The problem with the meatball theory of the world and immortality
is that the meatball considers himself a machine.

     The Proof defines a machine as 'any system of parts interacting
via cause and effect across a space/time distance.'

     Under this definition a watch is a machine and so is a human
body, or even a civilization.

     Certainly the physical universe as a whole is a machine.

     The problem with a machine's immortality is the word 'parts'.

     A machine works because its parts are in particular relationship
to each other.  If you bust the parts apart or ruin that particular
relationship, the machine stops working.

     Eventually the parts recycle and become parts of other machines.

     Thus for example if a being IS his body, the body is clearly a
machine, so once the body dies, its parts become dust in the wind and the
being 'dies'.

     This is an inescapable result of the nature of the meatball
theory of existence.  If the meatball theory is correct, then they are
quite right that we are all mortal, i.e. incipient carrion.

     Thus the only way a being could be immortal would be if the
meatball theory is completely wrong.

     But how could it be wrong when it is so clearly right?

     By the universe being a *VIRTUAL* machine of course, a virtual
reality projected into the mind of beings by Source.

     The meatballs believe that space/time are *ACTUAL*, not illusions
in a non space/time substrate.  Since space/time are actual, the
machines in them are also actual, and thus the fate of the machine,
death, is also actual.

     But if one will admit that the actual experience of space/time
does not necessarily imply the actual existence of space/time, then
one is open to the possiblities afforded by the virtual machine or
dreamball theories of existence

     A simple analogy to a hologram applies.  Looking through a good
hologram film, one 'sees' a 3D world on the other side of it.  Someone
not familiar with how holograms work might conclude the objects were
*ACTUALLY* there.  The apparency of their actuality is very *REAL* to

     There is however *NOTHING* on the other side of the hologram!

     So we define actuality as what is true, and reality as what
people think, feel or experience is true.  Native State is where
actuality and reality match :).

     The *EXPERIENCE* of the objects behind the hologram is always
an actuality, all conscious experience is *ITSELF* an actuality.
But the implied external objects are an illusion.

     Someone who has not recognized that an experience contains an
illusion is said to be in delusion about illusin. He believes the
illusion to be actual.  He confuses his sense of realness with


     One of the problems with people who believe in God, is that they
believe God created the universe and now the universe is 'running on
its own'.

     They intone that God is Cause and that God as Cause created other
Cause, namely actual space/time and its objects, and now this
space/time universe is ticking like a watch with no further input from

     God could completely go away and this universe would continue
ticking, because once cause is made, it will continue to cause on its
own.  Some philosophers have in fact claimed this is what God did,
make the universe and then go away.

     This model of the universe is incorrect because it violates the
philosophical injunction against something coming from nothing.

     Cause can cause *EFFECTS*, cause can't cause other cause!

     Cause can cause effects in other causes, but cause can not make
other causes come into existence where they were not there before.

     Thus if God was the only cause in the beginning, then God continues
to be the only cause in present time and into the future.

     If God created the world, then God must be CREATING the world as we

     This means that every interaction between A and B in the physical
univerwse takes place, not because there is some kind of cause or
independent agency between them, but because God is controlling both A
and B to make it APPEAR AS IF there is cause between them.

     Thus the ball bounces off the wall, not because there is actual
cause between the ball and the wall, but because God is causing both the
ball and the wall to move AS IF there is cause between the ball and the

     Why?  Because God wants a virtual reality where balls bounce off of
walls.  God can't have an ACTUALITY where balls bounce off of walls
because that would involve God creating other actual cause.

     So instead God creates a virtual pretend reality where the balls
bounce off of walls so accurately that his virtual reality is virtually
as good as an actuality doing the same.

     God as ACTUAL cause of the bounce is creating a VIRTUALLY REAL
bounce between the ball and wall.  Those that are below "26.0
Apparencies are Actuality" on the tone scale thus consider the virtually
real cause as actual and thus can have a game.

     Below 'Apparencies are Actuality' beings have jumped into the
arcade game, the dream, and lost their lucidity so the game can go on.

