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     The purpose of scientology auditing is to take a Homo Sap and
produce a Homo Novis out of him.

     Homo Sap is the product of physical evolution plus spiritual
de-evolution after the fall.

     What fall is open to interpretation.

     Homo Novis is the product of spiritual evolution, or re-evolution
if you will, recovery from the fall.

     We pretty much leave Homo Sap behind at the finish of Grade 0, the
ability to communicate freely about any subject on any matter to
another Grade 0 or higher of course but mostly to himself.

     We start to work seriously on Homo Novis somewhere in the middle of
Grade I, the ability to recognize the source of problems and make them


     There are two kinds of problems, internal problems which the being
is creating with himself and external problems which the being is
creating with others.

     Internal problems are usually called indecisions about what to do
called ORs, or decisions to do both at the same time called ANDs which
is the source of insanity.

     The neurotic can't decide whether to go left OR right, to BE or not
to BE.

     The neurotic is stuck in present time, because being unable to make
a decision about which way to go, he can't go anywhere and so does not
move constructively towards a future.

     The psychotic has decided to go left AND right, to BE AND TO NOT

     The psychotic is stuck in the past, he has failed to resolve an
indecision, then made a false decision to do both, and then moved on
towards a non existent future.

     The psychotic, in failing to go left or right, has taken a third
route and thus whatever future he might be headed towards is not at all
any of the two he was trying to decide upon.


     The human mind is a question answer machine devoted to the


     Wanting is always for survival, and knowing is all the possible
knowledge in the universe the person can accrue about how to best go
about surviving.

     The primary question is "What should I DO?", now and in the future.

     More strictly its

      "What do I need to exist?  (Source)
      "What exists?              (Existence)
      "What do I need to do?     (Conditions)

     Survival depends on the presence and absence of survival factors,
like food, shelter, friends and foes etc.

     Thus useful knowledge consists of what exists or doesn't exist,
what the causal relationships are between those things that bring them
into or out of existence, and what the being has to do to effect a
better panoply of survival and non survival factors for his future.

     Note that the being is just another object in his panoply of
existence and has causal relationships with every other object also.
just as they have causal relationships with him and each other.

     So a full panoply is a web of causation between all the objects in
the panoply, which is all of existence.


     An indecision is an inability to decide what to DO between two or
more choices on the road to survival.

     "Shall I go left or shall I go right, that is the question!?"

     A person who is stuck in an indecision is stopped in his ability to
go anywhere, left or right, or to plan his future, because his future
state depends on what he decides to do today.


     Q&A stands for Question and Answer, and refers in the vernacular to
the action of changing your original purpose to another purpose every
time you get stopped by something momentarily.

     The being's persistence is weak.

     He changes WHERE HE IS GOING, and thus what his purpose is, every
time the answer to the question "How do I get there?" is "I don't know,
I give up."

     When a being Q&A's with an indecision, that means he fails to make
the decision and thus engages in a substitute goal or purpose, which
alleviates the need for the decision to be made, but changes his future
direction entirely.

     The being has changed course, usually towards a smaller and less
satisfactory future.

     He could not decide whether to go left or right, so he builds his
home in the fork in the road and starts a little bed and breakfast for
weary travelers and calls it the little Half Way House for Left and
Right Travelers.


     About the worst Q&A a person could engage in is to change an
indecision into a decision to do both.

     Usually the both is illogical, impossible and mutually exclusive,
so the being buries the confusion where he stands, and THEN lives in it.

     Thus you will find much insanity underlying whatever the being is
doing in life, because what he is doing is a Q&A on a prior purpose
which is now forgotten but still powered by a decision to do both of two
mutually exclusive things.

     We call these ANDS.


     Your average being has forgotten Eternity above time and is stuck
in an indecision on Immortality, living forever in time, or Mortality,
living for a while in time and then that's it.

     Both are undesirable, as Eternality is Home.

     Thus one of worst ANDS your average Homo Sap is suffering from is:

     "I don't want to die forever, AND I don't want to live forever."

     By forever he means in time.

