>>      But Adore says it ain't forever really, only as long as the
>> thetan can stand being wrong.  The only way a thetan can end up in
>> hell is to wish something or someone else into hell forever.  The
>> being doing so, ends up in hell forever himself or until he gives up
>> wishing it off onto others.

Neal Pardoe ( wrote:
>So does this apply to you when you wish the UCPeony to burn forever?


     It applies to everyone.

     It's actually a problem in technics, all manifestation exists in a
space/time game stream called a 'WHILE'.  It has a beginning and an end.
Thus ALL heavens, hells, lives etc MUST end one day with return of all
theta back to Native State.  There is no choice in this matter.  Or more
accurately there is choice but there can be no other choice, because
theta could not, would not and should not choose it any other way.

     Once back in Native State with all prior record erased, a theta
group can choose to manifest again for a WHILE.  But its a new while.
     Thetan's like to play games for a WHILE.

     So the minute a thetan gets into dramatizing destroying or harming
another FOREVER you have a lie, for the forever can not exist.  It also
means he has lost his last shred of affinity for his opponent, 'you
should never have existed and I will make sure you never exist again.'

     That defines psychosis.

     Psychosis is the exact moment a being becomes totally devoted to
stopping something he considers he never started.

     The way to stop anything is to start it again, the perfect

     So if someone is refusing to restart something he doesn't want any
more, he will get stuck with it forever (or as long as he continues in
that lunacy).

     By starting it again, the being is taking full responsibility for
the thing existing, including WILLINGNESS and appreciation for it having
existed, and thus restablishes sovereign affinity over its existence,
"Hey I may want to destroy you, but I WANT YOU TO BE THERE SO I CAN PLAY
THE GAME OF DESTROYING YOU!", so he can end it any time by merely
letting go.

     As long as the being maintains full control over and responsibility
for the START -> CHANGE -> STOP part of the cycle on any object, he can
re START it and thus stop it.

     But the moment he lets go of the start part of the cycle and ONLY
wants to change or stop it, and refuses to re START it, and denies that
he started it in the first place, or says it was a mistake, or he didn't
know the consequences etc, and swears he will never do that again, he
thus loses control over the item and can no longer stop it.

     The only way to stop something is to re start it.  If you are
unwilling to restart something, you can't stop it.
     Being stuck with an object forever IS hell forever.  That might not
seem obvious, but ANY forever (in time) existence, any Eternally On
state is the definition of Hell even if its with 40 dripping virgins.
     Beings stuck in hell, or an eternally On state end up wishing death
on themselves which is eternally off.  That's doubly buried you see.

     So dramatization is any effort to have or not have something
FOREVER as it violates the fundamental nature of manifestation which is

     You can have anything you want for a while, you can't have
anything at all forever.

     As long a the being remains in control of and willing to START
AND STOP something, he remains sane on that subject and can start and
stop it.

     The second he wants to stop something forever and NEVER start it
again, or even start something forever and never stop it again, he is
psycho and will get stuck with the opposite of what he is trying to
     You see if he starts something he doesn't want stopped forever,
and it stops, then he refuses responsibility and willingness to have
stopped it, he is refusing control over what did stop it, so that
remains out of his control.  So he parks himself in starting something,
(gotta have peace, gotta hvae peace forever and ever amen!), but
this other thing keeps stopping peace and making war, so he can't
do anything about it.

     If he parks himself in start forever, he can't stop any more, so
he can't start what's stopping him, so he can't stop what's stopping
him, so he can't stop it from stopping him!
     If he parks himself in stop forever, he can't start any more, so
he can't start what he wants to stop, so he can't stop it, as the only
way to stop something is to re start it.

     This is why OT's may take sides in a game, but they don't take it
seriously.  They prefer the game, they don't prefer that the good guys
win, you see?

     The good guys on the other hand, they don't WANT to be playing
this game of fighting evil, they would rather everyone were good!
     So they are unwilling to START the game of good and evil, they
are trying to stop evil FOREVER, with no admittance of having started
it with full knowing willing cause in the first place, so of course
the good guys get stuck with the evil forever and eventually get eaten
by evil.

     To the degree that good is unwilling to LOCATE the evil where it is,
TO PUT IT THERE before fighting it, good will lose.