     Lucidity means "Hey I am dreaming don't you know!"

     Non lucidity means "Nope this is actual!"

     Lucidity means being awake enough in the dream that you know you
are dreaming and that true cause is not as it appears, but not awake
enough that you wake out of the dream and lose the dream.

     Waking up out of and losing the dream is actually a major problem
to a God trying to create a persisting virtual reality, so beings have
gone to great trouble to make sure the virtual reality looks like an
actuality, no question about it.

     Then they hire an enforcer to assert it over and over and over
again, until they will believe anything just to shut the enforcer up.

     So if you are going to believe in God, you might as well go all the
way and believe in *GOD*, one who is CREATING the world in its every
move all the time.

     If the central processor of an arcade game were to take a break and
go away, so would the virtual reality is was creating.

     Just so with God and any manifesting universe.


     Now the brighter of you will argue as follows.

     Wait a minute, I can accept that all these interactions going on
between physical objects in the world are actually being continuously
orchestrated by God to look as if they are caused by external
independent agency between them, but what about *ME*?!

     Surely I am an independent agency.

     I have 'responsible will'.

     When I move my arm, I can SEE that the movement of my arm is
DIRECTLY connected to MY desire to move it.  This causal connection
isn't just a virtual reality orchestrated by God to make it merely
appear as if the movement of my arm is connected to my own desire!

     The movement of my arm is DIRECTLY connected to my desire via my
*OWN* causal agency I call my will.

     So if I have independent agency, and so does everyone else who is a
conscious unit, how do you explain that God is the sole independent
agency in the universe?  If God as cause can't create me as other cause,
where did I come from then?

     Good question, you get an A just for asking it.

     Here's the answer.

     You ARE God.

     God is a multi being, a multi I-AM self aware being.

     The virtual realities (universes) that this God creates and
incarnates in, are casted images in his 'body' (substrate).

     The AllThatIs consists of God and his virtual realities.

     Again it is an error to think that after God made the world, you
had God over here, and the world over there.

     No, God is a chameleon, he creates the virtual projection show in
the materiality of his own being.

     Since those virtual realities are actually projected in the
conscious scalar substrate of God himself, there is in fact only God.

     Thus the AllThatIs = God.

     So how does this work?

     If you take a 2 dimensional slice through the fingers of your hand
(Ouch!), you will see 5 independent circles separated from each other.

     But if you look at your hand in 3 dimensions you will see that all
these circles are connected through the 3rd dimension to your hand, so
there is really just one object, your hand and the rest of your body.

     Some have said the same is true about the solar system.  When
looked at through our 3 dimensional slice, we see 10 indepenent spheres,
the sun and 9 planets, going around each other.  But if we were to look
in the 4th or 5th dimension we would see they are all connected to each
other at core.  The whole thing them becomes one continuous object which
is the 'body' of the sun god Ra.

     Ra is a lesser god amongst many.

     Well the AllThatIs God is the same way.  When looked at one way
there are a infinite number of finite independent I-AM's, causal agents.

     But when looked at another way they are all connected together at
Source into one infinite I-AM.

     God as the infinite I-AM can't do very much, as God can only source
through the finite independent I-AM's.

     "Source Sources when Will Casts" - Adore

     As finite independent I-AM's, little independent causal agents,
they can incarnate in virtual realities and have 'independent will' etc.

     The feeling of free will is itself an illusion.  Nothing can be
free of its own nature, so in the end absolute free will would be random
activity and undesirable anyhow.

     A will 'feels' free when it is free to follow its desires.  It's
desires however are a fundamental unchangeable quality of its being.

     As for the physical universe and its interactions, the ball bounces
off the wall because, as the one Big I-AM, all the beings in the dream
are orchestrating it, but those same beings as the little I-AM's in the
dream think the agency between the ball and wall is actual.

     This is as intended.  There can be nothing but that which is

     This flip flop from creating and orchestrating virtual realities
into believing those virtual realities to be actualities is how beings
create and play games in space/time game streams.