huggieoh ( wrote:
>    If its all virtual projection as Homer the Dreamball is trying to
>tell us, where is the connection?

     People try to get connected by space time vias, by body
communications, by throwing particles at each other etc.

     The true connection is not outward, but lies in the inward
oneness between us in Eternity.

     You over there, and me here in space time, are nonetheless
manifestations of the same super being, a being that is both One and
Many at the same time, depending on ascension or descension of the
viewpoint from Eternity into time..

     Loneliness is having lost one's outward 'connections', when there
was no inward connection left.  With inward connection in place, one can
not be lonely, its just impossible, as everyone is right there where we

     The inward connection can not actually be lost, but it can be
suppressed to the point where we are 'alone in the universe'.