Do you see anything wrong with a mind that can hold
the following 3 statements to be true at the same time?

    1.) All that comes from God is all good.

    2.) Man came from God.

    3.) Man is not all good.

    Anyhow, Carol believes that God *INTENDS* only the positive sides of
all dicoms, goodness, light, love, kindness, humanness etc, and that the
negative sides are the unintended although predicatable incidental
consequences of ignorance and finiteness.

    Adore claims that God (OT's) intend both sides of all dicoms,
that there is no unintended anything including ignorance or

    Thus if a God intentionally creates both humanness and inhumanness,
that God must be a different order of creature than that which would only
create humanness.

     Thus the idea that God is good is false, as is the idea
that beings are basically good.

     Both God and beings are basically Divine, and Divinity is
as far from human as it gets.

     The lights in heaven are bright, but the human understands them not,
as only the OT can encompass the impulse towards Majesty, Master of Jest,
which creates both good and evil in royal splendor.


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