Zinj (zinjifar@yahoo.com) wrote:
>If there is no MEST beyond our own minds; no causality beyond our own
>perception; then there is no 'suffer', no continue; no xxx trillion
>years; no 'next chance'; no 'comes along'; no 'disembark'.

      Zinj was a pretty stupid guy.  A WHAT DREAM? case.

      You can dream pain, and you can dream and not know you are
dreaming, and you can choose and not know you chose.

      There are beings who are lost in dreams of MEST.

      Yes there is no MEST in actuality, but there are dreams of MEST,
virtual MEST, and as such a game of some sort is going on in the virtual

      One can suffer quite a bit in the virtual reality, pain is real, as
pain is consciousness and not MEST.

      Although time may be an illusory part of the virtual reality, one
can and does spend 'time' in the virtual reality.  To the degree one
believes the virtual reality to be actual, one's suffering can not help
but get worse providing a kind of dwindling spiral of experience.  The
thetan itself can never be damaged permanently or get lost, as there is
nothing to break or anywhere to go.

      But the dream and its pain can go on for a very long 'time'.

      It does not take the existence of dimensionality to make things

      The zero dimensional static quite actual.

      But its an actuality that lives to create virtual realities
that aren't actual in the stories they portray.

      All we are saying is that existence is a zero dimensional multi
faceted operating actuality, and that its purpose and mode of operation
is to project dimensional virtual realities for the edification and
pleasure of its inhabitants.

      "Source sources what Source is not." - Adore

      To the degree that the being mistakes (purposefully) virtual
realities for actualities, the being will decay into deeper and deeper
limitation and pain.

      The primary message of truth is "I am non dimensional".

      The primary message of virtual reality is "I am dimensional".

      Virtual realities also like to pretend to be fragile, unique
and precious.

      Virtual realities are made of drama.

      Drama is seriousness, importance, permanance and pain.

      Seriousness means if you lose this game, there will never
be any more games for you forever and ever amen.

      Importance means it has to be done now, you can't wait, you
MUST act or must not act as the case may be, thus the game can't
be escaped, the being is stuck in the game.

      Permanance means once something is done or lost its forever.

      Pain is, well if you don't know what pain is, you shouldn't
be reading this.

      If you are dimensional, you can be busted apart and die.  That
violates the fundamental sovereign desire of the being to live forever
above and outside of time.

      We call this Eternality, while Immortality means stuck in one
time stream forever in time.

      Mortality means live once, die once and that's it bud.

      That results in a rage and slow burn of the soul that no one can
look on and bear the pain, the sorrow is oceanic.

      Clearing wakes the being up to the dream, and gets him to spot his
mistaken considerations concerning virtual realities and actualities at
which point the persisting suffering that resulted from the mistakes
ceases to be.

      The nightmare becomes a lucid dream, and the being starts to regain
his abilities to control his dream and the dreams of others, wake them
up too.

      He can make spiders laugh at his jokes, and make babes come out of
the walls.

      Persistence of virtual realities is itself caused by mistaking the
virtual reality for an actuality, and thus the more a being mistakes
virtual realities for actuality, the more a being gets stuck in
persistence, dreamtime and eventually suffering and finally
unconcsiousness, no longer able to dream but also no longer able to
'wake up' to the Big Snooze.

      A being can be buried and die in a dream that he believes is not a

      Space/time becomes his mausoleum.

      That is why getting beings back up into lucid dreaming and getting
them to maintain it is so important.

      Of course they choose to lose that lucidity, mostly out of the
thrill of getting lost, but we are here by their choice too to help them
regain it and find their way 'home' should it be their time.

      "Thrill is always the effort to get lost.
       Romance is always the effort to get home.
       Halcyon (humor) is bemused relief on the verge of time..." -Adore

       "Eternal Home is Home, Lost is Time.
        Eternal Home is Cool, Lost is Kind." - Adore.

      That last line means that if you are going to get lost, you better
keep your kindness (humor) about you, if you ever want to find your way
home again.

Thu Sep 10 01:20:54 EDT 2015