Paul Matulef ( wrote:
>I'm all for the concept of a thetan being a discreet
>entity from the physical, but can't help being
>convinced from experience that there is a strong
>relationship with the physical.  Not just the
>personality, but the the fullness of existence
>in this time and place.

     The physical DOESN'T EXIST, its a dream, just like a sleep dream,
a VIRTUAL reality projected in the underlying actuality of the being's
conscious color forms.

     Existence is a zero dimensional operating actuality that projects
3 or more dimensional virtual realities into itself.

     Source sources what Source is not.

>Being able to operate independently is a great
>goal that few seem to be able to obtain while
>still having a body around.

     Yes, most are trying to take care of the body, this glues them TO
the body.  An OT doesn't move BECAUSE he is worried about a body.  If
you want to exteriorize you need to be able to become both the body
and the lion about to eat it.

    Once you appreciate the *SCENE* more than the outcome (body lives),
you can exteriorize into any scene.  As long as you are defending
something IN the scene AGAINST the scene, you remain interiorized
by definition.