>>  Actual = what is true
>>  Real   = what we think is true, what is real to us

>        Are such 'word-games of any importance anyway?

     Well if not why are you playing them?

     So called 'word matrices' are important in that they lay out a map
for the territory that is consistent and useful.

     A word matrix is a constellation of words designed to work together
to give a clear and unconfused view of a subject, so the important
questions can be asked and answered and everyone knows exactly what
everyone else is talking about.

     For example by defining actuality = reality, then we lose the
ability to distinguish between what is merely real to a person and what
is actually true about things as they are.

     People who don't like to think their realities are based in
illusion or just simply wrong, will not take kindly to the idea that
reality is not actuality.
     Reality is the agreed upon *APPARANCIES* of existence, namely at
"Apparancies are Reality" on the tonescale at 26.0.

     The thetan engages in games of illusion, and delusion about

     "Source sources what Source is not" - Adore

     Source has no space or time or finiteness, but engages in
holographic projections of such.  The holographic image doesn't actually
HAVE any space or time, but looks like it does, this is illusion.

     At the time the projection is made the thetan knows it is an
illusion of 'out thereness' and external cause.  The thetan knows that
the actuality is a projected virtual reality that exists only in his own
conscious experience bubble of space/time.
     Then the thetan falls into delusion about illusion at 26.0 on the
tone scale and comes to believe what is portrayed by the illusion is
actual.  Thus space and time become REAL to the thetan even though they
are not actual.

     If one were to equate reality with actuality, then the whole above
description of how Source operates would be very hard to do in English.
     Thetans like to screw up word matrices so that actuality CAN NOT be
described.  This leaves them stuck in their realities.
     The actual definitions of any word is of course completely
arbitrary, but the USEFULLNESS of any particular word matrix (groups of
words used in relation to each other) is not.
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