Scientology is NOT trying to turn people into couldn't, wouldn't
shouldn't cases, ie good people.

      It is trying to run OUT the couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't case, so
the being is willing and able to be anything that can be.

      Hubbard once said that if you are confronted by someone who wants
to do you harm, the OT thing to do is to exteriorize, go behind his
head, BECOME HIM, and make him walk away.

      You don't talk to him, you don't shun him, you don't fight him, you
don't give him reasons why, you don't beg, plead and cry, you don't
shoot back, you don't give him valium or call the police or have him put
away.  You don't DO anything to him.  You BECOME him, and do something
else instead.

      This presents an interesting dilemma in Ethics, for the ethics of a
human are not the ethics of an OT.

      OT's choose to become human, what human would choose to become

      Being unethical for a human is being not good.

      Being unethical for an OT is failing to put there or recast
themselves as anything that is casted for them that they don't like, as
such failure leads to its persistence.

      This persistence is based on an out integrity, and out wholeness, a
refusal to access the AllThatIs and recast anything that can be.  It is
saying instead, I am not the AllThatIs, I can not access the AllThatIs,
and I can not recast what the AllThatIs has casted for me.

      I can not recast ME as what the AllThatIs has casted me for me.

      Ethics for an OT is in fact the opposite of ethics for a Human.

      Being human is itself a state of unethics for an OT because a human
solves bad things by NOT putting there or recasting things it detests
but by DOING something about them instead (Q&A) which DEFINES out ethics
for an OT.

      To human ears that is going to sound really odd, but to OT ears,
who can vanish things merely by withdrawing attention, it is the only
way to be.  That is HOW they can vanish and heal at a glance.

      If you want something, you put it there.

      If you dont want something, you cease putting it there.

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