     Living forever in time is a sleepless nightmare to which his only
solution has been to dream of mortal death forever one day.

     He becomes an "I have had time enough for love" case.

     But he can't stand the endless last goodbyes of death forever
either, so you will find him holding onto the Hope of both, death
forever and hell forever, at the same time.

     Forever.  :)

     And that is the nutcase sitting in front of you, wanting to be
helped from this double nightmare each promising to relieve his
suffering from the other.

     Handling ANDs involves spotting them and dramatizing BOTH sides of
the problem AT THE SAME TIME with the intention to do it forever.

     It doesn't work to dramatize going left, and then dramatize going
right, that's an oscillating OR and won't run.

     You need to get the preclear to hold the idea and action of going
left AND right FOREVER, in order for it to run out the glee of insanity
holding it together.

     Just get him to get the idea of stepping on both the gas and brake
pedals at the same time until he goes up in flames, and he will get the
idea of how to run these things.

     They come apart pretty easily, if not scarily, once spotted.

     He will just sit there releasing with energy coming off him for


     His external problems are with others, perhaps in a more practical

     He wants to put up a park, and they want to put up a parking lot.

     These others also have internal problems with themselves and
external problems with others, and so taking apart this mess is a major

     Whether a person is opposing himself, or opposing and being opposed
by others, we call these an INTENTION - COUNTER INTENTION kind of
problem that forms a solid ridge of highly active electrical mass in
body, heart, mind and soul (spirit) of the being.

     At least it feels electrical.

     The soul spirit is that which is aware of being aware and which
gives a damn, its primary characteristics are

     I AM, I WANT, I KNOW and I DO (CAUSE).

     On the up side, if a being handles an external problem in his own
space through auditing, the problem is very likely to vanish in the
other person's space too without further address.

     That's pure magic.

     This is also evidence that causal postulates exist between beings
that either one or both can handle himself.

     This helps to explain karma groups.


     A karma group is a group of beings who are held down into a state
of suffering by their own and everyone else's postulates in the group,
about that harm and its causes.

     If any one being clears up the overts that caused the suffering all
are released from it, victims, villains and heros (Golden Allies) alike.

     You don't have to be with someone to make friends again with them,
or to get them to forgive you.

     You might have to forgive others first though, those who did to
you, what you did to them or others.

     "Forgiveness" comes through taking full responsibility for all
sides of the victim, villain and hero aspects of the injury.

     If you can take full responsibility for what they did to you,
simply "I did it," minus all added significance of shame, blame and
regret, then they will end up doing the same for what you did to them,
without ever realizing it or why they feel better.

     "Oh Hi, didn't we used to be mortal enemies?  What ever happened to
that?  Never mind, we are having a great party tonight, my girl friend
will be there, she never stops talking about you to her friends..."

     And if this auditing on problems is done right, the being is for
sure a new born Homo Novis, Grade I, ability to recognize the source of
problems and make them vanish.

     By the time the being has completed

     Grade 0, ability to co-communicate with anyone on any subject,

     Grade I, ability to recognize the source of problems and make them

     The being is stuck in a HUGE problem from the beginning of time,
perhaps even a problem with problems.

     Once he sees the size and power of the things, its starts to
dissipate, and all is later Earthly problems cease to form or don't
stick to him for very long.

     And yeah, that is pure magic.

     Grade II, freedom from the hostilities and sufferings of life,

     Grade III, freedom from the upsets of the past and the ability to
face the future, and

     Grade IV, freedom to move out of fixed conditions and be, do and
have new things,

     We have produced a truly miraculous mature new kind of being on
Earth called Homo Novis.

     Don't go looking for them in the Church.


     A Homo Novis is not yet a Clear, and he still can't be trusted with

     He still has his 'bank' but its pretty well keyed out and the Novis
isn't using it to get along and survive with others in life unless he
needs to.

     And he can stop using his bank at will, and knows he is using it
when he does.

     Wouldn't it be great to be able to get unsick as fast as he got
sick to get out of school?

