Ted Crammer (ted_crammer@hotmail.com) wrote:
>OT, just a person or being who can make something happen by intent and 
>follow-through, or finding a football falling at his feet can pick it 
>and run with it.

     I disagree with this as it implies that an OT is merely
quantitatively different than a human being.  That an OT is some kind of
super human, defending his turf with super human abilities, like

     I would posit that an OT is *QUALITATIVELY* different than a human
being, in the same sense that an author is qualitatively different than
a character.

     A good author and a good character are not the same kind of good.

     I can't stress this strongly enough, OT's create universes of
dicom's, human's would NEVER create dicoms, good and evil etc.

     While the OT creates dicoms, the human at best can only fight one
side trying to protect his own side with all their might.
     It doesn't matter which side of the dicom a human being is on, they
both operate to fight and destroy the other.

     Each auditing step towards giving up making one side of a dicom
right and the other side wrong, is one step closer to UnHumanness, or OT
     Human and InHuman form a dicom created by UnHumans, the OTs.

     Neither the Human nor the InHuman would create the other.

     The OT would create and BECOME either.