     It's like any foot ball game, right up front both the good guys
and the bad guys come out on the playing field and shake hands, slap
each other on the back, may the best man win sort of thing, and way
we go into the game.  That's a form of ritutal taking full responsibility
for putting the playing field there, putting yourself there, putting
the other opposing team there, and WANTING TO PLAY and then playing.

     Audit a 'good' person on the above with evil as the opposing team
and you will find a shivering mass of total irresponsibility
     The evil guys on the other hand are quite happy chasing good guys
around and eating them, so the evil guys still have their finger on
the START part of creating good guys so there are always more good
guys to eat, so of course the good guys always lose and the evil guys
always win.  No other way around it.
     This may sound nuts, but evil guys are one level of failure
closer to TRUTH than the good guys.  Beings become fixatedly good
AFTER being evil and finally regretting it.

     Being good is a solution to having been evil.

     Of course below that the good guy, once he sees he is lost and
about to be eaten, will go out of valence and become an evil guy
again.  But this time this lower evil guy doesn't really want good
guys to exist, he HATES them and wants them dead forever, so now HE
starts to lose, and eventually becomes a good guy again.  Around and
around we go until all become marbles on the thetan plane.

     But the original evil was quite willing to be there, and have the
other side there too, in fact it could be said that BOTH sides were
evil, each one trying to eat the other and relishing it.
     Above that evil is Authorship, game creation.

     So in history you find that the course of nations is to be
predatory on each other, French decide they are poor so they will just
plain TAKE it from Egypt and wipe out Britain in the process.

     It's all very cricket and honorable at that level.  Everyone
understands even as they are reaming swords through each other.
     Animal predation is the natural course of things in human
affairs, each side calls the other side evil, because it is.  But then
people grow up, the sight of blood begins to bother them, they begin
to get the feeling this ain't right, so they convert to God or some
such stupid thing and become good.  But now they are wishing all the
evil guys into hell forever, so guess who ends up in hell forever?

     The evil guys aren't wishing the good into hell forever, just for
a while, to roast them a light brown to make them more yummy to eat.
So the evil guys go off scott free.  
     You see it is one thing to become good and to decide to no longer
play in the games of evil vs evil.  It is quite another to become
'good' and condem evil and wish evil off on evil forever and ever etc.
     Then they are cooked forever.

     The first is the being rising above the game, he can still
appreciate it, take bets on which side will eat the other side first, be
a spectator, eat pop corn at the games, even help design and continue
the games.

     The second is the being falling below the game, "I didn't choose
this, I wouldn't choose this, I shouldn't choose this, I hate evil
forever and my God will send evil to hell forever!"
     Take any pc and run,

     "Who or what are you wishing to create  FOREVER"
     "Who or what are you wishing to survive FOREVER"
     "Who or what are you wishing to destroy FOREVER"
     Also run couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't.

     Actually don't run questions, questions kill.

     Run instead 'Get the idea of...'

     And if you want to really start making some headway against
your covert murderous intent, try the following:


     "Get the idea of NOT caring about others."
     "Get the idea of caring about others."

     "Get the idea of others NOT caring about you."
     "Get the idea of others caring about you."

     "Get the idea of others NOT caring about others."
     "Get the idea of others caring about others."

     "Get the idea of NOT caring about yourself."
     "Get the idea of caring about yourself."

     "Get the idea of others NOT caring about themselves."
     "Get the idea of others caring about themselves."
     The above is future tech not yet written at this time,
so you will have to wait a few years for the rest of it to
be published, but I will give you a hint...


     "Get the idea of NOT helping others."
     "Get the idea of helping others."

     "Get the idea of NOT harming others."
     "Get the idea of harming others."

     I trust you can reconstruct the remaining flows.

     You will start heading towards their core dramatization of
overwhelming others forever as they have been overwhelmed forever.

     You see evil guys don't want to overwhelm anyone forever.  They
just want a meal.  They are quite happy if you come back to feed them
yet again.

     The good guys don't want any evil guys around at all forever end of
story.  Good guys don't want evil guys coming back again period.  So the
good guy gets what he deserves, which is stuck with bad guys forever
more, which is the natural result of denying total responsibility for
his condition (living amongst evil guys) and the original desirability
of that condition (good game).
     So the more I wish KP and his asshole coterie into hell forever,
the more I will end up there myself and KP and his shithead friends will
go scott free.

     God damn it, foiled again by the laws of persistence!