>>Regardless of religion, or tech, or faith, or philosophy, or
>>what-have-you, is there anyone here who would care to post a personal
>>win attained by reason of your practiced discipline?

      Yeah.  As you all know my body is wracked with pain and force and
constant near death experiences.  One of its major problems is sleep
apnia, when the throat closes down on the out breath during sleep waking
the being up over and over.  This results in massive loss of sleep and
needing to spend 15 hours in bed just to function the next day.

      As you also all know I have a very wild dream life filled with
babes and bugs, and horrendous demons, cooties from hell etc.

      I have learned in my dreams that I can control many of the things
going on there.  No babes?  I sit down and wait and they show up.  Not
always :)

      Obnoxious people bugging me in the dream?  "Behave or I will puddle

      They don't behave?  "You are a BT!  What are you, who are you?,
how many are you?"

      BT's are Body Thetans, spirits stuck to the inside, surface and
outside of each body that don't belong there.

      If that doesn't puddle the person, I walk right at them and accept
them into my space and absorb them!

      Can't confront them?  "Run like hell".

      I have mastered many of the bug-a-boos in my dreams, but some of
them still scare the Jesus out of me.

      Recently the dream phenomenon have been showing up in the near
sleep state, still awake in bed, still feel the bed, but there they are.
I am learning that most of the sleep apnia happens DURING the
dream/visualizatin state.  So if I go into the dream and consciously
BREATH in the dream, it forces my body to breath in the bed, and the
apnia doesn't happen as often or as bad.

      This means I am spanning the awake and sleep state at the same
time, kind of being in both worlds at once.

      So last night I enter into a dream breathing on purpose keeping the
body happy.  I am wandering around a recreation of Cornell, Risley Hall,
cute babes etc, noticing the similarities and differences to the real
one, and then I decide to go outside and head for North Campus.

      I get to the stairs leading up to North Campus and I am confronted
with a *HUGE* mountain of insurmountable garbage, dirt, destruction, and
icebergs.  There is a lake of freezing water on my left and the path on
the right that leads into the holocuast of filth gets closer and closer
to the water until I can't go any more.  I am standing right on the edge
of the water and can't go further.

      Now I run into these kinds of things in dreams all the time, and
when I am not lucid (aware I am dreaming) often I just try to climb over
them usually to no avail.  When lucid though I have learned I can
command these things to part, like Moses did to the Red Sea, and let me

      So I put up my hands and said "This will all now separate and move
out of the way and let me through!" Total tone 40 intention.

      Suddenly *EVERYTHING* starts to move, ice and dirt start to fall,
but its all moving the wrong way, and the wall of ice on my right pushes
me into the water on the left and then buries me under the water.  There
was no getting out and I woke up.

      Ah well, so I spend some time thinking about why that went wrong.

      Now last night was also interesting.  Lots of young babes, perfect
tiny illegal tits etc, and I am happily going along feeling them up,
smooching with them.  A couple of other beings in the dream start to
invade my space and try to mess with the girls with me and I say
"Behave..." and they do.  A few get 'cooperative' with me, so we are
enjoying the girls together and having a grand old time.

      The girls are enjoying it too.

      Then I feel this thing on my back, I grab it off me and its this
huge ugly crab like creature with demon arms and legs and a nasty small
headed mouth munching into my hand.

      But I am stronger than it, and I bite it right back until I get it
under control.

      It's a shape shifter though and it compresses down into a hand full
of nasty electric worms that I have clenched in my fist.  I don't dare
let go of them lest they invade my whole body (I am failing the test
right there).  So I am holding onto these worms from hell and they are
eating into my hand anyhow, and I hold this mass of squirming hell up to
my face and I say "You are a BT!" They all get very still.  "What are
you, who are you?" They start to turn to dust and crumble in my hands.
Finally I can let go of them with only mild damage to my hand remaining.

      So I go back to my girls.

      But now they are beginning to complain, they want to be left alone,
and I am beginning to feel a little guilty about harassing them.

      Suddenly behind me I feel this *REALLY POWERFUL* dark evil presence
closing in from behind.  There were many of them, I couldn't see them,
they are still invisible to me, but I could 'feel' them and their power,
their movement left a kind of spiritual wind behind me.

      These guys you don't fool with.

      Remember the movie Ghost?  Bad guy dies and all these little black
guys from hell grab him and pull him down under the earth?

      Well those buggers are real, only a lot bigger and worse than the
movie portrays.

      "You are a BT!" does not work on these guys.

      Next time I run into them, I was considering trying "I am bought
by the blood of Jesus!"

      Will report back.



      Nope, 'I am bought by the blood of jesus' did not work.

      However I can report that "In the name of the High-US..."
often does.

      Sometimes though you really gotta count em up into the
trillions by powers of 10 and higher.


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