Case consists of a being's relationship to his future.

      It is powered by dissatisfaction with the here/now and desire to
change, thus producing a 'better' future.

      The desire to change solidifies space and time.  This goes out of
control to the degree that the being loses his sense of humor about
his desire to change the here and now.

      Ludicrous means game.

      The being can engage in ludicrous demise knowingly and willingly
thus keeping his 'bemused relief on the verge' in full bloom, or he can
begin to take it very seriously, his righteous outrage and desire to
change things for the better, in which case the universe becomes a
mausoleum to him.

      Truth is not funny.

      Truth is peace in the here and now.

      *LIES* are funny.

      Life is like an arcade war game with Bogies coming in at all
o'clocks 24 hours a day.

      The Bogies are Lies.

      The basic creation is to create a lie.

      There is no creation of Truth, Truth is just is, forever for free,
and it ain't like anything created.

      When a being is in good shape, he can handle the lies being created
and tossed at him.  The result of handling a lie is humor and
*ADMIRATION* of the joke.

      Which would you rather have:

      A future that was endlessly beautiful?

      Or a future that was endlessly funny?

      It is the joke of the lie that is admirable!  Thus humor is in fact
above beauty, and the peace of the Master near the top of native state
is tinged with the candy land twinkle of untold Impishness saved for
another day.

      *THIS* is what they "comprehended it not." They saw the light, and
they saw the beauty, but it was beyond them that it was the J.O.K.E that
was beautiful!

      J.O.K.E.  means Justice Of Kindship Excaliper.

      If a being fails to handle a lie that comes in, he falls into
seriousness, from admiration into abomination.

      Now its for *REAL* don't you see, he has to CHANGE it or else.

      Impishness then becomes monsterousness.

      There is no longer high appreciation for ludicrous demise, this
demise is for real.  His best hope is to make things better and forget
it ever happened, but first he has to make SURE it never happens again!

      The last thing anyone ever does to something that is apparently not
funny is make sure it never happens again!  You see?

      Seriousness and humor form the dicom that powers the universe.

      The humor creates the present (admirable lies covering native
state), and seriousness pushes him into the compulsive need to change
the present thus creating a future in order to escape the present.

      Time means the present must never happen again!

      The seriousness leaves him wondering about humor, where has it
gone!  Dark clouds are looming, he knows there is a lie around here
somewhere but he can't find it.  "This isn't funny!"

      "Who or what is cause around here, and why is it such an asshole!?"

      Eventually he loses his cool, his faith and trust in his own
ability to spot the lie in every creation, and to gain the humor and
give the admiration for the creation.

      Instead he begins to wonder.  Wondering is question asking.

      "How could it be?"

      Wondering is failed humor.  It's basically "where has the humor
gone?" "I don't get it!"

      Once he sees through the lie, the seriousness blows off as humor.

      "No Wonder!  :)"

      So you have the following dicoms:

      Seriousness    -   Humor
      Wonder         -   No Wonder

      as the two basic operating dichotomies of a persisting game.

      All the rest follow from there:

      Native State   - Creation
      Unmanifest     - Manifest
      Truth          - Lies
      Vanishment     - Persistence
      Humor          - Seriousness
      No Wonder      - Wonder
      Adoration      - Abomination
      Willingness    - Unwillingness
      Operation      - Anti Operation
      10,000 more....

      Humor vanishes and results in No Wonder, real no wonder, not the
pretended NO wonder of the CDEINR scale.

      Seriousness persists and results in endless Wonder.

      Wonder is 'Who?, How?, What?, Where?, When?, Why?, Which?, Is it?
and Does it?"

      Wonder, wonder, wonder, grind, grind, grind, solid, solid,

      Now an infinite being can get into near infinite humor and near
infinite seriousness, and these then become the Eye of the Dragon.

      As Merlin said in Excalibur, "Look into the Eye of the Dragon and

      The whole world, the AllThatIs is the Dragon, and being able to
look it in the eye and operate both sides of the Sword is quite a feat.

      "The sword is stuck in the star rock of your mind by your own
present time operational wizardry."

      Operational wizardry = facility with seriousness and humor.

      "A Wizard is anyone who is a Wiz with the Sword."

      The Sword is the two edged sword of all the rest of the dicoms that
follow from the two above, seriousness and humor.

      "A King is anyone who can wield Excalibur for themselves and for

      A King is Sovereign over himself and eventually over everyone.

      "All choose that all choose".

      "All choose that all should choose more."

      "Harken High, Herald Angels sing,
       Glory Be to the New Born King.


      It says in Adore that King Arthur was able to pull the sword out of
the rock because he was willing to put it back in so that other's might
try.  Those others were not so willing, so couldn't pull it out at all.

      *WILLINGNESS* to engage in seriousness and humor are paramount to
clearing and being Sovereign again.

      The primary reversals of truth into lies happen at the very top
level of misunderstandings about how it all works, postulates about

      The result of postulates about postulates is one is left wondering,
never to decide, and that is usually where one finds the accessible
case.  The inaccessible case is no longer wondering, as he has decided
there is nothing to wonder about.

      So if a person leaves you wondering, spot that it is probably
because the person ISN'T wondering himself.  Get him wondering again,
spot the ludicrous demise, and you will find the failure to decide and
the glum area of seriousness and humor.

      Wonder isn't good for anyone, it leads down to the bottom of the
tone scale, but the NO WONDER at the bottom is not the freedom of no
wonder at the top of the tone scale with nothing created, nothing
concerned, nothing manifest.

      Once beings get confused they seek the top of the tone scale by
heading towards the bottom.

      The peace of 'nothing there' at the bottom beckons them, but the
nothing there at the bottom born of not-isness, is not the same as the
nothing there at the top born of as-isness.

      VGI's is seriousness -> humor -> peace -> being a Wiz (ability).

      VGI = Very Good Indicators at end of session.

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