It's not that the original being wanted to suffer.

      Its more that he wanted to create himself as a being who was
suffering but didn't want to suffer.

      Almost the same thing but not quite.

      He wanted to be someone who was stuck with things that he didn't
want.  This wasn't because he wanted what he didn't want, but because he
wanted to experience not wanting things, and then chase making them

      He wanted to make a game out of making things better.

      There was an aesthetic to it.

      The aesthetic is ineffable, so you have to see it to believe it.

      Until you have seen it, it is going to be unreal to you, and that
is as intended.

      So the idea behind clearing is you take this being and all these
things he doesn't want, and you get him to recontact the original WANT
to be stuck with things that he didn't want.  That puts him back in
contact with the original aesthetic of the situation, which allows him
to accept and *APPRECIATE* what he did again.

      That's a perfect duplication of the original moment of creation.

      It wasn't an accident, it wasn't an error, it was a DIRECT
INTENTION, so when he contacts his original desire to not have things he
wants, or have things he dosn't want, you put him back into the saddle
again of that direct intention, and of course when he lets go of it, all
the things he didn't want vanish, along with the situation of being a
being who is stuck with things he doesn't want.

      Nothing can out persist the withdrawal of the intention to have it

      Dig it and don't leave it.

      Remember, what he wants as the creature is not what he wanted as
the creator, because what he wanted as the creator was to be stuck with
things as a creature he didn't want.

      There is a wall of alienness between the two, that alienness covers
the ineffable aesthetic.

      The creature is born withdrawing his intention to have bad things
persist.  It doesn't work, because the bad things weren't created with
the intention of the creature, they were created with the intention of
the creator!

      The creature can't create the universe he is a creature in, because
the creature WOULDN'T, but the creator would, so only the creator can!

      The creator has his home in the ineffable aesthetic that motivates
him to create such things, the creature can barely conceive it, and he
alternates between fear and outrage when he comes near it.

      It is very tempting to consider clearing to be an activity that has
to do with changing the world.  This implies that the world is not as
you want it and you have to change it to make it more acceptable to

      This is the creature's view.

      However we are trying to clear the CREATURE out of the creator, not
make the world better for the creature!

      The creature is all that is wrong with the Creator and all that
needs clearing, erasure and vanishment.

      Clearing has nothing to do with changing the world, but with
changing the person's orientation to the world, and reoptimizing his
ability to contact his own sovereign desires about how things are, and
the aesthetic behind them, so that he can then change himself with
regard to his relationship to the world, including leave it as it is.

      Notice that the creator did create the world in the first place, so
even when unmotivated by creature desire, he may yet change it to
something else.  But probably not something that would make the creature
any happier!

      You get high enough and you hit this great big OKness with
everything, total power to change anything, and no inclination to do so
whatsoever, because its fine as it is which is why you created it as it
is in the first place.

      It is tempting to say that we can't get out unless everyone gets
out, but this is flatly untrue.  Every being has the sovereign right to
create whatever reality they want for themselves, whether good or bad,
and there is no reason whatsoever for anyone else to get pulled into it.
It would in fact be a violation of the other being's sovereign desire to
mess with his crucifixion.


      If being's have made long term agreements to not leave until all
leave, that is one thing, but basically you can't even get involved in
another's salvation unless they have invited you in and scripted the
help in general if not in specific that you are going to give them from
beginning to end.

      It is quite conceivable that a compulsive need to DO something
about the world, to change it to make it better, actually draws a being
more into the world and sticks him to it like glue thus making
everything worse for everyone including himself.

      The being's postulate that everyone else IS suffering and NEEDS his
help, adds to that reality by however much power the being puts into his

      If postulates are cause, then postulating that others are suffering
and need help will CAUSE that condition to just that degree.

      Thus when a being gets high enough, its better he just leave and
stop postulating things about the universe at all.  That makes for one
less being postulating that everything is going to hell, thus making it

      This is in part why many people have an inherent suspicion of the
goody two shoes personality.

      This is because the need to change things is predicated on the
concept that one is NOT responsible FOR things as they are, but had
better damn well take responsibility OVER things as they are and make
them better.

      That certainly seems like the adult thing to do, but have you
looked at the state of adults recently?

      The goody two shoes person will help end the plague, but she
certainly wouldn't create a universe wherein plagues could be created.

      You get the difference between the creature and the creator here?

      Every creature is a goody two shoes, and every Creator is its arch
enemy, it just turns out to be itself!  But you can see why getting
someone sessionable and accessible as a *CREATOR* is so damn hard.

      They will audit forever as the creature, getting better and better
able to change the world, but you know, way down at the end of the line,
you will have helped them become more stuck to their cross than they
could ever have done themselves.

      You can't take responsibility OVER, what you are not taking
responsibility FOR having created or invited in the first place with
knowing willing cause.

      Once you have recontacted the fountain head of source and taken
responsibility for things as they are, the impulse to change them
becomes ludicrous, for that is *EXACTLY* what you did the last time you
descended into this mess.

      "Whoa!  Look at that, gotta change it..."

      And yes there was an aesthetic to it, Adore calls it High
Appreciation for Ludicrous Demise, and yes it was crafted with Majesty,
Class and Pride, what Adore calls Grand and Excalibur Design.

      But in truth that aesthetic is ineffable, and it is that ineffable
aesthetic that the being must regain vision of again, if he is to regain
sovereignty over himself, and own his own creature again.

      That aesthetic is WHY the creator creates.  Without the why, there
is no hope of duplicating the creator.

      That sovereignty is never lost, it in fact can not be lost, as that
sovereignty is all that is operating and all that ever has operated.
The being is merely sitting on the creature side of the fence rather
than the creator side of the fence.

      Once he flips, you have an OT.

      It's mainly a matter of beauty, love, postulate, perception and


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