     And not have to suffer getting sick every year automatically when
he no longer needed to?

     This would be knowing willing cause over the use of the service
facsimile and computation to make himself more acceptable to others, and
to gain their sympathies and co-operations in life to make them more
acceptable to him.

     Yes the service fac is an effort to be more acceptable to others by
being sick, disable, or accident prone.

     Service facs are usually only used when his team mates are out to
use, abuse or kill him.

     He can't kill them back, but he can kill himself just enough that
his abilities don't threaten them any more.

     Team mates can be pretty crazy in the head about these things, they
are his TEAM MATE, but they FEEL like he is their COMPETITOR.

     Saying hes playing doubles tennis, and his teammate is thinking,
yes he is my team mate but I must not let him make the winning shot, I
have to make it or he will get all the glory.

     You see how that will skew he play?

     If he tones his abilities down a notch, they will at least let him
sit on the sidelines and root for the rest of them.


     OK, so all of the above is indoctrination (brain washing) for what

     Grade III is a special turning point, because after Grade III the
being for the first time is able to get CORRECT answers to questions,
that is answers that open the door to his survival rather than shut them
down tighter.

     This is why beings below Grade III can't solo audit, they ask a
question of themselves like "What's wrong with me", some BT throws them
an incorrect answer, and they run with it.

     (BT = Body Thetan)

     A being lower than grade III will ALWAYS take the answer that makes
him feel the worst, that's how he knows the answer must be right.

     He is knowing by emoting.

     PRECLEAR: "Why do I feel so bad?"

     BT: "Because you got crimes buddy, so go back to sleep forever and
don't disgrace the rest of the world with your consciousness!"

     Yes he may have crimes, but they are GLORIOUS crimes don't you see,
usually in the name of some glorious cause, and he hasn't a clue what
either are.

     He can't even conceive himself a big enough being to HAVE such a
glorious cause, let alone all the enmest surrounding the event.

     These answers come right out of phrases in his engram bank, and we
call the being suffering from this kind of internal feedback a computing

     He attributes what someone said in the bank as a description of


     The pre Grade III's thinking on this is he feels terrible and so of
course the answer to why he feels so bad must be a terrible answer that
will make him feel even worse when he finds it.

     Thus he dreads finding it.

     Thus he usually ends up feeling it would be better to not know
answers to what is wrong with him, and becomes a master of never finding
answers, and not knowing the terrible ones he did find.

     He lives and breathes as an 'afraid to find out case'.

     That is everyone below Grade III, don't think otherwise.

     Remember can't = won't, the moment he starts to even walk in the
direction of that hidden darkness he will start shivering in his
timbers.  That's called the Qualms.

     In a worst case, no matter what you run, his TA is flat out stuck
at 5.0, and the meter would read better if it were off.

     He feels like warmed over death and is worried sick that warmed
over death might feel better than if he found out THE TRUTH.

     You know, "The Truth will kick you when you are down."

     If he is smart, he will also be afraid of NOT finding out, so he
lives in an AND, "I don't want to KNOW AND I don't want to NOT KNOW."


      Conceive NO   FEAR OF NOT KNOWING

      Conceive NO   FEAR OF KNOWING

     That one process alone will save more lives than you can care to

     Except for the few that might kick off while running it.

     ANDS are dangerous, running fear will make the heart race and the
spine light up with "Can't run away fast enough."


     The true Grade III will NEVER accept an answer that makes him feel
worse, and many times he will end up saying:

     "What the hell am I going bringing myself down for asking THAT

     He learns that ASKING questions kills, especially if you push it
hard with dramatization

     Dramatization is DRAMA, seriousness, importance, permanence and

     You can't use fear to run fear.

     You can use laughter, surprise and delight to run fear.

     On the other hand Adore is more silly about it.

     "Adoration is operation of questions and answers with majesty,
class and pride." -

     It's the pride bit that is hard, because the afraid to find out
case has no pride, and he is just sure that the truth will show him why
he shouldn't.

