

      It took him FOREVER to build up the walls of blackness, NOTHING
THERE and DIDN'T HAPPEN that he presently has, he feels he just doesn't
have it in him to do it again.

      Its like worrying about opening a door with a hurricane going on
the other side.

      You only want to open it if you know you can close it immediately
if things are too bad.

      So you get the preclear to creatively mockup blackness until he
KNOWS he has so much blackness NOTHING could be so bad he couldn't just
cover it up again forever for free instantly and be done with it.

      The free bit is because we aren't talking about rehabbing the
ability to create something (blackness) with a HUGE EXPENSIVE EFFORT.

      He needs to be able to create things with the faintest whiff of
consideration that it's there.

      He doesn't make effort with effort, and if he is, he's WAY down the
track using counter efforts as his present time effort.

      And even those he is activating with the faintest consideration of

      No, we need an EFFORT FREE creation of what he wants, as much as he
wants, as much as everyone else wants too, until he doesn't need it any
more or feel a scarcity of it, or a crushing suffocating over abundance
of it.


      The primary mistake of the auditor is trying to get the preclear to
tell what is under the blackness.

      It is a high crime to audit a not-isness case like an isness case.

      This is why "What could you take responsibility for in that
incident?" does not work on a Black V and only makes him worse and hate

      For one, he doesn't WANT to know, he wants to better be able to NOT
KNOW, and survive well anyhow.

      And he can do that for a while.

      For two he doesn't know what the incident is and looking into the
blackness won't show it to him, because that's not the way the blackness

      Blackness doesn't COVER other things, he has MOVED away from the
detested things on the track to a place of calm peaceful BLACKNESS.

      He can only see the other things really by moving out of the
blackness and back up the track to where the things he doesn't want to
see are reviv bright.

      He is TERRIFIED of knowing, the fear can kill is body.

      THEN maybe he might get around to knowing just a little bit later
on down the road.

      He can do that for a while.

      The guy who is in terror about something but has no idea what it
is, should never be audited on what it is, but audited on NO and SOME
FEAR until he is stable NOT KNOWING, and he knows nothing can MAKE him
know if he doesn't want to.

      Ultimately its all false knowing anyhow being forced on him.

      But you gotta go WAY up the pole to get a lasting reality on that.

      He is protecting his body after all and all those dynamics that
depend on him to remain alive, like the rest of civilization, and he
won't allow anything to endanger his body just to get better.

      Better to be alive and unable than able and dead.

      Remember that collateral damage mentioned above?

      Well he loved all those girls and kids but they all ended up dead


      He also knows that fear alone can kill his body, so auditing him on
sovereign control over making nothing of fear will go a long ways to
restoring his confidence that when his bank goes BOO!  at him, he
doesn't jump out of his skin, leaving it dead on the floor.

      And the bank is FILLED with such incidents, his and everyone else's

      Those sad eyes.

      So don't forget the incredible chain, and don't forget the BOO!

      Blackness is his shield, beef up his shield to near infinity and
get him facile with using it, and he WILL start looking again.

      One audits this like one audits any item.

      This will probably kill him but,

      Get the idea of NO   invisibility.
      Get the idea of SOME invisibility.

      Get the idea of NO   blackness.
      Get the idea of SOME blackness.

      Get the idea of NO   mass.
      Get the idea of SOME mass.

      Get the idea of NO   force.
      Get the idea of SOME force.

      E/P unflapable and Master of Black.


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