People take their dicoms very seriously.

    Where ever you see someone saying that 'life is not a game',
you know you have someone who is being one side of a dicom
very seriously.

    He's *GOOD*, and others are *BAD*, he wouldn't couldn't shouldn't
*EVER* do what bad people do, and if he has done something bad, then bad
things should be done to him for having done bad himself, and the only
time he is allowed to do bad is when doing bad things to bad people to
stop them from doing bad etc.

    Most importantly he would NEVER have created bad people for
good people to fight.

    You see, he is quite wrapped up in this dicom, completely
crucified on it in fact.

    So you ask him 'Ok look now Bud, chill out here a moment, if you were
an all powerful perfect God, that could do no wrong, would you have ever
created yourself as a frail vulnerable creature that could do wrong?"

    He will think about it a while, and then say "No.  Why would
anyone ever do that to themselves?"

    That's his crucifix talking.

    Well its a good question, and when he has the answer to it, when he
can BE the answer to it, he will be Author again, that all powerful
perfect God that would, could and should do *WHATEVER* has been done.

    Forget 'transcending' dicoms, the effort to do so is born of a dicom.

    Become Master of Dicoms again, then you will know power, freedom
and halcyon (healing humor).


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