     But a true Grade III has his pride back and it is unshakable
because he considers that what ever came after pride was created BY
pride no matter how low tone, and thus all knowledge to be found from
the process would be PROUD knowledge.


     Most session dread is worry that session won't work, because if
session DOES work, the preclear feels he will never be able to live it
down what he finds out.

     The Grade III no longer has this problem, and session dread no
longer exists for him, IT CAN'T.

     If he so much as gets a negative feeling about a question, he just
refuses to run it.
     Never run anything with out the preclear's interest, eagerness and
confidence to find out.

     You see his "itty bitty shitty committee" (EST) is gone.  It's sole
purpose is to give him wrong answers as to why he feels bad in order to
make him feel worse.

     Thus the completed Grade III can begin to solo as he no longer
accepts wrong indications as right whys.

     He CAN solo, but still prefers to run dual because of the added
charge release per auditing command as long as his auditor is also
working on Grade III or above.

     They can warn each other about questions that make them feel bad.

     So you see Scientology properly done, results in the ability to
know what questions to answer, and what answers to question, and which
questions and answers to drop on the floor.

     The Grade III understands full well that doubt is self casting, and
that wondering kills, especially wondering why he is doing so bad :)


     A completed Grade III has listed out ALL the things that upset him
on ALL the dynamics including 8, 7 and 6, and contacted all the things
that he or anyone else ever caused and REGRETTED, including all moments


     Then using causal conception on each and every upset he can run "I
AM CREATING / CAUSING THAT", notice present time, and allows the
AESTHETIC of raw creation to shine on it.


     Since the preclear creates in the mere conception of things, the
auditor must never run the preclear at effect, always run him at casual

     Even if he has fear on a question, get him to conceive the fear and
NOT answer the question until the fear is gone, then drop the question.

     Don't even bother with Get the idea of, use "Conceive".

     Say an item is "a body."

     "Conceive creating a body".

     "Conceive causing a body."

     Or just simply "Conceive a body" as the first two are redundant.

     Conception IS creation, and creation is conception, end of story.


     Raw creation means a creation that is not created by anything
created prior, not a causal result of the past or the present.

     In other words, not state determined by what has gone before.

     Not even the preclear's desire for the future.

     State determined means what happens next is a function of what is
happening now.

     A raw creation is its own thing and becomes created for no
'existing or prior reason or fact', it just is created.

     It's called a PRIME POSTULATE.

     That is an as-isness.


     An as-isness is an original raw creation, that contains in its
existence its own vanishment the instant he let's go of creating it.

     An as-isness can be made to persist via various prevarications
about it the moment after it is created.

     As such, an as-isness must be perfectly duplicated in order to be
vanished, no matter what has gone on between the first moment of its
original creation and the last moment of its final as-ising
(vanishment), because the first and last moment are the same moment of

     If you create an as-isness at moment time = 0 which is NOW, and
then prevaricate about the creation during later moments of time = 1, 2,
3 etc the creation will persist in time.

     Just considering that NOW has moved on to become later moments of
time 1, 2, 3 etc is enough of a prevarication to make an as-isness

     As long as you continue to think that NOW is time = 10 or later
say, the original raw creation will NEVER vanish.

     NOW hasn't changed, only one's consideration that NOW is time = 10
rather than time = 0.

     So one is looking at the persisting as-isness with the wrong time
tag on the NOW one is seeing it in.

     One thinks, I CREATED that 10 minutes ago, rather than I AM
CREATING IT NOW, which would cause it to vanish once you let go of it.

     But onsidering that NOW is time = 0 will allow the raw creation to
vanish once you let go of creating it AGAIN in time = 0.

     You can see why Homo Sap never solved the problem of vanishing
creations until now.

     It was too easy, so had to be well hidden.

     In order to vanish the as-isness, one must reconceive it in its
original moment of time = 0 which is still NOW.

     One is not looking into the past for the moment time = 0, one is
simply considering AGAIN that NOW is time = 0 rather than time = 10.

     Its a change of thought only.

     Time is not as we think of it, its mostly a consideration of
consequetive creations or existences in an eternal NOW that itself never
actually changes.

