Speculations are the methods of science.

      Memory is evidence.  Auditing is evidence, running incidents is
evidence, meter reads are evidence.

      For the far distant past, all we have is our memory and

      Shall we forget it all because its unscientific and unprovable
with perfect certainty?

      In general science can't prove things right, only wrong, so science
doesn't seek perfect certainty anyhow, it seeks supporting evidence, so
what is the problem?

      If one gets out of one's body, and SEES a whole hierarchy of
spiritual machinery and beings in the place in which we live, with
humongous distributed cause strewn through out, should his reports be
denied or suppressed or even not encouraged?

      ((Many will say we do not need to claim a cause is virtual when it
is simpler to state that the cause is actual, any good virtual reality
will allow this for its various virtualized causes.  Thus occam's razor
leads to the bottom of the sea rather than outward towards the true

      If two people get out of their bodies and see and report the same
thing, even if others who are stuck in their bodies can't see it at all,
does that mean exterior reports of what they see is bad science?

      If everyone who exteriorizes reports the same thing, is that bad
science just because a few wise guys can't exteriorize?

      They scream for 'proof', but the proof is right there for anyone to
see, but not for the blind.

      Do the blind get to define the final veracity of scientific
conclusion like a politican?

      Now I agree that being ABLE TO NOT KNOW is a superior ability that
most people are terrified of, so they fabricate things to know that are
false because the not knowing drives them batty.

      But a being that is living without context (the nature of where and
when he is and why) is a being that doesn't know where he came from,
where he is or where he is going, and thus can NEVER get out of

      Beings desire to know the context of their lives, 'Hey its pretty
clear I am in a dark cell with cold walls and no windows and its been
this way for as long as I can remember, but what is this place, how did
I get here, and what's going on outside?"

      "Do I not know because there is nothing to know, or because I am
SUPPOSED to not know, or because I have been MADE to not know, or
because I am terrified of knowing?"

      You see, thats the basic desire for *CONTEXT* for his existence.

      "WHERE AM I and WHEN AM I and WHY?"

      "Well Homer you are on Earth in the Physical Universe."

      Yeah but where is the physical universe?  What cascade of universes
does the physical universe exist at the bottom of?

      If one doesn't want to be somewhere, like a dark cell, it helps to
know how one got there.  If all one is drawing is blanks on the matter,
then the search for context becomes vigorous.

      Some beings in a bad state are so hungry for context they will
accept any context that comes along, especially one that gives them
license to dramatize their overwhelms on others.

      "I have no clue where I am or how I got here, but if I could just
smash a few faces I would be completely happy..."

      One knows it is a false context because it will only work for a
while.  The correct context works forever.

      So false contexs should not stop us from seeking correct contexts
and sharing what little glimpses we have had through the cracks in the
walls of our dark cell.

      It's ok to want our memories jarred a bit perhaps by 2wc so we can
remember what the hell happened.

      (2wc = two way communication beween people)

      Inhibiting discussions of context is as suppressive as enforcing
contexts on people which are delusive and false.

      That said, Native State and the AllThatIs HAS no context as there
is nothing outside of them or before them, and the why they exist is

      Thus the ability to not know local contexts of space, time and
prior causality can lead directly to Native State wherein local contexts
are created forever for free, and existing contexts become kind of


Tue May 31 16:16:49 EDT 2016