You see if you define an OT as someone who is cause on all 8
dynamics, you may miss the issue of *INTENT*.

     So the OT can move mountains, so what?

     The real question is what is his intent?

     Hubbard says that Beauty and Ugly, Goodness and Badness are alike
relative considerations and have no basis in absolute fact.

     So can we expect an OT to use his powers for good?

     Ability to CAUSE on all 8 dynamics would be the ability,
willingness and tendency to cause good AND bad on all 8 dynamics.

     Carol likes to think of OT's as stuck in CREATE, but what about
Shiva the Destroyer?

     Carol thinks that God is Good, and all bad comes about from the
unfortunate but inescapable limitations of man.

     Now maybe God in his completeness is all Good, but as part of that
completeness God created an incompleteness so that man might strive to
become complete.  In the creation of that incompleteness, God created
the potential for bad and in fact knew that bad would happen.

     Was that good?

     If God is good, and God creates what is not God, is that good?

     In Scientology the OT is God, along with everyone one in carnation.

     An OT is a universe creator.  Actually groups of OT's create the
universe they are soon to inhabit as creatures.

     They create the fabric for the whole thing beginning, middle and

     They create the capacities for all dicoms in that universe, good
and bad, light and dark, beauty and ugly, love and hate, they spread
them out as diadems on the Sword of Excalibur, then they hand out the
sword to all the soon to be inhabitants including himself to weild as
they see fit.

     It may be a mistake for an inhabitant to create bad, but it is not
a mistake of the Universe Creators to create the potential for bad.

     But the Universe Creators do more than just create the potential
for bad, as the universe itself (in this case) is the ultimate opponent,
the race for anti-entropy against the race for entropy.

     The playing field itself eventually eats all the players.

     Is that "good"?

     If any *HUMAN* had created this universe of destruction that
eventually eats everything in its path, he would be hanged by the rest of

     But if a God does this, he is bowed and prayed to, with
admonishments that "God works in mysterious ways".

     No mystery to it at all, the maws of death are very clear and very

     The *MYSTERY* is His intent.

     What God WOULD/COULD/SHOULD create such a thing as a dicom and then
build a whole universe around it?

     What would create good and bad if he could only create good?

     Do you think he created bad because he HAD to create bad in order
to create good?

     Or perhaps creating good and bad is perfect, just what God is
supposed to do.

     The purpose?

     Manifestation and then UnManifestation, Manifestation and then
UnManifestation.  In and out, in and out, the breathing of the

     Is all this good?  No its good and bad.  It's *PERFECT*.

     Is goodness for the creator the same thing as goodness for
the creature?  Is it good for the creator to create good and bad

     Do we really want creatures striving to become like God?

     If a human creates a virus that has a known probability of creating
help or harm in the environment, and those who are harmed complain to
the human creator, will he get off on 'Well I just created them, THEY
are the one's who chose to be evil, not me, I didn't chose for them,
they didn't HAVE to be evil.'


     The creation or the creator?

     Perfect Balance in all things results in the nothing of Native

     Perfect balance is equal measure of both sides of all dicoms.

     People trying to become Native State by becoming *GOOD CREATURES*,
are monster food.

     What is ethical?  Ethical is being reasonable, rational.

     Trying to be good in order to become a God that created both good
and bad is not reasonable.  It's nuts.


     Spot trying to be good and bad at the same time.


     NO   trying to be good and bad at the same time.
     SOME trying to be good and bad at the same time.

     E/P On the way to well.


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