     So the answer to "what time is it?", is only what time you consider
it is in the eternally present canvas of life called NOW.

     There is only one canvas, it never ever changes.

     It can't change, so give it up.

     You put up a square at time = 0, and later look at the square
thinking its time = 10, it won't be an as-isness.

     If you look at the same square and consider time = 0 again, the
square becomes an as-isness, the square hasn't changed, the time hasn't
changed, the canvas hasn't changed, surely that's a perfect duplicate.

     So at that moment the square is yours again, as it is when it was
just created, so there is no difference between the square as originally
created, and the duplication of that event now, and so if you let go of
it, it will vanish.

     So this can be hard, so let's try it again.

     If you create A at time = 0, and then create a whole mess of other
things spanning an hour, then you can look at everything you have
created that is still persisting including A, and consider that it is
all at time = 60 minutes.

     But it is the same NOW you are looking at, you see?

     The things in the NOW have changed, and your consideration as to
what time it is NOW has changed, but NOW hasn't changed at all.

     The blackboard has things on it that have changed, but the
*BLACKBOARD* has not changed, is still he same blackboard, the same NOW.

     Eternity is simply the backboard with no changing time tag being
conceive on it.

     Notice that totally stopping the consequtive conception of new time
tags is really hard.

     If you study the A that still persists at time 60, it won't as-is,
you have to reconsider that NOW is time = 0, then A will vanish, because
each creation has its own time of creation stamp on it, which is always
time = 0.

     If a raw creation A is created for the first time in an already
existing mess of creations at time = 60, then A's time tag is 60, but
one can also just say it is 0, because a raw creation is created as
itself, not in relation to anything else already created, it has to be
added to other creations LATER.

     So it doesn't matter that A was created at time = 60 for everything
else, A was created at time = 0 for itself, that is all that matters.

     Vanishment only results from duplicating the exact time tag of its
first moment of raw creation, it doesn't matter by who, and the time tag
on all raw creations is NOW time = 0, regardless into what mess with
what time tag it was created into.

     So you simply look at the creation, MAKE NOW BE TIME = 0, and you
got it.

     SPACE works the same way, only its called HERE, rather than NOW.

     Both space and time are scalars, they have no dimension, and
extension is a holographic illusion.

     Thus all there actually is, is HERE and NOW, all THERE and THEN are
alterations and prevarications on the original raw creation.

     So getting the space and time tag right (HERE NOW) on any creation
results in a perfect duplicate that results in the vanishment of that
created condition of existence once you let go of it.

     But the right tag is here and now = 0!


     The aesthetic that results during any raw creation, no matter how
egregious, does not produce forgiveness, but produces APPRECIATION for
what was done, high appreciation for ludicrous demise.

     "Whoa blood bath.  Cool beans!"

     Its not a human feeling, no human could live with himself for
causing what the beings have caused to themselves or others.

     That's because anything persisting is FOREVER and results in
PERMANENT LOSS when damaged or busted apart, with no chance of ever
making another one.

     At least that is what your preclear thinks.

     Lose a cat to a car someday if you need to know what I am talking

     The cat is a persistence in time, a complexity of parts that is
precious, fragile, unique and ephemeral.

     You will never have another one just like it.

     We only pass this way once.

     Thus crushing a cat results in DRAMA, which consists of IMPORTANCE,

     So the cat gets run over by a car, the parts are all still there,
nothing at all has been as-ised or vanished, but the operating CAT is
gone forever.

     Precious, fragile, unique and ephemeral, if you lose one of those
its an ocean of tears for the rest of time.

     As-isness however results in PERMANENT VANISHMENT as if never
created, with the eternal option to create another one at any time.

     The guy who can as-is a cat, can make cats forever for free, where
do you think the first one came from?

     But once a cat enters the realm of persistence, and it gets
damaged, that's the end of that cat in time FOREVER.

     Unless you want to recycle its parts into a frog or something.

     You create a cat outside of time, then cast it into time through
prevarication of its time tag, or who or what made it, or whatever, and
the cat floats down the time stream until it gets killed.

