The universe runs on dicoms, not only at the lower level where
people play games of opposition, but also at the higher level where
the created manifestation is then pressed into service as persistence.

     Native State - Unmanifestation
     As-is        - Vanishing Truth
     Alter-is     - Lie
     Isness       - Persisting Truth
     Not-isness   - Persisting Lie

     For example the being starts off Looking By Knowing, he knows
something and then sees it, and then falls down into Knowing by
Looking, he sees something and there by comes to know about it.

     Looking by Knowing is creation.  Knowing by Looking is Learning
by being an effect.

     Same thing with Determination.

     The being starts off determining that such and so will happen,
and then falls down to trying to determine what the hell happened?!

     The first is cause, the second is effect.

     The being starts off as 'BE CAUSE!' creating things, and then
falls down to blame 'Well that happened BECAUSE...'.

     You see what a Joke this is?

     The primary operating dicom of a being creating a manifestation
and pressing it into service as a persistence, is the Consideration
Observation flip flop.

     Consideration and Observation form a dicom.

     Consideration is Looking by Knowing, being cause.
     Observation   is Knowing by Looking, being effect.

     A 'God Postulate' is that postulate which the being thinks is
true because he has OBSERVED it to be true, when in fact it is true
because he considers it is true.

     It is called a God Postulate because in truth all he has to do is
change his mind about it, and it will vanish.  Since God Postulates
are HUGE overwhelms to the being, its like being a God when you
finally change one of these back to native state.

     First he creates a space, and puts a LOT of mean nasty looking
spiders in that space.  That's consideration, looking by knowing etc.

     Then he observes the spiders are coming after him and are
dangerous so he runs away, thus solidifying his space/time bubble and
assuring his own doom as monster food.

     I mean if you create a spider and you run away from it in fear,
SURELY it will come after you, don't you see?  It can't help but do so
because your own postulates presuppose that it will.

     The minute you flinch or cringe or try to get away from any
space/time manifestation, the whole thing goes solid on you.  The
minute you walk towards it in utter fearlessness, the whole thing
becomes like light dust, and blows away at the slightest wind.

     So the guy creates a dream by consideration and then turns
it into a nightmare through observation, learning by looking etc.

     He observes his spiders eating someone else, so he LEARNS that
they must be dangerous.  He is no longer MAKING them dangerous, hey
man no one makes a spider THAT dangerous, don't you see, so he has
handed his sovereignty over to the spider who now has more cause than
he, and so of course his worst fears come true.

they were true BEFORE he said they were true.

     Thus he is denying the power of his postulates, and that power
then shifts over to what is postulated!

     Thus he lives and dies in a lie that causes persistance of the
spiders coming after him, or whatever his favorite Nemesis One is.

     If as an Eternally motionless Orientation point you put a hundred
megatons of power into the Symbol spider, and then consider that the
spider is the orientation point and you are the symbol and try to run
from the spider, well it will come after you with 100 megatons of power.
It HAS to, the power CAN'T GO ANYWHERE ELSE.

     That's justice.

     And jestice.

     You can't make a space/time bubble and then consider you are IN IT
and mobile without having the space/time bubble come after you.

     In trying to rehab an OT then, one wants to return to the being the
facility of making postulates as consideration and cause and then
believing they are true as observation and effect.

     Operating this one dicom will operate the entire machinery that
puts him into dream time running from every illusion that he ever

     When you can make your spiders roll on the floor in laughter and
blow them away like pixie dust with a single breath, you will have
gotten the idea.

     Of course they will look at you with their sad little eyes
because they know their time is up, and you are welcome to fall for
it and enter another fear and run cycle...

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