     Nothing lasts forever in time.

     Everyone lives forever outside of time.

     Now for the rest of time you have a dead cat or it's parts, and
maybe a memory or two from the people who cried over it, if you are

     And that's what time is, a garbage stream for dead things and their

     It is the purpose of auditing then to erase these moments of
persistive loss, (loss of a persisting item) and return the original
creation to its moment of creation at NOW time = 0, then the being can
create another cat and another car, and make the car run over someone
else's cat.

     And keep erasing it, and keep recreating it or something worse, and
erase it, and recreate something even more scary and persistive etc.

     The hardest game in the world then is to find the as-isness of the
inception of persistence and permanent loss IN TIME.

     The loss of contact with, or loss of belief in the ability to
recontact, the original moment of creation at NOW = 0 of any object, is
the greatest loss there is on any original creation.

     FOR PERSISTENCE IS LOSS!  Loss of freedom from persistence.

     You can always make another one, unless you are grieving for the
loss of a persisting one.

     For without recreatable contact with the original moment of NOW
time = 0 for any raw creation, the being makes it forever more
vulnerable to damage and permanent loss (being crushed).

     Upon as-isness however, the aesthetic of the raw creation makes the
thing that was caused and regretted WORTH WHILE, willing to have done it
and do it again, and that ALLOWS it to vanish when he lets go of it.

     Because he is not holding onto it, because he can have as many as
he wants, or none at all.

     A being who has no scarcity of suffering won't hold onto suffering.

     Remember that as-isness produces loss of the object entirely, as if
never created.

     Being crushed in time however produces the loss of he operatingness
of the object, but the object or its parts is still there for all of

     And remember all this is not in the past down the time track at the
'beginning of time', its all right here now in present time, if only you
can BE present when you operate original existence into persistence, and
then wail, moan and complain about it enough to keep it around.

     Worrying that something WILL die one day is a total guarantee of
persistance until it is crushed.

     Are you willing to create a SERIOUS problem?

     What more serious problem is there than time?

     Remember everything is created in a finite while.

     All time is created in finite whiles.

     Whiles are created in a sea of other whiles, so you have whiles
within whiles, within bigger whiles, all of which are created in the Big
While of this manifestation from native state.

     There can be many independent Big Whiles going on which don't know
about each other.

     Native State holds a single Big While in its arms like a mother
holds a child.

     Love is the emotion and action of creating whiles and giving them
to others and receiving them from others.

     People don't like others who don't appreciate the whiles they bring

     Facility with whiles, brings facility with continuous love and its

     Create a cat, create a car, set both to sail in time for a while
and see which one wins.

     Create a gazelle, create a tiger, set both to sail in time for a
while and see which one wins.

     Once you are done, retract that while back to never-have-been in
native state, and start again.

     Each while can be as-ised by finding its beginning and end,
DECLARING the beginning of the while to be time = 0 for that while, and
then letting go of it, never to have been created at all.

     One interiorizes into a while by losing sight of its beginning and

     One exteriorizes from a while by spotting the begining and the end
and popping out of it, then letting go of it.

     Note that the true end of a while is the moment of duplication of
the beginning, so any while can be ended by putting the beginning there
again and considering NOW to be time = 0.

     So for any completed while, the beginning and end are the same
event at NOW time = 0.

     And that is how you run any engram, secondary or loss or created
event to full erasure.

     If you do it layer by layer and FEEL the sorrow -> laughter ->
peace stored up in each layer as it comes off, you will make good case
gain until you are making too much case gain.

     Then you will settle in to being a comfortable mess and begin to
operate again as an OT (Operating Thetan) and a force of creation to be
contended with.

     An OT is someone who can operate their full spiritual potentials as
a Creator of others, and themselves as Creatures.

     And that is spiritual freedom to create and uncreate at will.

     To create persistences and persistive losses for a WHILE.

     There is a reason to do so, why native state gets up in the

     This is miraculous, part of the undreamed dream come true.


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